Trying to discover the true name of the Most High has been a toiling task. Time after time I have come across a name which I have thought to be true only to discover later that , that name also is false and a deception. Up until recently I have been teaching that the name of the Most High in the Hebrew is ahayah asher ahayah, however in light of information that has been brought to my attention, I must regrettably conclude that ahayah asher ahayah IS NOT the name of the Most High power. I apologize to everybody for teaching this error and I am currently adjusting my blogs in which this name has been mentioned and subsequently erasing the name and the teachings thereof. A two hour plus conversation with a close friend of mine in which we both went through the evidence together clearly shows that the name ahayah asher ahayah is in fact linked to the Kabbalah, JewISH mysticism, black magic, the forces of darkness and evil. Once again, I apologise for this prior teaching of error but this simply shows everybody here that man is not infallible and that he does make mistakes. The important thing here is to rectify the mistake when discovered. We simply move along with the information we are presented  with at any particular time, this world is full of deceit and lies and it is undoubtably the case that we are all going to be continually discovering new information and making changes as per the new information until Christ returns, none the less this must be done. What, are we to find out truths but still choose to remain with the lies?


The above diagram is a the tree of life according to the Kabbalah. It is a fact that the Kabbalah is JewISH mysticism and black magic, of which the teachings of it originate from ancient Babylon, in the same manner as Catholicism. This is no mystery. Obviously with this origin we know that the Most High power of the Hebrews has nothing to do with this, nor does he associate himself with black magic, witchcrafts, sorcery and mysticism, in fact these things, the use and the practice thereof are clear condemned by the Most High throughout the scriptures. A quick search on wikipedia will confirm that the Kabbalah is of the occult for those who may doubt. Let us take a look at the top point of this “tree of life” and focus on the point called the Kether(also spelt Keter).


The Keter/Kether is the highest point of the Kabbalistic “tree of life” associated with omnipotence and it is here where the deity of the Kabbalah resides. This point called the Kether is also know has the crown as can be see above. There is another point which resides directly below the point Kether called the Da’at not shown in the above picture which can clearly be seen in this more detailed diagram below:

Can you also notice a particular name at the crown/Kether? does this name look familiar to you? In fact, there are many names mentioned at the various points of this tree of life which we have been told throughout our lives are the names of the Most High Power of the Hebrews. We see at point Malchut the name of “Adonai”, at points Gevurah and Hod the name “Elohim”, at point Binah and Da’at we have YHVH from which we derive Yahweh, Jehovah, Yehovah, YHWH, Yahawah, Yahowishi and any other derivative that you can think of, at point Chokhmah we are presented with the name “Yah”, from which also comes the derivative “Jah” and at the very top of the tree of life we have the name Ehyeh. It should be noted that according to the Kabbalah, Da’at and Kether are one and the same but from different aspects.

Here is an extract from wikipedia on the Keter, it reads:

The name of God associated with Keter is Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh (Hebrew: אהיה אשר אהיה), the name through which he revealed himself to Moses from the burning bush.[4] “It is from the name Ehyeh that all kinds of sustenance emanate, coming from the source, which is the infinite”.

There you go ladies and gentlemen, the god associated with this mystic tree of life is called Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh from which Ahayah Asher Ahayah is also derived. Now as far as I am concerned this makes perfect sense as the JewISH people believe that Moses practiced magic like the Egyptians, therefore since they deal with magic and mysticism themselves, logically they would also associate Moses with a god that deals with magic and mysticism. Let us see what the Most High said about magic and the practice thereof. Deuteronomy 18:10-14 reads:

18:10  THERE SHALL NOT be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch,

18:11  Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

18:12  For all that do these things are an ABOMINATION unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.

18:13  Thou shalt be perfect with the LORD thy God.

18:14  For these nations, which thou shalt possess, hearkened unto observers of times, and unto diviners: but as for thee, the LORD thy God hath not suffered thee so to do.

Just in case any were still in doubt as to the Most High’s position on magic. So, obviously this Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh is not the god that Moses dealt with and talked to on a regular basis. Even when Moses was bringing forth miracles from the Most High in the sight of Pharaoh, the scriptures even tell us that the MAGICIANS did the same with THEIR ENCHANTMENTS as far as they could go. Enchantments? Hmmmm, I seem to have seen that word somewhere before(check verse 10 above). What happened when the magicians were unable to match the miracles of Moses, they immediately confessed that the finger of the Most High was at work, so they even knew that the source of Moses’s power was different from their source of power, in other words they knew that the power he was executing WAS NOT BASED UPON MAGIC.


Metatron’s Cube

Let us look further at Keter. More writings within wikipedia reveal the following:

In The Mystical Qabalah Dion Fortune describes Keter as pure consciousness, beyond all categories, timeless, a point that crystallises out of the Ein Soph, and commences the process of emanation that ends in Malkuth.

The name of God given to it is Eheieh, the archangel that presides over it is Metatron, the order of angels that resides in it are the Holy Living Creatures (the Chaioth ha Qadesh, Hebrew: היות הקדש), and its mundane chakra is said to be the First Swirlings of the cosmos (Primum Mobile, Rashith ha Gilgalin).

Let us deal with the second paragraph, we see yet again the name Eheieh/Ehyeh/Ahayah/Ahyah/Hayah(they are all one and the same) and we also see an archangel mentioned whose name is Metatron. Who is Metatron. According to Wiki:

Metatron (Hebrew מטטרון) or Mattatron (a differentiation of Metatron)[2] is the name of an archangel in Judaism - according to Jewish medieval apocrypha, he is Enoch, ancestor of Noah, transformed into an angel. There are no references to him in the Jewish Tanakh or Christian Scriptures (New and Old Testament). Although he is mentioned in a few brief passages in the Talmud, Metatron appears primarily inmedieval Jewish mystical texts and other post-scriptural esoteric and occult sources. In Rabbinic tradition, he is the highest of the angels and serves as the celestial scribe.[3]

Now according to the quote above this one, Metatron presides over the Keter as appointed by his master Ahayah/Ehyeh/Eheieh/Ahyah/ Hayah. Notice how Metatron is continually linked with mysticism and the talmud(which is also Babylonian in origin). Nothing good came out of ancient Babylon folks, NOTHING! I pulled this quote from the following site:

“Whenever you feel like you need help from your angels, you can always call upon Archangel Metatron. Pure light, Metatron is a great spiritual teacher who is ready to help you take your life to the next level.

Know that Metatron is there with you right now and is ready to help you release that which no longer serves you. All you need to do is to ask from an open heart, “Metatron, help me with…” or “Metatron, take this negativity from me.” Metatron can help you cut cords and attachments while helping you tap into your inner connection with pure light.

From the links on this page, you will find access to a wide variety of the channeled messages I’ve published with Archangel Metatron.” 

Here Metatron is linked clearly with channeling. Metatron, pure light, spiritual teacher??? I think we can all see what direction this is going in. By the way, when I typed the name Metatron into a search engine, all I witnessed associated with the name were the terms “mystical”, “mystic”, “channeling”, “medium, “psychic” as well as many others. I also discovered that Metatron has some alternative names and aspects, 2 of them being guess what “Hoveh” and “Hayah”. Check it out for yourself:

This Metatron character it should be obvious by now is NO archangel, is not associated with the Most High Power of the Hebrews and it should be equally obvious to you aswell that nor is his master Ehyeh/Ahayah/Ahyah/Eheieh/Eheyeh or any other derivative. My personal conclusion after discussing this deeply with my brethren is that Ahayah is Lucifer and that Metatron is his right hand man under some sort of prime ministerial or presidential type role.

Let us look at the picture of Metatron’s cube at the top of this chapter. I seem to see a familiar shape within that so called cube. For those who cannot see it, allow me to help you along with your understanding:

Now, haven’t we seen this 6 pointed star(which is also know as the Star of Moloch) somewhere before, I seem to recall it residing on a particular nation’s flag:

Does this flag look familiar to anyone? Of course, it is the flag of Israel. These so called JewISH people who call themselves Israelis worship Moloch and all things associated with Moloch, they do not deal with or have any knowledge of the Most High Power of the Hebrews. For those of you who are unfamiliar with who Moloch/Molech is, a quick engine search will fill you in and bring you up to gear.


The answer is simply, we do not know what his true name is. The JewISH sect has completely scrubbed the name out of existence however, as the Most High revealed to us so called Negroes that we are in fact the true Hebrews by blood through spiritual revelation, in like manner will he reveal to his people his true name at the appropriate point of his timing, therefore all is not lost. The good thing about our heavenly Father is that even though we have been using the various names of Satan and his cohorts to call up him, he knows our hearts and has still responded to us regardless of that fact. In fact, the Most High complained in times past about the priests and the prophets causing his name to be forgotten among his people in place of Baal. Jeremiah 23:26-27 reads:

23:26  How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart;

23:27  Which think to cause MY PEOPLE TO FORGET MY NAME by their dreams which they tell every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal.

There are many other scriptures and passages that refer to our people forgetting the Most High’s name and even also referring to him by the name of Baal. Hosea 2:16 reads:

2:16  And it shall be at that day, saith the LORD, that thou shalt call me Ishi; and shalt call me no more Baali.

So, even the Most high acknowledges that we have forgotten his name aswell as the fact that a certain people, namely the JewISH sect do not want us to rediscover the true name of our Power, as they have also clearly read in the scriptures that in times past, when we called upon the name of the Most High, he answered us, the earth rumbled and shook, he gave us great power over our enemies and helped us subdue them with ease and our forefathers performed great and mighty works in his name. So, they have flooded us with all other names under the sun that are linked to their mystical gods out of the Kaballah. They have done this out of pure fear and even the Most High informs us that his name is not liked or favoured at all among the gentiles/heathen. Malachi 1:14 reads:

1:14  But cursed be the deceiver, which hath in his flock a male, and voweth, and sacrificeth unto the LORD a corrupt thing: FOR I AM A GREAT KING, saith the LORD of hosts, and MY NAME IS DREADFUL AMONG THE HEATHEN.

All the other nations do not want the name of the Most High revealed, especially to his people as they know that if this happens they are in serious trouble, yet they are already in serious trouble anyway for hiding the name, giving us false names and treating the Hebrews in general like crud. On the whole, there is no turning back for them, they have gone too far, they have crossed the mark and I personally think that they crossed that mark a long time ago.



We know that Moses gave the name of the Most High to the children of Israel, our forefathers came out of Egypt knowing the true name of their Power, I AM THAT I AM. This still stands however, our forefathers spoke Paleo/Ancient Hebrew and not English so what this term is translated to in the Ancient Hebrew, we simply do not know…………YET. The Most High will reveal his true name to his people and I think that it may be an idea to put this in prayer, that he would reveal his name unto us as soon as possible and also the true name of his son, and let us also throw in the true name of the Spirit in there for good measure. After all, how can you baptise a man, woman or child in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit but not know what their true names are? Or, how can you call upon the name of the LORD but not know what his true name is?

I personally am going to refer to the Father as just that, the Father and the Most High, I am going back to default until such a time as the true name of the Father is revealed to me. Notice that in Isaiah 14:14 even Lucifer referred to the Power of the Hebrews as the Most High, so he reluctantly had to concede that there IS a power higher than himself, even though he has still decided to proceed full steam ahead and has embarked on a suicide and fruitless mission to topple his creator and sit upon the throne of the Most High. How he still believes that he can achieve this mission of folly is a mystery beyond me. You call him what you want to call him, you do not have to follow me nor do you have to believe or accept any of the information presented here but me personally, I feel compelled to change and to purge out the lies when the truth is revealed to me, I am not afraid to alter my path to correction. I will also be praying that the Most High reveals the true name of his son unto me also.

None of the names out there currently being peddled about are the true names of the Most High, NONE, and do not let anyone tell you other wise. Do you think that the JewISH sect never planned for this awakening, in the preparation and littering of hundreds upon hundreds of names to throw out to us when we would come into the knowledge of who we are by bloodline?  Hebrews are simply knowingly or unknowingly teach our people mystical teachings from the Kabbalah and bringing them directly back into the bondage and under the yokes we were supposed to be setting them free from.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Heavenly Father Bless You All 


  1. Arnold L Johnson says:

    Thankyou, thankyou and blessed be the Most High. When you trace all the deception we are taught to have blind faith in and accept, your heart as wicked and twisted as it is (so it is said) still ferrets out the truth. Many have said what we have received is true due to God’s soverignty. I believe they are too positively spiritually blinded, discounting the fact that men have hated both God and God’s people. It is a fact that the Roman Empire destroyed libraries and killed learned folk. They endorsed literature that embraced them and wrote a lot of their own to acknowledged their control, religions, politics, etc. I beleive the last of the true Hebrews were routed out of Israel between 70 and 137AD or so, then the rise of the Jews took place. Their main mark was accommodating the rule of the Romans. If they were not Hebrews, who were they? Sameritans, converts and mixed diaspora from the previous captivaties. So most of the literature we have studied to show us the faith is mixed with deception. The combination of removing the Father’s name, telling Christians to find Christ in the “Old Testament” pictures, the insistances go on. Mostly I am twisted by using the name Jesus. I have done this 40 years. The “J” is not 2000 years old. In any case it is hard to call the saviors name knowing that is not his real name. Especially now that my life is crap. BUT I have been seeking like you. SO I am turning my cries to the Father, perhaps He will give light, peace, etc. I don’t need spiritual comfort, I need a real and practical power. I will trust in Him. Thanks again………..blessed.

    • verbs2012 says:

      Its all good Arnold. I have gotten to the point where I wonder if even a lifetime would be sufficient enough to disperse the lies that the Devil has spread throughout the 4 corners of the earth aswell as uncover the truth. Even though the Most High knows that I am calling upon him, I am just sick and tired of using these names that have been forged by Satan and his cohorts.

      It is time to lock in and press the Most High for true answers. Remember, he stated in Exodus 3 that his name was supposed to be a memorial for ALL generations, so this means us also. The deception in this world is deeper than Atlantis however, none the less Christ stated that we shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free. The knowledge of the true names of the Father and the Son would really set us free beyond measure. Let us add the true name of the Spirit to the list aswell.

      We keep ploughing on in faith and I expect the Most High will provide answers to these very soon.

      Most High Bless You

      • Eden says:

        Ehyeh means I exist I AM that’s all . The Most High said His Name is I AM. I suggest you to read MORALES and DAGMA PDF by Albert Pike . The Free masson who design all the confusion in this current world. Just google it and read page 60-68 you will surprise. He also notes The Most Holy Name Of The Most High Is I Am Ehyah Asher Ehyeh. Love your blog May The Most High Bless you!

      • verbs2012 says:

        Well, until I receive a personal revelation as to what his name is from he himself(the Most High), I am simply going to stick with the the generic titles. Also, you have to remember that this deception has been going on from way before Pike was born, so even Pike was deceived himself even though he may have thought that he was enlightened.

        There are levels of freemasonry far beyond 33 degrees, this is another lie that has been pushed and propagated, that the 33rd degree is the highest point of freemasonry/the illuminati. Reagan, Bush senior and Clinton were also all 33 degree masons, yet they were all still puppets and were following “higher” orders handed down to them from above. The same goes for Pike, he was a puppet being controlled by others in the shadows who reside in dark corners unseen by the masses.

        Blessing To You In The Most High

      • Dionne Powell says:

        Hi brother, let’s not forget Malachi 1:11 says, For from the rising of the sun even unto the going down of the same MY NAME SHALL BE GREAT AMONG THE GENTILES; and in every place incense shall be offered unto my name, and a pure offering: for my name shall be great among the heathen, saith the Most High of hosts. So even amongst them His name is great!! Although they are still trying to conceal His name by using Keter instead of Ehyeh, His name is still great!! I shall continue to call on the one and only Ehyeh, Most High of the Israelites. They always try and fool us somehow, but not this time I will not fall for it and forsake Ehyeh the Most High!

      • verbs2012 says:

        I hear what you are saying sister but remember that Malachi 1:11 is future tense, it is to come, this has not occurred yet. The other problem here also is that we do not have have any original reference points of data “separate” from the contaminated information that has been put out there by these JewISH fraudsters in relation to this particular issue, so again we are back to square one.

        At the same time, the Most High is merciful and he reads the heart of the person. This is his concern. Without any separate original references to fall back on, we have no choice but to conclude from the evidence present, that Ehyeh is not his name either and that we have been deceived yet again. As I stated before, I am simply returning to the defaults of Christ, The Most High and Heavenly Father. Again, this is my personal choice based on the research and evidence I have conducted and presented here. Nobody is under any obligation to follow my actions, however where there is error, I have an obligation to speak out against it and replace it with the truth.

    • Ronald says:

      If you really want to be guided into the true names of our heavenly father and our Messiah, visit this website and allow this brother to teach it to you in the Greek
      His name is Yahuah and oue messiahs name is Yahusha.

      • Ronald says:

        sorry about my comment, I meant the Hebrew language, Please accept my apoligy.

      • verbs2012 says:

        The problem here is Ronald, I guarantee you that the brother of that website you referenced to, at some point will refer to the Strong´s Concordance. We cannot acknowledge that the so called JewISH people in the land of Israel today are frauds and impostors but at the same time we still use their materials for reference purposes. If they are indeed impostors then we must automatically accept that their materials are also going to be fraudulent and of little value to us also.

      • Arnold L Johnson says:

        Yeah, I am starting to understand, thanks for the heads up. We shouldn’t expect them to come clean, they’re aren’t clear either. If the Most High can make us forget, he can reaffirm, reestablish. As for the other folk, they are probably caught up in their own lies. But it is telling the nature of the beast, so to speak.

      • verbs2012 says:

        This is exactly true, the Most High will bring to rememberance exactly what we need to know. One other thing that I should mention here is that the so called European man feels very threatened and intimidated if you do not subscribe to and adopt his point of view without question. This is simply part of his pride and false image of superiority, he just can’t seem to understand that he does not hold the keys and secrets to any and all knowledge, plus he also seems to conveniently forget that he is renowned for hiding knowledge aswell as destroying it, and he wonders why many do not trust him.

        He will continue to ride his wagon in stubbornness and in pride until the Most High deals with his case and destroys him from off the face of this planet. He will never come clean, he is not that type of fellow.


      • verbs2012 says:

        The problem here is that neither of us have seen the Dead Sea Scrolls for ourselves firsthand, so we are taking what we are hearing about them on faith, and because of this to be honest, the name Yahuah is a name that is being peddled and accepted on faith just as much as the name Ahayah. We simply do not have any current records in our possession that have not already been contaminated by the JewISH sect.

      • I would like to comment about the name at the top of the “tree of life diagram” the one with yellow cubes or whatever they are. You said “at the very top of the tree of life we have the name Ehyeh” that Hebrew word there means “CROWN” IT DOESN’T MEAN AHAYAH. I also looked up the link to the wiki definition of “KETER” and it said THE SAMETHING the word MEANS “CROWN” and the characters are pronounced CHAA (gutteral sound) THA- RA or “Chaathar” not “EHYEH” I dont see the letters at all for AHAYAH ASHAR AHAYAH in the “Tree of life”…I mean…at all. In the Wiki article u quoted from in your article When I read the fact that the Jew-ISH ppl associate the name AHAYAH with the “KETER” it’s sounds as if they are saying that they are one in the same name but they are not. If u define the word associate it means “they connect it or join it” but it is not…IT…If I associate with you am I you? NOPE…so because Jew-ISH ppl associate AHAYAH with “KETER” does that mean it is “KETER” NOPE. In fact it means they want the power or the “CROWN” that comes from the name AHAYAH to come through the “KETER” but the Most High Isa_42:8 I am the Ahayah: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images. …Shalam ach don’t give up the name of Ahayah.

    • Ronald says:

      Remember Yahuah said in Deuterronomy 28 that “HE” would scatter us to the four corners of the earth. He and no one else. We must pay close attention to all of the words. If you want to know about those Fakes in the land of Israel today simply read Revalations 2:9 and Revalations 3:9.Then you will put that lie to rest. Remember they never called themselves Israelites, they call them selves Israeis. you will not find that name nowhere in Scripture.

  2. mommabee says:

    Peace !

  3. edomiteservant says:

    Sir, many just say The Name or the Most High indeed.

    • verbs2012 says:

      Exactly, I recommend that people return to these default titles until the Most High reveals his, his son’s and the Spirit’s true names unto us. I none the less suspect that we will not have to wait much longer for this revelation.


      • Ronald says:

        Before you return to these satanic names why not say our Creator and Heavenly Father. Don;t just settle for the lies we have been told. The last thing Satan wants is for you to call out to your Creator and Heavenly Father.

      • Yahuah is his name i was one of those who was stuck on the ahayah thing but iam glad i know now shalom

      • verbs2012 says:

        I’m going to have to disagree with you sir. This is one of the reasons I believe why Christ instructed us in prayer to simply use the term “heavenly Father”. I believe that he knew that the true name of the Most High would be dissipated through the passing of time. I stand by my statement, all of the current names we have and their derivatives have been conveniently and deceitfully handed down to us by the JewISH sect. What, can the Synagogue Of Satan now bring forth the truth?

  4. Justiz says:

    I found this info on
    Just because you find out that the people in the Kabbalah have this does not mean its not the correct name. With all the wicked things that they do and say in that religion, I do understand the hesitancy and skepticism about it though. But you are right, if this is false, then we all need to know through divine means and to stop relying on man’s understanding.

    • verbs2012 says:

      Exactly, it is time for us to stop leaning on the understanding of man and tune into the Most High and receive devine individual spiritual revelation. Unless we receive information from the Most High himself, we will be forever going round in circles on this issue, so I’m done with the search. Heavenly Father, tell us your true name and the true name of your Son.

    • Ronald says:

      Visit and let this brother teach it to you in the Hebrew language.

  5. Justiz says:

    The Heavenly Father’s knowledge and understanding is far greater and more in the depths of what any of us as humans could ever fathom. He also knows when we should know things as well, so please stay encouraged to stay grounded in your faith in Him and His Son no matter what happens. I’m not saying He won’t answer you, but what I do know is that in

    Revelations 7:3 Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

    So, we should seek Him earnestly with our words and actions, and the Spirit of Truth will lead us to all understanding and when we need to know it. Because those who He finds worthy will be sealed when the time comes. Only He knows the time, day and hour in which this will happen. In the meantime, all I can do myself is to do my best to be obedient to His will and pray for His guidance. Stay humble brothers and sisters.

  6. seekeroftruth says:

    I certainly agree with you that the search for the true name has been daunting. But with all due respect I do not find your objections compelling. What are the Hebrew letters from which I AM is translated and transliterated? If another later usurps or assumes that name does that cease to be the name of the authentic? Shalom

    • verbs2012 says:

      We simply do not have the original Hebrew to hand in order to draft up and bring forth an accurate translation of I AM and anybody who attempts to claim otherwise is a blatant fraud.

      Remember, the Most High told us that we would discontinue from our heritage(Jeremiah 17:4), which would have included the original Hebrew language we spoke pre slavery. The original language has been lost, hence why the Most High talks about giving the people a “pure” language(Zephaniah 3:9) at sometime in the near future.

      The fact is we simply do not know his name and Hebrews brothers are going around holding up what they believe to be the “correct” translations of I AM in the so called “original” Hebrew tongue however, how can this be possible seeing that the original language has been lost and on top of this the fact that the Most High made a firm proclamation that it would be so with us?


  7. Well its better if you pray and ask for The Most High Name you will be given , as our brothers ask and given to them . I Am That I Am is His name . Bless you brother stay strong we almost there!!

  8. marie says:

    Thanks for posting this I’ve never heard God being called ahayah (and instantly was skeptical and thinking everyday God in Heaven is given a new name smh) but I’ve heard Jehovah and recently Yahweh…do you believe these names are correct???

    • verbs2012 says:

      I afraid all the names that have been put out there currently today are dodgy, especially the 2 that you have have mentioned, ie Jehovah and Yahweh(YHWH,YHVH). The JewISH sect have completely saturated this particular area of knowledge with the Kabbalistic names of their gods in their zeal and determination to have us(the real Hebrews) not be able to call upon the name of the Most High.

      However, as I have stated before, their mission in relation to this has failed from the start as you cannot circumnavigate around the Holy Spirit WHO PERSONALLY RESIDES IN AND WORKS THROUGH INDIVIDUALS. Now, how can they get around that? The Most High will reveal his name to us, I personally believe very soon and there is not a JewISH person residing on this planet that can stop that revelation from taking place.

  9. Ryan Howe says:

    Would u be willing to look at this? You like searching for truth well I thought u might enjoy reading this. May the Father bless you!

    • verbs2012 says:

      Ehyeh is simply another name for Baal, you cannot accept that YHWH/YHVH/Yahweh is false(which is true) but then run to the other false corner of Ehyeh/Ahyah/Ahayah and Jesus. My forefathers were not calling on either of these names. The link you have provided is simply more JewISH disinformation and propaganda. Admittedly, Christ will respond to you if you call upon the name of Jesus as he knows that your heart is after him but Jesus is not the name of the Messiah as Christ is a Hebrew, not a Greek. As I stated before, I personally am going to wait for a personal revelation from the Father/Most High hi,self on this issue. There is too much snake oil and serpent’s venom that has been distributed and mixed in with the truth by these JewISH impostors.

      • Ryan Howe says:

        Can u explain to me then why if the name of Jesus is not His name why do they use this name as a cuss word or use it for degrading humor purposes in hollywood? They spit on the name of Jesus daily. Why do u think that is? My great grandfather and grandfather were both high ranking freemasons and at black mass were forbidden to end the prayer in Jesus name. Why the hate for this name? Why is there no blasphemy for jehovah or yahweh or yahuah? Why does Jay Z state in the song Empire State of Mind that Jesus can’t save you life starts when the church ends. Why does Jesus say I speak nothing of myself and says Father I have manifested THY name and tells the people I come in my Fathers name and ye receive me not? When he rode the ass in the people cried out blessed is the King of Israel and blessed is he that Cometh in the Name of the Lord meaning Jesus wasn’t the messieh’s name it was given to Him by inhertance by his Father. Blessings brother!

      • verbs2012 says:

        This “christian” misconception of using the name Jesus or using the term God as a cuss word and equating that to blasphemy alone has been one of the biggest propaganda weapons that the so called church has used to control its flock, just in like manner as they have falsely equated fornication as meaning sex before marriage, when the bible teaching on the real meaning of fornication is very different from this “convenient” definition that has been put out there by the institutional church beast system.

        As per usual, when we use the scriptures to define what blasphemy of the Most High and Christ is, the conclusion is always different from what definition we have been conveniently given by so called evangelists, pastors, bishops, reverands, missionaries etc. Blasphemy goes way beyond words, it is the actions that the Most High looks at and is concerned with, the words against him and his son are simply the signs of the condition of the heart, whether for the Most High or against him.

        Don´t be fooled and sucked into this “33rd degree is the top level of freemasonry” propaganda. Reagan was and Clinton and Bush senior are 33rd degree masons yet they were still accountable to “higher powers” and carrying orders from men in the shadows. Like I stated before, because we do not have the real name, Christ will respond still to the name that we have been given, which is Jesus, so there is still power behind the name, this is why they hate the name. The name Jesus is still false, again Christ is Hebrew, he is not Greek, he was not given a Greek name by his parents or the Most High. Besides, when you look up the word “saviour” in the greek, Jesus is not the word that you discover. His name is “Saviour” in the paleo Hebrew, whatever that name is, is the true name of Christ.

        Jay Z is simply a fool as what saith the words of Christ himself? “The gates of hell shall not prevail against the church”. The so called church you see crumbling around you is not the real church, it is the trojan horse that has been set up as an attempted replacement and control mechanism by the Roman Catholic church. Yes, the people in the time of Christ knew his true name and the name of the Father, but we don´t have those true names today.

        Again, the Most High sees your heart so whatever name you use to call upon him and whatever name you use to call up Christ, they will respond to you, but we have to accept that fact that we have been hoodwinked on this whole name business. If the Most High has already stated in Malachi that “my name is dreadful among the heathen”, then we have to accept the very strong possiblity(I believe a straight up fact) that they have given us false names to call upon in order to prevent the Most High from manifesting his power, which is not going to work anyway but this is the nutty metality of the gentiles.

      • Ronald says:

        Ryan, first you must understand that the letter J didnot enter the english language until around 1633. The original english only had 23 letters. The english language is one of the last languagues to appear on earth. It is really a Germanic word. It’s almost like the Burger King Commercial, Have it Your Way.

      • BigTymeUSA says:

        When I first started reading this article, it was like I speaking them myself! I’m only 10 days new into realizing that I’m not 2nd hand fiddle or dog looking for scraps, that I’m not adopted, but a ‘blood’ kin to my HEAVENLY FATHER! With that said…THIS REAL NAME THANG is WEARING ME THIN!!! I was under the impression that yes YAHweh was correct, then I read about the pagan aspect of IAO, which reminded me of Bush’s administration new sector called, Information Awareness Office (Been studying the Illuminatie/NWO for 11 mos) so I sensed in my spirit, something was awry; THEN the correlation of Yah was made to YAHoo the search engine and I KNOW THEY’RE OWNED BY Illuminati, therefore, NO way in HELL they’re gonna honor the TRUE MOST HIGH in their dealings, so I was SOLD on Yahweh and any form, whether prefix or suffix, or any other derivative. NEXT comes YEHWEH, so I’m like, ‘UH HUH, I GOT IT’…WRONG AGAIN. THEN, I’m ALMOST convinced that its Ahayah Ascher Ahayah (I know I spelled it wrong) bc it made sense bc it REPEATS A NAME, so it MUST mean, I AM THAT I AM….WRONG AGAIN, I’m convinced bc I don’t TRUST A DANG THING PUT IN PRINT BY THE ELITE! Why in the heck would they simply GIVE IT TO US??? SO FINALLY, I’M WITH YOU BROTHER! I’M GOING WITH ‘HEAVENLY FATHER’ SIMPLY BC THE MUSLIMS CALL THEIR GOD, ‘THE MOST HIGH’….





      • Verbs2013 says:

        Big Tyme USA,

        The main reason why I have reverted to default titles is because I do not want to give any further glory to the Devil for getting the name wrong. Also, I have abandoned ship on the name issue altogether because there are too many names being thrown about by so many different groups. As I stated before, I will wait for a personal revelation from the Most High himself, I have patience.

        The Most High has shown me that the main issue is to do with the condition of the heart. He knows the hearts of those that call upon him and his Son so regardless of whether a name is close to another or whether it has been derived from something pagan, the Most High reads the heart. So whatever name or title we use even if it is in error, our hearts knowing the Most High through Christ automatically call upon him and speak to the right place.

        I still understand your concern though, if you do not feel comfortable with using the title “Christ”, then you can always use the title of “Messiah” or “Son of the Most High” or “Son of the Highest” or you can even make up your own title or name. This is the liberty we have in the Most High through Christ that Paul was referring to, no box thinking, no restrictive rules and regulations of bondage. Faith and belief is all that the Most High requires from us now.

    • Micael Kuhn says:

      all hail he’zeus krishna

    • Lawrence Tomas says:

      This link is a virus.

  10. Ryan Howe says:

    What is the only way u can get divorced?

    • verbs2012 says:

      Under the new covenant which Christ has forged, there is no one/only way of divorce. Christ did state that the only way you could get divorced is if your wife was committing fornication, which by the way is the opposite of what the church teaches on the true meaning of fornication. According to Christ´s own words you can be married and be a fornicator at the same time(Matt 19), so what is all this nonsense and dogma about sex before marriage? Somebody has some serious explaining to do.

      You also have to understand that Christ was talking to men who were regularly practicing the habit of divorcing their wives over any cause(mostly over stupidity and trivial nonsense), hence why they questioned him on this issue to see what his opinion would be and hence why his response “TO THEM” was so strong. Also remember that Christ stated that this way a “hard saying” and that “not all men can accept it”. The Most High is not a rigid power, if your marriage is absloutely not working, the differences between you and your wife are very great and you just simply cannot get along, the Most High does not expect you to run the gauntlet and hack it out in pain and suffering. He does not like divorce yes, but at the same time he understands that the world that we live in is not perfect. The new covenant is of liberty and not bondage.

      This is the problem with the institutional church, Christ and Paul preache liberty and freedom under the new covenant Christ has forged with his own blood and the institutional church beast system turns this teaching on its head and begins to teach the new covenant from a regulatory and bondage position. This is why people are leaving the so called “church” in droves, because the pastors, preachers, evangelists, missionaries, bishops etc are all physicians of no value and they have simply lied to their flocks on nearly all issues in order to control them.

    • Lorraine says:

      Ronald, I have been studying the Scriptures intently for a few years. I agree with so much you have said. Unfortunately most, if not all “churches” follow in the traditions of men. i.e. baptism, xmas, easter, etc. What people need to realise is that The Messiah took on flesh and came to earth as THe Word of Eternal Father. He came to show the fallen angels the way home. He offered His life for those He foreknew, and for those who were predestined.Because of the disobedience of the children He led out of Egypt He gave Israel a bill of divorcement when He hung on that stake/tree.( In other words the old covenent was made null and void through His death), Thereby adopting opening the way for the gentiles. What people need to realise is that our precious Messiah nailed the flesh and all the filth of it to the stake. When He died the veil in the temple was rent, thereby opening the way to the Spiritual realm and allowing us to communicate with The Eternal Father through Him. He became The Door. Scrip[ture tells us that there is nothing we can do in the flesh that can please The Father.
      Leave all ritual, sacrifices, sabbaths new moons, (Isaiah 1) He wants your heart not carnal offerings. Take your offering with a willing heart (Exod 25:2) Something else people do not realise is that, the old covenant/testament is just as important as the new covenant. There has to be a witness of 2 or 3 always. The old covenant is prophetical, and the new fulfilment of the prophecies.
      I agree the Name has been hidden, and Satan has been very devious, disguising his name where ever he could, but our Father is far greater and more powerful than him and the truth will prevail.
      Read Gen. 49:10, and follow the golden thread.
      At this point I pray in the Name of Yawhushua (which means Yaw is redeemer) He was Yawhu ( I am ) in the old covenant. I praise Yaw Eternal (Eternal Father) through Yawhushua. There is One Eternal Father, and He is The omnipitent Spirit who gives life your spirit. He has a Son, our Messiah. Genesis 1:26, John 1 :1-5, Prov 8 : 22-31 proves this..
      If we take our offering and prayers to Him with a good heart, I too believe that if I do not have the correct Name, when the time is right He will reveal His Name.
      May The Eternal Father bless all His children. I praise Him through His precious Son.

  11. Arnold L Johnson says:
    This is interesting. I don’t know Hebrew grammer rules but if you all check it and expound, I could weigh a little better. May the Most High bless our understanding.

  12. Arnold L Johnson says:

    One more thing, I just seen Joseph Atwill’s Ceasar’s Messiah movie, the alledged facts are astounding that the New Testament is a fabrication and a propaganda tool of the Flavian Ceasars. In the OT the Most High says he acted alone in creation, his first born son was Israel and his anointed was David the King. There is no virgin birthed guy called Jesus and the whole tale was back dated to appear like prophecy. If all this is true we only have to contend with the Father’s name and 10 commandments until we are back in the land. The Mithra/Christianity myth/cult Roman formulated religion for everybody thing has been weakened by the roots. I have been calling on the name of the lord for 38 years, folks are starting to note my recent problem with calling on Jesus. If He ain’t real, what is it I’ve been experiencing that I thought was the annointing spirit? Oh damn!!

    • verbs2012 says:

      Hey Arnold, I checked out that link you posted but as per usual there are always problems with brothers who profess to have the “hidden knowledge” and the answers. They are still trying to use the Strong´s concordance which comes from the JewISH people, so automatically we are back to square one again. We also have to remember that “Yah” is the same equal to ¨”God” in meaning, it simply means “power” but it does not specifically denote which power. As we know there are many spiritual powers that operate in this world, so it is important that we make known the exact power that we are referencing.

      On the subject of this Messiah movie, this is part of the typical behavior of Edom, he thinks that he is the master and keeper of all knowledge, that nothing is beyond his comprehension and understanding, that WE MUST ALWAYS go to him for “knowledge”, “wisdom” and “understanding” on things and that his system aka Babylon is the be all and end all of life. Another point here to mention here is that the so called European man on the whole is a notorious liar and has never told an ounce of truth in his life, so even if this promotional nonsense had an ounce of truth to it, the reputation of Edom would still place the information under serious question.

      Yes, that is correct, our personal experiences and walks with the Most High and Christ we are just supposed to dismiss them in favour of Atwill´s conclusions and this same old nonsense propaganda that the so called European man has been pushing for years. When the Most High decides to open up his can of wrath on these scoundrels, they will then know at that moment what real time it is. Evolution(and all of the nonsense contained therein), Christ doesn´t exist, his birth was a copy of ancient births in the past, no virgin birth, we the true Hebrews don´t exist, there are no records that our forefathers were ever in Egypt etc, remember the Most High has heard all of these blasphemies and boasts that Edom has spouted against him(Ezekiel 35:13). All this is, is simply part of Edom´s perpetual hatred and revenge for the promises and the blessing that he lost to Jacob(Ezekiel 35:5, Amos 1:11).

  13. Jeremy Wilson says:

    Galatians 3:28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. 29 If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise.

    Remember, brother, that if your faith is placed squarely in Jesus Christ alone for salvation and eternal life, there are no longer any cultural, national, or sociological divisions between us. Furthermore, you have nothing to fear from those who insist on such divisions. I pray that you will find the peace that God’s truth promises.

    • verbs2012 says:

      This is not strictly correct Jeremy as I can take you throughout the old testament where the Most High categorically states over and over again that he holds a personal vendetta and mission to bring his people ie the children of Israel out from among the heathen(gentiles) and bring us into our own land(the land of Israel).

      There is also another issue here, the fact that the Most High continually refers to himself time and time again as the God of ISRAEL, not the God of the other nations. This cannot be argued against, however Galations 3:28 has been a handy and convenient weapon that the so called institutional church beast has used to relegate the real Jews to the sidelines and often into obscurity, deceivingly teach the real Jews that they are gentiles, deceive people into thinking that it is now all about everybody and that the institutional church beast is now at the forefront of teaching and passing on knowledge to all.

      Faith in Christ does not negate from the fact that the Most High will redeem the real Hebrews by blood, have you forgotten that it is these very same Hebrews who Christ was sent to die for in order to redeem them FIRST(Romans 1:16). Before leaping to Galations 3:28, I recommend you read Jeremiah 30, 31 and 32, Ezekiel 20 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, Romans 9, Romans 11 and so many other chapters I could mention in a hurry.

      Now, that is the Most High making the divisions himself, I never said it, he said it. So no, the God of the Hebrews is a nationalistic power who looks out for his physical people FIRST, when I say physical people I am referring to those who are the real Hebrews by bloodline, aka the so called Negroes on this planet today are a good starting and reference point. What about the names inscribed on the 12 gates read about in Revelation, the 12 tribes are written on those gates, not just anybody and everybody. More division and separation from the Most High himself.

      So no, there IS a division, the Most High himself has made it so and clear that there is a clear division and separation between his physical blood people and the rest of the nations. Yes you are correct, Christ is the way of salvation for everybody but that is where the commonality stops. Regrettably however, the institutional church beast relishes in teaching falsely on this issue. Remember, this salvation that everybody has been given an opportunity to partake in is OF THE JEWS, these words came out of the very mouth of Christ himself(John 4:22). However the institutional church likes to conveniently discard of this factoid because then they would have to investigate and find out who these real Jews are and thank them for bringing forth the Saviour who has given them their salvation and eternal life. Of course, discovering that the real Jews are actually the so called Negroes, we know and are well aware that nobody is going to be thanking us in a hurry.


      • Jeremy Wilson says:

        Romans 1:16 certainly does say, “First for the Jew, then for the Gentile,” but we must not, as members of the body of Christ, say that when God makes ‘distinctions’ between Israel and the Gentiles, that God is making ‘divisions’ between Israel and the Gentiles. Certainly, God does, in His holy scripture, speak of the Jew and Gentile in differing terms, but when it comes to the work done in Christ and the salvation and eternal life He has bought for us, there is no distinction nor division.

        This is why, in Romans 9, when divisions between Jew and Gentile were being addressed, the answer is reduced to faith alone: “30 What then shall we say? That the Gentiles, who did not pursue righteousness, have obtained it, a righteousness that is by faith; 31 but Israel, who pursued a law of righteousness, has not attained it. 32 Why not? Because they pursued it not by faith but as if it were by works. They stumbled over the “stumbling stone.” 33 As it is written: “See, I lay in Zion a stone that causes men to stumble and a rock that makes them fall, and the one who trusts in him will never be put to shame.”” (This latter part being quoted from Isaiah 8 and 28)

        Likewise, we must not say that God will redeem the real Hebrews by blood, in terms of bloodline being preeminent in God’s saving work through Christ. As 1st Titus 1 teaches: “3 As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain men not to teach false doctrines any longer 4 nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies. These promote controversies rather than God’s work—which is by faith.” It is by faith in the blood of Christ, our perfect sacrificial lamb who takes away the sin of the world, that Hebrew and Gentile alike are redeemed. Again, faith alone in the work of Christ makes one a “true Hebrew”, as Paul wrote in Galatians 3: “6 Consider Abraham: “He believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.” 7 Understand, then, that those who believe are children of Abraham. 8 The Scripture foresaw that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham: “All nations will be blessed through you.” 9 So those who have faith are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith.”

        And certainly, salvation is from the Jews, for it is out of the Jews that Christ came. He is the offspring (singular) that would crush the serpent’s head, promised in Genesis 2; He is the seed (singular) that would bless the whole world, as promised to Abraham in Genesis 26. So when Jesus said that salvation is from the Jews in John 4:24, he meant it! And what is even more remarkable is that he said these words to a Samaritan woman; a woman born into a race that was forcibly separated, divided from the brand of institutional religion of Judaism that some had established in Jerusalem. Just look at His words in their context:

        19 “Sir,” the woman said, “I can see that you are a prophet. 20 Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, but you Jews claim that the place where we must worship is in Jerusalem.”
        21 Jesus declared, “Believe me, woman, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. 22 You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews. 23 Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in spirit and in truth.”
        25 The woman said, “I know that Messiah” (called Christ) “is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.”
        26 Then Jesus declared, “I who speak to you am he.”

        Her question is about how to properly worship God. There were certain Jews who were oppressing her race, telling her that God can only be worshipped in Jerusalem. His answer to her? Worshipping God will not happen on a mountain nor in Jerusalem, but worship of the Father will be done in spirit and truth. And because of his words to her, and her belief in Him, and her testimony about Him, by the time we get to verse 42, we read that many Samaritans believed in Him. Those who were considered to be outside of God’s promise – divided from the Jews and hopelessly lost to God – now found themselves in possession of the faith God requires for salvation.

        As adopted sons of God and children of Abraham, brother, I exhort you to join with me in praising the work of Christ that reconciles true believers to God and joins true believers into perfect fellowship. This is where our hope and joy lies. For only there are all divisions healed and perfect peace found.

      • verbs2012 says:

        The Most High planned a division and separation between his people and the other nations from day one, hence why he would continually plead with them to put down the idols and the customs that they had learned from Egypt, and had picked up from the other nations.

        The problem with the cancerous teachings that are being spewed forth from the institutional church beast system, is that the work done in Christ, salvation and eternal life is all that the institutional church wants to focus on. Christ came to the Jews first, Paul saw the actions of Christ and also concluded correctly that salvation was to be offered to the Jews first and then afterwards the gentiles.

        This automatically means a person who does not know that he/she is a Jew(Hebrew) by bloodline, must first be shown their true heritage, history and roots in order for them to fully understand the salvation that is theirs and is being offered to them. This is the very part that the institutional church is deliberately omitting. Paul warned the Romans not to boast against the natural branches(Romans 11).

        This the problem that I have with the gentiles today, they cannot accept that the salvation they have received has stemmed from and is rooted with the Jews who happened to be the so called Negroes on this planet. So in response to this they have now raised themselves up a “new mutant GMO” gospel in which the knowledge of who the real Jews are is deliberately omitted, the real Jews are not taught that they are the real Jews by bloodline, the real Jews are instead taught that they are gentiles and along side this the propaganda of the impostors in the land of Israel being the real Jews is continually pushed out and supported. Questions in relation to these impostors are not tolerated and anybody who dares to critique or ask simple questions about them and their “true” history is branded “Anti Semitic”(a term that these fraudulent JewISH people made up themselves to deflect any opposition or investigations that might reveal some uncomfortable facts against them).

        Put plainly and simply, the sole focus on Christ, salvation and eternal life without the history is a white man’s gospel. It was he who concocted and pushed forward this new gospel from slavery until this day. It has been a continual effort on his part to hide the so called Negro’s true history from him via any means necessary and this “Christ, salvation and eternal life” only gospel is just one of a long list of strategies the so called European man has employed to hide a certain history pertaining to my people.

        In response to your 3rd paragraph, I suggest you read Ezekiel 37. Sounds like a physical redemption of the real Hebrews to me and that isn’t the only place where a physical redemption of the true blood Hebrews is mentioned. Faith in Christ does not change the fact that the Most High has a certain people called Israel whom he has personally named as his heritage(Joel 3:1-2) whom he is going to physically redeem, bring out from the lands of their enemies and the lands where they have been scattered PHYSICALLY and bring them into the land of Israel PHYSICALLY. THERE IS A PHYSICAL REDEMPTION INVOLVED FOR MY PEOPLE SIR, NOT JUST A SPIRITUAL REDEEMING. Here is even more proof that this is also a physical redemption for the true Hebrews and not only a spiritual one, Luke 1:68-75 reads:

        1:68 Blessed be the LORD GOD OF ISRAEL; for he hath visited and redeemed HIS people,

        1:69 And hath raised up an horn of salvation for US in the house of his servant David;

        1:70 As he spake by the mouth of his holy prophets, which have been since the world began:



        1:73 The oath which he sware to our father Abraham,

        1:74 That he would grant unto US, that WE BEING DELIVERED OUT OF THE HAND OF OUR ENEMIES might serve him without fear,

        1:75 In holiness and righteousness before him, all the days of our life.

        One trait that I have seen that never fails is national pride. You have White, Indian, Chinese and other nationalities of people who claim that they are christians ie followers of Christ, however show them the truth of the black man’s history and that he is the real Hebrew and they point blank will refuse to accept it and will immediately jump to or focus on other topics. They can claim to be the most humble and pious people on the planet but they still will not accept the fact that the so called Negro is the Hebrew spoken of in the scriptures.

        To make matter even worse, the so called European man has even spread this deflection and narrow focus technique to the real Hebrews, to where even my people will reject this information immediately without conducting any research.

        First and foremost I will teach my people the facts about their missing history as my Saviour Christ did, as Paul and the other apostles did and as the Most High has commanded me to do. There are pieces missing in the puzzle and I will fill in the blanks and give my people the information that has been hidden from them in relation to their past, the state that they are in today and why, what great things are promised to them and what is to come in terms of judgements to the other nations for their part in the destruction and scattering of my people.

        Black people today are in a serious mess and they need answers as to how and why they are in this state. Omission of information is of Satan and I will not partake in such wickedness. There always seems to be a problem with black people gaining the true knowledge of their past and being uplifted. Any other nation can uplift its people without question, yet as soon as black people begin to do the same, all of a sudden we are “causing divisions and contentions” and that we need to “focus on other things”. This is another distraction technique of the so called European man and I am not falling for it.

        Certainly, we can join together in what Christ has done, however I will not be promoting the mutant GMO gospel of Christ, salvation and eternal life only, I will also be giving my people the additional facts that have been conveniently omitted, I will be giving them their true history, I will be showing them their true heritage, roots and where they fit into the scriptures, I will be showing them that they are the true Hebrews and that great things are promised to them from the Most High in the near future. Most of all, I will be showing them that there is HOPE FOR THEM.


      • Jeremy Wilson says:

        Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds to me as if you are positing a ‘special’ type of salvation that only true Hebrews are going to receive; something that gentiles will not be a part of.

        Now, certainly, salvation is to come through Israel. This is truth as it is promised to Abraham: ““I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” (Ge 12:2-3) But, according to this same scripture, who receives this blessing? All peoples on earth. Hebrew and Gentile alike. We must not confuse the people through home God’s promises are fulfilled, and the people who receive the fulfillment of that promise. Israel is the people through whom all nations will be blessed, but all nations, including Israel, receive that very blessing.

        And in terms of a physical redemption, that is part of the promised blessing, and is not restricted to one particular race either. Ezekiel does point to a physical redemption, and uses the term “house of Israel” to refer to what the dry bones represent. Does that mean that only Hebrews will receive a physical redemption? Romans 8 begins with the statement that the Law, the Law given exclusively to Israel and which commanded purity in deeds and worship, as well as commanding purity in race, that Law was powerless to bring about freedom from sin and death (vv 2-3). Salvation could not be attained by any part of that law. And after further expounding on the effects of the law on sin, Paul states: “10 But if Christ is in you, your body is dead because of sin, yet your spirit is alive because of righteousness. 11 And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you.” The prerequisite for life in your mortal bodies – mortal bodies that were formerly and will be dead because of sin – is not stated as being part of a particular race, but rather that prerequisite is having the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead living in you. Furthermore: “16 The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children. 17 Now if we are children, then we are heirs—heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ, if indeed we share in his sufferings in order that we may also share in his glory.” That same spirit testifies that all true Christians are children of God and His rightful heirs. Again, the inheritance of God’s promises are not dependent on being of a particular race, but receiving, through faith, the Spirit of God. It is faith that makes one a Child of God, not heritage. Therefore, Hebrew and Gentile alike are called children of God.

        In Acts 28, the Jews in Rome were having this very same difficulty, trying to discern if their heritage as Jews gave them special rights and privileges under the covenant fulfilled by Christ. So when Paul stands before them and speaks of the Jews as “our people”, he is speaking specifically to the barrier the Jews are placing between God’s promises and the Gentiles. This is why, after “others would not believe”, Paul makes the statement, “Therefore I want you to know that God’s salvation has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will listen!” (v. 28). Salvation is something accomplished in its entirety, entirely by God, and to the entire world, and it is not to be withheld or lorded over one particular race by another particular race.

        Which brings me back around to my very first concern and my reason for engaging in this discussion with you. God is the author and perfecter of our salvation, no matter what race we are. There is great Joy and Peace to be found in that proclamation. However, in your writings, I perceive that you feel much hatred toward European man, just as you perceive much hatred from European man. Is one who hates his brother a true son of God? I would suggest that those Europeans that actually do refuse to acknowledge Jesus’ heritage as a Jew, and who refuse to acknowledge God’s very word that through His chosen people salvation comes, these people are quite rare. I’m not saying they don’t exist, but that they are rare. Therefore, it is a detriment to your ability to be a blessing to others, and it is a detriment to your ability to “go, make disciples of all nations”, when such hatred from one race toward another is perceived in your writings. It is far better for us to be known for the peace and joy we possess because of Christ, and to spread the good news about him, than it is to spend our time waging war against our enemies. For it is God who will make our enemies a footstool under our feet (Luke 20:43) while it is we who will love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us (Matthew 5:44).

      • verbs2012 says:

        Nobody has said that the gentiles will not be a part of the salvation that has been wrought by Christ, however this salvation is special to the Hebrews as it is theirs firstly and secondly, they will be elevated to rulership positions and rule over the other nations as it was supposed to be from the time they occupied the land of Israel at the first(Deuteronomy 28:13).

        No, this is not going to be a kingdom where Gentiles and Hebrews will be equal. The gentiles will be ruled over by the Hebrews. The gentiles today seem to have forgotten that they have been “invited” into the salvation of the Jews, it is not theirs, it is our possession. Now, because they have erected and elevated their new mutant GMO gospel in front of the truth, they now believe that everybody is going to be equal in the kingdom and they will rule along side the Hebrews, but what saith the scriptures on this issue? Isaiah 14:2 reads:

        14:1 For the LORD will have MERCY ON JACOB, and will yet CHOOSE ISRAEL, AND SET THEM IN THEIR OWN LAND: and the strangers shall be joined with them, and they shall cleave to the house of Jacob.


        Long and short of it, the gentiles will serve the Hebrews. I never said, the Most High said it, if you have a problem with what the scriptures say then take it up with him. There are plenty of other scriptures that also show that the gentiles will inherit the kingdom as servants under the Hebrews. Is it not written that the first shall be last and the last shall be first(Mark 10:31)? Did not these words come from the very mouth of Christ himself?

        So, through the Hebrews salvation has been “brought” to the gentiles, but they continually fail to teach this in the institutional church. On the subject of redemption, the point of the matter is the dry bones were referring to the House of Israel aka the Hebrews, they were not referring to any other nation. Not once have I stated that the gentiles will not be partakers in our salvation. However, the gentiles need to stop teaching lies in these churches, thinking that the salvation that has been offered to them is of themselves, stop omitting information on purpose including information in relation to who the true Hebrews are, stop teaching the lie that the impostors living in Israel today are the real Jews, stop teaching the real Jews that they are gentiles, put down their pride and accept that the true Jews on this planet are the so called Negroes and accept that these Negroes who have been continually persecuted and trodden down under foot in this system are going to be elevated to rulership positions in Christ’s kingdom and will be ruling over the gentiles(and I can bring out plenty of more scriptures to bolster this fact).

        The gentiles do not need redemption as this is their time now, this is their system, they on the whole were and are not looking for a saviour, however this is not the case for the down trodden Negro on this planet, we on the other hand need saving from the continual persecution we suffer at the hands of all other nations and it is for this reason Christ came as was prophesied correct by Zechariah in Luke 1.

        Again, the promises are for the Hebrews as Paul corrected stated in Romans 9:4-5, the gentiles are guests invited to partake in these promises. Just because they have been invited to partake, it does not now mean that the promises are theirs as in ownership. Remember Paul stated not to boast not against the natural branches but the gentiles have done exactly the opposite. They would dare call my promises theirs? The Hebrews own the promises and salvation, not the gentiles. Gentiles would do well to remember this fact.

        Again, I do not argue that salvation has not been sent to the gentiles, but again the scriptures clearly state that salvation is of the Jews, ie the Jews own salvation, however the gentiles keep conveniently “forgetting” this fact when they continuously push forward their new GMO gospel.

        Remember, the Most High has stated that he has hated Esau(aka the European man) and will completely destroy him from off the face of this planet for the destruction and misery that he has caused and is still causing to others(Obadiah, Jeremiah 49:7-22, Ezekiel 35 to name a few scriptures). Again, whites acknowledge the “modified” gospel that they have erected but as soon as the information is brought forth that it is actually the blacks who are the true Jews, they shutdown and go into denial mode without conducting any research into the matter. I do not like what the so called white man has done to this planet, he is antilife, he loves death, destruction, disease, murder, blood and many other things, and he is still continuing on this path of destruction. The vast majority of woes on this planet today are being caused by him. The Most High does not instruct me to call a destroyer my brother.

        I would say that whites who actually accept the so called Negro for who he truly is are very rare. Whites on the whole will accept a white Christ and they will accept those Russians, Polish and German people living in the land of Israel today as the real Jews. The majority of whites will not accept that Christ is black, they will continue to hang onto their Cesare Borgia images and paintings or designate Christ falsely under a nationality where they can still see their characteristics and physical traits. I have seen a few white people who have acknowledged the full gospel and who the real Hebrews are, THESE will enter into the kingdom of God, not those who want to continually hold on the the false notions in relation to Christ and his people.

        Good news? What good news are you talking about, the true gospel in its full and unadulterated form which informs the so called Negro of his true heritage, bloodline and roots and where he fits into the scriptures or are you referring to the commonly promoted GMO gospel that omits this information and instead lies to the so called Negro and tell him that he is a gentile?

        Yes, The Most High will put OUR ENEMIES(the enemies of the Hebrews) under OUR feet and he will use the Hebrews(his inheritance) as his weapon to do this. This is confirmed in Jeremiah 51:19-23 which reads:

        51:19 The portion of Jacob is not like them; for he is the former of all things: and Israel is the rod of his inheritance: the LORD of hosts is his name.

        51:20 Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms;

        51:21 And with thee will I break in pieces the horse and his rider; and with thee will I break in pieces the chariot and his rider;

        51:22 With thee also will I break in pieces man and woman; and with thee will I break in pieces old and young; and with thee will I break in pieces the young man and the maid;

        51:23 I will also break in pieces with thee the shepherd and his flock; and with thee will I break in pieces the husbandman and his yoke of oxen; and with thee will I break in pieces captains and rulers.

        I suggest you read that very well. That is alot of smashing that the Hebrews(my people) are going to be doing, again I never said it, the Most High said it. Nobody is lording over salvation, I am just preaching the true, full non contaminated gospel as it ought to be preached and taking it to people in the same order that Christ and Paul did.

  14. Arnold L Johnson says:

    I would be very secure in Jesus if certain things were clear and actual. The verse you quote has not changed, but even if that is your firm conviction (by faith) many don’t realize that or practice that or display that in reality. Please don’t bring out the by faith and not by sight verse. We here are talking about a physical testamony of God the church. If there is not a physical reality that people can see, it is not real I don’t care how spiritual it is. The new covenant has not taken place yet and won’t be in effect till Christ comes to restore the Israel of God, then the kingdom. To think we have it now is denying reality. Don’t confuse position and disposition, have a way to grow up into him.

    The proper name of God is a small problem compared to oneness in Christ. With that oness in view (from the heavens) Christianity is the most divided religion on the earth. Also Black people should be free from the curse of the law, not just spiritual death but the actual curses as outlined in Lev 26 and Deut 28. That is if we are who the verses suggest we are. And if we are, then Christianity is a lie and needs to be corrected with us in view. As it stands there is in place a replacement theology where the true Israel is an disgarded and extinct species with the Jews of Israel and the Christians in their place.

    Now no Greek or Jew does not mean it does not matter who we are. The fact of who are Greeks and who are Jews are pointed out means you should put your distinction down. If you don’t know who you are, how in the heck can you say you are a Greek or a Jew? If Christians knew who the real Jews were, do you think they would have treated us the way they did in this country? Maybe if they intended to do us harm or meant for us to be slaves as fortold in scripture. Not so easy is it. This is why we are scrambling to put the pieces of the total picture together. Why, because we Black folk are still suffering the curses even if we are believing Christians. Something is not right.

    • Ronald says:

      Arnold, you are correct, if they don’t understand Lev. 26 and Deut. 28 it’s probably because they don’t want to. The heavenly father stated he was going to send his people back into slavery for not following his laws, statues and commandments. He statedhe would scatter us to the four corners of the earth.This so-called Christianity that has most of our people in the dark was started mostly by the Roman Catholics and that alone should make anyone back off it. Also the word Christian or Christians can only be found in scripture (3) times.

    • Lorraine says:

      OUr Eternal Father does not see race, colour, creed, male or female. Flesh cannot enter the realm or the promised land because if is spiritual. After Messiah’s death on the stake a new spiritual covenant was given. Bloodlines mean nothing, to the Eternal Father. His “bloodline” is Spiritual.
      Satan’s bloodline is carnal, and can be traced from the fallen angels through the Pharoah’s, royalty, the elders of Zion etc

      • Arnold L Johnson says:

        Then Adam’s name should be #1 and so forth and God made a covenant with #100 and his offspring #150 and again with his descendent #200. If the Father does not regard the families with whom he made his covenants, then why put in his word that they were going to disobey, get punished, then he was going to save them, recover them, deliver them, scatter them, gather them, make the rest of the world diss them, then reestablish them in the end. He chose a people to be set apart. He tracks their history and prophesies their future. This is not to be the rockstars of the planet. This to teach the rest of the world about God. Not by religions and doctrines but by a people who are a living Torah just like Messiah. He knew very well that some gentiles would join in, some better than the families he chose (I will provoke them to jealosy by a people who are not my people). No human is excluded from participating in what the Father has prepared for them that believe, but He still has His set-apart people Israel. Gentiles who want salvation are grafted into Israel, that is spiritual. To say Israel is replaced by the Church is a religious doctrine. None of God’s folk knew of a New Testament because it came 300+ years after the death of Messiah. OT or NT the Father does not write off Israel (his people). Not being a respector of persons does not equate to God does not see race or bloodline or families when it comes to Israel. Remember chosen race, a people for a possession? If you want God you join Israel. This leads to the physical reality, who is Israel today, what is Christianity, etc, etc, etc.

      • verbs2012 says:

        I have to concur with Arnold on this one Lorraine, the scriptures are clear that the Most High has a chosen people. This “everybody is equal” doctrine is part of the institutional church beast deception and manipulation programme(formulated by the JewISH aristocracy). This programme and the cunning techniques therein are designed to not only relegate the real Hebrews to the back of the yard but to also make us feel guilty about pointing out the fact that we are the chosen people and that we will be elevated to high positions of leadership in the coming kingdom under Christ, ruling over the other nations.

        I as a Hebrew am not elevating myself, I am simply reading what the Most High has stated that he is going to execute in the near future, he is going to do the elevating, not me. The second covenant you refer to is indeed a new covenant based on faith and believe in the Most High through Christ however, this still does not detach from the promise that the Most High has made to his people Israel, saving us from the nations around us and bringing us back into the land of Israel. The number of scriptures that refer to bringing our people out from among the other nations and taking us back into our own land are too many to deny what is obvious being stated. You are right in the fact that the Most High has replaced the first covenant with the second(Hebrews 10:9) however we are still his people, nothing has changed there and the gentiles need to recognise this, humble themselves and stop teaching the lies and deception in this churches. Remember, the gentiles have been “invited” in to partake in OUR salvation. It is not theirs by ownership, salvation belongs to US(John 4:22), however the gentiles have conveniently forgotten this and exalted themselves over the very people through whom Christ came, making it even possible for them to receive eternal life, and have now decided to deceive themselves into believing that the salvation that Christ THE HEBREW wrought, is now theirs by ownership.

        There is also another reason why the institutional church does not want us to read the scriptures plainly as they are. According to the Most High himself, the Hebrews aka Israel is his battle axe and weapons of war and we as a people in righteousness are going to be doing alot of smashing, breaking, destroying, burning, rendering etc when he decides to open up the can of recompense upon all the other nations for the wickedness that they have wrought upon this planet, aswell as for the way that they have all treated the so called Negro aka the true Hebrew(Isaiah 41:14-16, Jeremiah 51:20-23, Joel 2:2-11, Micah 4:13, 5:7-9 to name a few).

        Why aren’t the institutional churches talking about this, the fact that the so called Negro is going to righteously wrecking shop on this planet in the very near future? Because the same culprits who placed our people on the slave ships are the same people who set up these so called churches from the beginning to perpetuate our sleep in ignorance, the JewISH sect.

      • Ronald says:

        We all know why the church will never teach the truth. If they tell the truth the flock will flee and once the flock flee’s so does the money. Once the people find out the truth most will run away from that beast system faster then Usan Bolt can run 100 meters. It’s all about the money.

  15. Jeremy Wilson says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Through faith in Christ – and only through faith in Christ alone – are we freed from the law. Romans 8 starts out by saying, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the law of sin and death.” Our Lord Jesus Christ, because of who He is and what He has done, has set all believers free from the law. This is why, just a few verses later, we read, “The mind of sinful man is death, but the mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.”

    Peace is therefore the natural state of one who, through faith in Christ, has been freed from the law. But the question remains: what if the world around you attempts to disrupt that peace? 1st Corinthians 12:4 tells us that, “We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; when we are slandered, we answer kindly. Up to this moment we have become the scum of the earth, the refuse of the world,” while 2nd Thessalonians tells us, “Therefore, among God’s churches we boast about your perseverance and faith in all the persecutions and trials you are enduring.” How can we possibly bless when cursed, endure persecution, and kindly answer slander? Because our peace does not come from this world. In fact, our Messiah himself proclaimed, “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.”

    Being a follower of the one true God and His Son Jesus Christ promises peace and joy in the salvation and eternal life He has won for us, but it also guarantees that the world will revile and reject us. Yet we remain blessed in the midst of the world; as Luke 6:22 says: “Blessed are you when men hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man.” This is why it is my prayer that all who feel the persecution of the world an account of their faith in the Son of Man will find the peace that God’s word promises. That peace does not come from the world, but from faith alone.

    • Jeremy Wilson says:

      I just realized that I never spoke to the Jew/Greek terminology often found in the New Testament. It is a literary construct that was common within 1st century Judaism. That construct has been determined to be synonymous with the Jew/Gentile terminology also common to the New Testament. It was very common at that time to speak in terms of the Jews (as God’s chosen people under the Abrahamic covenant), and the rest of the world. So, when the phrase “Jew and Greek”, or “Jew nor Greek”, etc. was employed, it was a method of saying “the entire world”. The meaning of this phraseology is particularly clear when we read 1st Corinthians 12:13, where “Jews or Greeks” and “Slave or Free” are placed in parallel. Likewise in Galatians 3:28: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

      Certainly, who we are as male or female is no less important as who we are as Jew or Greek, but the point being made here is that gender and heritage have absolutely nothing to do with who we are in Christ.

      • Ronald says:

        Good comment Jeremy, the book of Romans really explains this topic to the public. They all should read the entire book of Romans, it’s only 16 chapters.

  16. purgejudah says:

    Thankyou for this post it eplains alot, I have been using Ahayah since the Most High has blessed me with the truth and with understanding.What your conveying makes alot of sense. It’s very frustrating to know that there is nothing but confusion about the true name of the Most High. May the Most High bless us with more undertanding so that we may one day call on his true name.

    • verbs2012 says:

      You have called out and noted well the confusion surrounding the name of the Most High. Because we know that the Most High is not the author of confusion(1Cor 14:33), we therefore know and can safely conclude that these contentions, confusions and the issues in relation to the true name are stemming from the dark side.

      I have heard so many claim that the name that they have is the true name but as I stated before, we have no original information separate from the contaminated disinformation that has been deliberately spewed out and distributed by these JewISH fraudsters, for the very purpose of perpetuating confusion and deception on this matter. The Most High will reveal his true name to us very soon. What these JewISH people have done will make no difference to the plans of the Most High. The Scriptures will be fulfilled whether these JewISH boys like it or not.

  17. purgejudah says:

    I am no longer using Ahayah as his
    name if Witches and wizards are also using this name.

  18. Shalom says:

    Isaiah 52:6 [NLT] But I will reveal MY NAME to My people, and they will come to know its power. Then at last they will recognize that I AM The One Who speaks to them.”

    The Book of Revelation opens with The Name of The Father. For example 1:8 I AM the Alpha and the Omega—the beginning and the end, says THE LORD GOD. “I AM The One Who is, Who always was, and Who is still to come—the Almighty One.”

    In this sense you see the fullness of what was revealed to Moses. He was always THE LORD GOD of The Hebrews meaning that He is Sovereign. Just because others chose to misuse The Name to worship
    BAAL does not mean that it is not His Name. I do not need to go into
    the Kabbalah to demonstrate the truth of what is being conveyed. The truth is in The Scriptures of The Most High and needs no help from dark
    sources. All you have to do is pray to The Heavenly Father and He will reveal His Name.


    • verbs2012 says:

      I agree with Isaiah 52:6, that verse is referring to a future time coming soon. Remember, we do not have all of the scriptures, all of the books in relation to our heritage. A large portion of books have been destroyed, hidden( many in the Vatican library) or demonised by the institutional church and rendered under a “non canon” designation.

      Again, I do not dispute “I AM”, I am disputing the interpretation of “I AM” in the original Hebrew. Our forefathers spoke Paleo Hebrew not English, they were not speaking the English language when they came to Mount Sanai. Do not be fooled by the English language, it is a basic language, a mish mash of many different dialects and lacks much deep expression and emphasis.

      Not everybody is like you or on your level of understanding, what may be apparent to you may not be so obvious and apparent to others and I sure that there was a time in your life where you were ignorant to certain information. Christ didn’t just use the scriptures to convey or confirm the truth, he used the world around him to pass on information and explain things.

      This is the problem with many people today, they can quote scriptures all day but they lack the skills in answering questions about the world around them and efficiently translating what is happening in it. Yes, the truth is in the scriptures but the truth resides in other areas also. John 16:13 reads:

      16:13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, HE WILL GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

      It is not for us to decide where the truth begins and ends, it is supposed to be the Spirit’s position to make that decision for us. If it means going into the Kaballah to demonstrate a truth then we should have no problems doing this. I go where the Spirit instructs me to go, not were I personally feel comfortable to roam and venture.

      Blessings And Shalom

      • Shalom says:

        The Most High did reveal His Name to Moses as “I AM The I AM”. Judah was the last to go into captivity and they spoke two languages which is the Hebrew and the Aramaic. This goes all the way back to Jacob and you know that Abraham was Syrian? When The Messiah came He spoke in the original language of Creation or shall I say the Holy of Holies. This is why key words that He spoke in Aramaic were hidden from the people of that time. They were key words of power that caused the heavens to open and the dead to arise from their graves. He said, The Words that I speak they are spirit and they are life.

        The Messiah clearly spoke The Name of The Father in Luke 4:17.

        And there was delivered unto Him The Book of The Prophet Esaias. And when He had opened the book, He found the place where IT was written,

        In other words, The Messiah was looking for the place where The Name of The Father was written which is found in Isaiah 61:1 where it says, The Spirit of THE LORD GOD is upon Me. You can also interpret it like this; The Spirit of THE I AM is upon Me. Are you feeling me?

        This is significant because The Book of Isaiah was sealed with The Name of The Father. The Messiah was able to open the book because
        He Himself knew The Ineffable Name and was able to break the seven seals in Heaven.

        The Father Himself is closing The Age of The Gentiles and only The Remnant that He has chosen will come forth in the full knowledge of His Name. Remember in Deuteronomy 28:58 , He speaks strongly about His Name. “If thou wilt not observe to do all the words of this Law that are written in this book, that thou mayest fear this Glorious and Fearful Name, THE LORDThy GOD”.


      • verbs2012 says:

        Again, I do not in dispute with I AM, I simply dispute the interpretation of I AM into the Hebrew. This Aramaic business though in my personal opinion is utter folly. Christ is a Hebrew first and foremost and unlike Paul, Christ kept his works and preaching the gospel on a national level. The core language of the UK is English even though there are many different languages spoken here. Likewise the core language of Israel at the time of Christ was Peleo Hebrew, even though there were other languages being spoken in the land aswell(Greek and Latin being 2 others).

        Aramaic is no where on a par with the Paleo Hebrew. Christ was a Hebrew, he was in the land of the Hebrews, he spoke with Hebrews, his disciples were Hebrews. From these facts it doesn’t take a PHD to figure out what core language Christ used to communicate with the people around him. I do not doubt that Christ knew more than one language however clearly seeing that Christ was surrounded by mainly his own people, it stands to reason that he would have used the language of his people to communicate. Aramaic definitely is not the language of the Most High.

      • Dionne says:

        I see that you keep referring to The Most High as “Christ”, may I ask why is that so my Israelite brother? I myself find the whole New Testament a fib, it’s all CHRISTIANITY, so just the idea of using “CHRIST” as a title for Him is no better than the gentiles or whomever using keter, jesus, etc. Yes we all are entitled to our own beliefs ,but from my studying this is what I’ve concluded. If you would consider just studying this a bit further brother. Ask who wrote or who started the New Testament and why? When? Because clearly if you read the Old and the New Testament closely, it’s clear that these are absolutely two totally opposite higher powers. On top of that, the New Testament is giving us a higher power and a higher evil power(jesus and the devil) similar to a fairytale (a hero and villian), then the Torah’s higher power says, “I am ONE”, meaning no “trinity”, no bad guy(devil), just simply ONE says Deut. 6:4 Also who needs a “devil” when this Most High in the torah says, He creates peace and causes calamity. Why the devil and jesus CHRIST fairytale? Why brother? Blessings

      • verbs2012 says:

        Not at all, when I refer to the Most High I am talking about the Father and when I refer to Christ I am talking about his son. I simply use the titles that people are familiar with and understand in order to avoid confusion and to relay points across clearly and accurately.

        No, what you simply have is a religious belief system which has subverted and usurped teachings from the new testament and has now called it its own. Remember, christianity, christian, these are only mere titles also. The person who started the new testament was Christ himself, who through his death has provided us with a new covenant and a way back to the Father. Do not fool yourself for a second and think that you can attain to righteousness and gain entry into the coming kingdom by dismissing Christ and adhering to the old covenant only.

        I am well aware that there are many Hebrews out there that teach that we have to return back to the old covenant in order to be right with the Father. This is absolute error and I have already dealt with that topic here:

        Fairy tale??? I do not see evil people invading other people’s countries just so that they can control the resources of that country as a fairy tale, that is evil and that is reality. I do not see the elite who are trying their best to kill me as a fairly tale, the population of the Hebrews is under attack, this is reality. I assume that you are living on the same planet as the rest of us correct? I am seeing evil increase all around me and at the same time I am seeing less of the good, I am not suffering from delusions of grandeur, this is the reality of life. No, evil and good are not fairy tales, they are in your face daily. You should have noticed throughout your life that things tend to have an origin. In like manner good and evil must also have points of origin, this is logical and straight forward thinking.

        In case you didn’t notice, the devil is also mentioned in the old testament, it is not a case where he has just popped up into the new. What higher evil power? The devil is no where near on a par with the power that Christ has. You would have done yourself more justice and been more accurate in your deduction of the devil’s power had you put him on a level playing field with say one of the angels(Michael, Gabriel, Ariel etc) The only link between the devil and Christ is that Christ has now redeemed planet earth back to the Father from Satan/the devil, who was able to usurp the authority from Adam when he ate of the forbidden fruit and has trampled under foot death through his power to grant eternal life which the Father has given him.

        I find it amazing that despite that fact that you have discovered that you are a Hebrew by blood, that the western forces have lied to you about your nationality and kept back information from you pertaining to this very topic, that you would still attempt to look at the new testament through the eyes of western philosophy. Isn’t this backwards????

        Opposite powers??? I do not see any difference between the power in the old testament and the power in the new testament, the only difference I observe is the fact that the old testament focuses more on the Father whereas the new testament focuses more on his son, logically seeing as he is the author of the new testament/new covenant. Have you gotten John 10:30 which reads:

        10:30 I and my Father are ONE.

        This concurs completely with Deuteronomy 6:4 which you brought up. The devil is not the same power as the Most High, Christ and the Spirit. Have you not read 1 John 5:7 which reads:

        5:7 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are ONE.

        You need to stop looking at the new testament and trying to interpret it through the flesh, it is not working. I continually see many Hebrews making this same mistake, even when it comes to the old testament aswell. The Most High has a stern word for any and all impudent Hebrews who continue to remain stiff necked, prideful and stubborn, Ezekiel 20:38 reads:

        20:38 And I will purge out from among you the rebels, and them that transgress against me: I will bring them forth out of the country where they sojourn, and THEY SHALL NOT ENTER INTO THE LAND OF ISRAEL: and ye shall know that I am the LORD.

        Blessings and Shalom

      • Ronald says:

        Good comment brother, also they don’t understand the law that was given by the most high was given in the old testament. I believe most people are hood-winked by these PREACHERS saying that the law was done away with.

        Peace brother keep up the good work

      • verbs2012 says:

        Hey Ronald, the preachers are sort of right in part but they do not explain themselves very clearly and they leave their congregations confused and in error. The law is divided into 2 parts, the Moral side and the Sacrificial/Ordinance/Atonement side. The Moral side of the law deals with how we are supposed to interact and live amongst our fellow men, do not steal, do not commit adultery, do not covert thy neighbour’s wife etc and other commandments dealing with morality, these will ALWAYS REMAIN so long as we are living among men ie for ever. This side HAS NOT been done away with.

        The Sacrificial/Atonement/Ordinance side of the law on the other hand is the side that has been done away with, as these preachers like to say. This is the side of the law which deals with how we were supposed to interact with the Most High. We are no longer are under an obligation to keep the sabbath or observe the other holy days, kill lambs and cattle for a sin offering, offer up tithes etc. Christ’s death completely covered this side of the law once and for all. Christ replaced this side of the law with FAITH and GRACE as the NEW requirements to be a sufficient satisfaction unto the Father and in order to enter into the coming kingdom. Walking in faith and grace are now our requirements to keep until the end.

      • BigTymeUSA says:

        I’m soooooo glad you said this! My wife thinks that bc I search and study things of the world, especially the secret societies, that its ALL I’m relying on and NOT the Spirit of my HEAVENLY FATHER who leads me to these things! Truth be told, if I had never known of the great deceit that they are responsible for, I WOULD NEVER HAVE BELIEVED THAT THE SCRIPTURES ARE TAINTED, LET ALONE THAT THE SO-CALLED AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE THE HEBREW ISRAELITES OF THE BIBLE!

      • Verbs2013 says:

        Big Tyme USA,

        Going into secular history does not mean that you are not relying on and trusting in the Spirit. This is a false teaching that comes straight from the institutional church beast infrastructure. The institutional church beast teaches that everything that you investigate must be directly related to the scriptures, the Most High and Christ. This is a huge problem right here, most believers are familiar with the biblical text yet they are unable to answer questions on simple everyday subjects amd topics. I encounter this mostly among those calling themselves “christians”. This box thinking is due to the institutional church beast infrastructure indoctrinational programming. The so called “church” simply does not want you to be equipped to answer questions of any nature as we are told to be ready to do in 1 Peter 3:15.

  19. Arnold L Johnson says:

    It is a great thing that we are realizing what’s happening here since both our entire being has been enslaved and it was the Most High’s punishment at the hands of the nations according to the covenant. The nations have both converted to and taken over our culture and our knowledge. We haven’t lost our position of showing the world. The world still looks at us and that influences what they do and strive for weither it be song and dance or sports or worship. Good, bad or ugly they copy it, take it over to convince everyone it comes from them. With things of the Most High they have run off half-cocked with that too. I now understand when the word says the oracles of God were entrusted to the Israel. It is not about just the printed scripture and their interpertation, it is the fact that the Most High is with us and speaks with and thru us. When we turn back to Him, things start to aright.

    I forget the verses He says the nations use dreams, soothsayers, diviners, enchantments, etc but it is not so with you Israel. He spoke face to face with Moses, then the written word came. I look for Israelite brothers and sisters teaching the word, not that others can’t do the job but I look to whom the oracles were given. There are still Levites whom the Most High is raising up. Now, we shouldn’t do like the gentiles, take one word, one interpertation and run over everyone because we found it. We should weigh it, measure it, consider it, muse it, then also listen to other witnesses and ask the Most High if it is true, real or imagined. Christianity has trashed much because of written language. It has voided all things Israel, the Torah (the law), confused salvation into dreams.

    Verbs2012, you and your guest are all wonderful, the Most High is blessed for ever.

    When the Lord turns again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dreamed. Only we is no longer dreaming!

    • verbs2012 says:

      I hear you Arnold. Paul warned these gentiles not to be high minded just because the Most High has temporarily displaced us as a people and has given them an opportunity to partake in our salvation, however as usual the gentiles just cannot help themselves and have elevated themselves above all. They have boasted and are still boasting against the natural branches in pure pride and arrogance.

      The thing that upsets me the most is the common lie being taught in these institutional churches, that the Most High has forgotten his people and that he has raised himself up a “new Israel” which is now supposedly “the church”. It is my contention that a large number of so called christians will end up in hell because I believe that it will be these so called christians who will persecute the true Hebrews(our people) in these last times, thinking that they are doing the Most High a service. The lies are so entrenched in these churches, the people are literally sheep who have lost the ability to think and reason for themselves. What these so called “pastors” spew out for doctrine, these institutional church congregation members lap up without any critique or investigation.

      The Most High was so right when he stated the following. Deuteronomy 32:21 reads:

      32:21 They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God; they have provoked me to anger with their vanities: AND I WILL MOVE THEM TO JEALOUSY WITH THOSE WHICH ARE NOT A PEOPLE; I WILL PROVOKE THEM TO ANGER WITH A FOOLISH NATION.

      The complete and utter mess these gentiles have made interpreting our records is off the scale, we are having to clean up the devastation and the wreckage that they have wrought. Credit where credit is due, they have gotten a few things on the mark, but on the whole they now need to step back and consult the true owners of the records for guidance and interpretations. The teaching that we the real Hebrews no longer exist and that we have been replaced by the institutional church is a straight foul to say in the least and the Most High is going to seriously judge and punish the purporters of that junk and the believers who subscribe to such folly in blind ignorance, harshly. Have they not read Jeremiah 31:35-37?

      The number of scriptures I could demonstrate right now which clearly show that we HAVE NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN AS A PEOPLE by the Most High, it really forces one to wonder what exactly these gentiles are reading and how they can settle with such wayward doctrines of devils without any scrutiny or examination.

      • Dionne says:

        His “son”????? REALLY????? So you believe in the trinity? When He plainly says I AM ONE! No son, father, mother etc. I see 2+2 =5 to you brother. You say He replaced this and did that, and that we are no longer obligated to keep this. Malachi 3:6 The Most High says I change NOT!! I am the same yesterday, today, and FOREVER!! My brother the Word says, that THERE IS NOTHING “NEW” under the sun! You my brother are still stuck in their western beliefs. I pray that He will open your eyes a bit more in the near future. See He reveals a little here and a little there to each of His chosen, just to see where your heart is. Will you search further? Dig deeper? etc. So He will never give it to us all at once, and I take it that He is still working with you my brother. Simply by seeing that you THINKING that He has a “son” and calling upon him as CHRIST, and that we are not obligated to keep The Most High’s SABBATH, as I am today on this DAY. That is a PERPETUAL COVENANT between Him and His people FOREVER! So by you saying that, so i guess we aren’t obligated to keep His Commandments either then? That is the 4th of the 10 Commandments. I didn’t say that evil doesn’t exist brother, I said the “devil” doesn’t. You say he’s mentioned in the Torah, may I ask where? What scripture? As far as this SON Of his where did you get that info?? As far as the evil that’s being done, it’s just punishment from the Most High for disobedience for serving other “g-ds” . He said that He wouldn’t destroy all nations, that He would leave a few and use them to test His people. So yes my brother evil is amongst you and the “devil” didn’t do it. Our enemies(the other nations) is the evil that is amongst you. Again the “devil” didn’t do it, but I will not ponder on this any further seeing that you and me are on two totally different levels with the Most High. We will just continue going back and forth so I will rest my case brother and pray that we both will some how end up on the same page one day so that we will see Zion in the end, and to see David our Messiah our King in our Holy Kingdom of Israel together. Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed because of lack of KNOWLEDGE. Furthermore and to conclude the matter, Isaiah 8:20 says, TO THE “LAW” AND TO THE “TESTIMONY!” IF THEY DO NOT SPEAK ACCORDING TO THIS WORD, IT IS BECAUSE THERE IS NO “LIGHT”IN THEM. Because TODAY is the Holy Sabbath, I will say Happy Sabbath to you and your family brother. Blessings

      • verbs2012 says:

        Your response of utter madness and a complete misunderstanding of the scriptures is one of the reasons why I stopped listening to these Hebrew groups. The madness, folly, outlandish and wacky doctrines coming forth out of the Hebrew camp are just off the scale. When you begin to harken to fools and men with no knowledge, you begin to become a fool yourself and your head simply fills up with vanity, lies, falsehood and heresies.

        Let us go through what you have written to me and let us see if the scriptures tally with what you are saying or what I am saying. Firstly, I do not believe in or subscribe to slogans, titles and phrases, I subscribe to what the scriptures teach.

        You old covenant only Hebrews are brazen hypocrites to the core. You will sit there and rail upon me with Malachi 3:6 talking about the Most High not changing, yet I will not see you out on the street corners or in a field sacrificing a goat, lamb, sheep or cow. If the Most High doesn’t change and we are supposedly still under the old covenant, why are you not still sacrificing animals as an atonement for your sins since you do not believe in Christ and his new covenant, having already rendered Christ under a “fairytale”? Now, if you will then turn around and say to me, “well, we do not have to do that anymore because……” then I will then say that you are a hypocrite x2, as that acknowledgement would indicate that something has indeed “CHANGED”. Now, which route will thou takest o hypocrite? Either way, you have shot yourself in the foot 10 times over. This is what happens when you submit yourself to unlearned men who pretend to hold keys of knowledge but in reality they only hold the keys to flatulence, hot air and foolishness.

        So the Most High is up in Heaven by himself is he????? Genesis 1:26 reads:

        1:26 And God said, Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness:

        Let US sister, not let me. Now, when I first read that scripture I automatically concluded that God ie the power must be a plural power, not singular, more like a unit, what do you conclude from reading this scripture? From that scripture does this sound like the Most High power is “alone” in heaven?

        It is funny how you mentioned the quote from Solomon about there being nothing new under the sun. Solomon also said something else that was quite interesting and revealing. Proverbs 30:4 reads:

        30:4 Who hath ascended up into heaven, or descended? who hath gathered the wind in his fists? who hath bound the waters in a garment? who hath established all the ends of the earth? what is his name, and what is his SON’S NAME, if thou canst tell?

        Even Solomon being the wise man that he was in his time recognised that the Most High has a son, however in 2012 we still have Hebrews who read this scripture and who still cannot put the pieces together. I am always willing to dig deeper into truth, however I point blank refuse to dig deeper into stupidity and ignorance. By the way, Christ is simply a title which means “anointed”.

        I have already explained to a brother here what side of the law we have to keep and what side has been covered by the sacrifice “Christ” made on the cross. No, we do not have to keep the Sabbath, as this was under the Atonement/Sacrificial/Ordinance side of the old covenant and we are no longer under the old covenant. Yes, the covenant would have been perpetual had our forefathers been able to keep the covenant without constantly straying away from it. You old covenant only Hebrews simply keep walking into a shop that was vacated 2000 plus years ago, the Most High has moved down the street into “NEW” premises, maybe one day you might figure this out. How can you continually walk into an empty shop and still expect to be served?

        Even the Most High himself stated in Jeremiah’s day that at some point in the future he was going to scrap the old covenant and bring in a new one which would not be like the old. Jeremiah 31:31-32 reads:

        31:31 Behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will MAKE A NEW COVENANT with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah:

        31:32 NOT ACCORDING TO THE COVENANT THAT I MADE WITH THEIR FATHERS in the day that I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt; which my covenant they brake, although I was an husband unto them, saith the LORD:

        Ooops, new covenant???? Not according to the old also???? What are these Hebrew brothers teaching you sister? This also puts the final nail in your “Most High not changing” doctrine. The change that the Most High was talking about in Malachi 3:6 was NOT in reference to bringing in a new covenant. I suggest you go over that scripture again, but this time start reading from verse 1 in order to obtain the correct context.

        The devil is mentioned in Genesis 3, 1 Chronicles 21:1, Job 1:6-12, Job 2:1-7, Psalms 109:6, Zechariah 3:1-2. And just before you try and roll out the “devil and satan is different doctrine”, Revelation 20:2 gives this evil character 4 titles, Dragon, Serpent, The Devil and Satan. Yes, I will go into the new testament for confirmation because you have not given or shown me any valid reason why I shouldn’t go there.

        This is the problem with hypocrites, they want to call out actions however they refuse to trace the actions to the original source. Yes, men are committing evil on this planet but where are they getting the ideas to commit the evil FROM? Also another thing that should have struck a cord, haven’t you noticed that the words “devil” and “evil” are more or less the same bar one letter? Is this registering with you at all?

        The only level I can see that you have attained to, is a level of complete and utter folly. You old covenant only Hebrews have deceived yourselves, you honestly believe that you can dive into the scriptures from a fleshly understanding and as a result you bring forth some of the most outlandish and foolish teachings I have ever heard. I know as a sister that you are supposed to hearken unto men, however the scriptures do not instruct women to hearken unto fools and men of no understanding.

        The Most High said that he wouldn’t destroy all the nations eh???? Jeremiah 30:11 reads:

        30:11 For I am with thee, saith the LORD, to save thee: though I make A FULL END OF ALL NATIONS whither I have scattered thee, yet I will not make a full end of thee: but I will correct thee in measure, and will not leave thee altogether unpunished.

        This is the exact problem you have. You decided to put down your own reasoning and thinking faculties and have allowed foolish men to do your thinking and reasoning for you. Clearly you do not read the scriptures and you believed that the nonsensical random foolishness that has been taught to you from these unlearned men would be sufficient to see you through this debate. It didn’t work, I know the scriptures and I also know folly when I see it. I would suggest that you begin to actually start reading the scriptures for yourself and not allow yourself to be hoodwinked by brothers attempting to make names for themselves off your back.

        Blessings and Shalom

    • Dionne says:

      I understand your madness, but my point is yes The Torah does mention a son BUT it doesn’t say it is this “CHRIST” that you keep uttering. Exodus 4:22 Then say to Pharaoh, ‘This is what the LORD says: “Israel”is my FIRSTBORN “SON”! He refers to us as a nation infinite number of times throughout the Torah, BUT I rest my case. Blessings to you

      • verbs2012 says:

        Your response was predictable. Not a single rebuttal on any of the pertinent points mentioned. Again, you simply do not believe in any doctrine which counters what you have been taught by clowns calling themselves “elders”, “bishops” and “deacons”. You really ought to begin reading the scriptures for yourself in order to avoid embarrassments such as this in the future. It should be noted that Israel is also referred to as a servant(Isaiah 41:8-9, 44:1,21) a worm(Isaiah 41:14), witnesses(Isaiah 43:10) and a wife(Jeremiah 31:32 and many confirmations in the new testament that you do not believe in), so you had no case from the beginning, as if the Most High must be a rigid power and cannot use different sayings interchangeably among different people and different things.

        Folly is contagious and must be put down immediately lest it spread unnecessarily in an out of control and wild fashion. Let me not even mention the amount of times in the New Testament(that testament that you do not believe in) where the Father spoke from Heaven confirming that Christ aka the messiah was his beloved son and that we are supposed to listen to his words. There is absolutely no difference between you old covenant only Hebrews and the Ashkenazi JewISH sect.


  20. Arnold L Johnson says:

    Ooh, Ooh, Mr. Ezekiel, look at that, Bone Fight! Yeah, happens evey time the wind blows thru the valley.

    You all know that deception is peppered throughout the layers of recorded history, scriptural expounding, religious doctrine and spiritual teaching in the things concerning us. Language alone can change what we see and perspective is everything. Our job is to put the pieces on the table and examine them. Why are the pieces explained this way and that. Abba Yah, what is the truth? I look to bros and sisters who have more skills than I, better read, language, history, culture and spiritual training, to give understanding in the course of my seeking.

    Sometimes literal words are not the truth at all because the means is blunt force trauma. Sometimes a lie is told at the hands of a proxy, not knowing but convincing everyone by sincerety. Because of the level of forgetting we as a people have been subjected to by Yah’s doing, we ought to be softer toward each other. Exercise a good mind, ask for wisdom, gain knowledge. Line upon line, precept upon precept is zilch without Yah’s spirit giving us revelation.

    Now kiss’n make up, we got a long way to go.

    • verbs2012 says:

      Behold the man named Arnold Johnson, he shall be a mediator amongst the Hebrews and shall diffuse many contentions,lol.

      I hear what you are saying Arnold and I agree with you 1000%. This is not the time to be warring with my people, the road ahead is a long and lengthy one, there is still alot of work to be done, namely putting the uncontaminated truth out there and making right what the gentiles have wrecked and fumbled.

      That being said though, there will be times where we will have to cascade our people, especially when they are bringing dangerous follies, heresies and blasphemies to the table and expecting others of right and conscience mind to accept such errors and join with them.

      Rendering Christ under a fairy tale, stating that Christ didn’t come in the flesh or doesn’t exist according to the scriptures makes the person doing so an antichrist(1 John 2:22, 4:3, 2 John 1:7). I never said this, the Most High did through John. This is why I responded in the fashion that I did, that kind of dangerous talk had to be exposed for the dangerous crud that it was and put down immediately.

      A sad factor in this equation also is that many of our own people are and will be as dangerous towards us as the enemy. Remember Paul told us that not all are Israel that are of Israel(Romans 9:6-7).

      As usual, your insight is always appreciated and taken on board brother.


      • Arnold L Johnson says:

        I appreciate your appreciation Verbs2012. My parents were good Christians though not religious show-offs, when they passed they had a very uncertain and afraid look on their face as they looked at me. Though death may not be final in the spiritual it is for the flesh. The portion of experience we are to receive while in the flesh is at hand always. I must know the truth. For us who have been deluded of history, ID, worship in truth, culture, etc, etc, etc, we can not afford certainty from the materials as presented. For instance, the name Japheth we are told means enlarged. So the sons of Japheth enjoy their enlargement at the hands of us we who have been told this. I was listening to Rabbi Simon Altaf who has more experience with Semitic language and culture. He explains that Japheth means high head, double tongued, a deceiver. This explains a lot. Also we were told that Jacob is a deceiver and supplanter, over and over as if he was a criminal. He is still regarded a supplanter even though Yah changed his name to Israel. The Japheth Church has taken over the House of Israel. Japheth in fact lives in the tents of Shem. How you going to get grafted in and then take over, and change things to how you like them? Why are they not thrown out the land when they are obviously not the children of Israel and do not for the most part keep the Torah? It is because they are not under the covenant? We were removed as per the covenant because the covenant was made with us. Messiah will fix this himself, both them and us.

        I think the truth is dressed in Greek togas instead of the original grand boubou.

      • Lorraine says:

        Good evening I made a couple of comments higher up., should have been here, hope you will read and comment. tks

      • BigTymeUSA says:


        Since I’m here, lol…I’M CONFUSED!!! We DON’T have to keep the SABBATH??? How can we NOT do ONE of the COMMANDMENTS do the rest, IF NOT doing NONE, is like doing NONE? IF the SABBATH IS NO LONGER IN PLAY, HOW IS THE REST STILL LIVE, BRUH?

      • Verbs2013 says:

        Big Tyme USA,

        The ordinances with regards to how we were supposed to interact with the Most High under the old covenant are no longer in play, the sabbath is also included. I hear alot of Hebrew groups teach that if you cannot keep the Sabbath then this is where grace kicks in, however this is incorrect as the new covenant only requires faith and belief in the Most High through Christ. We are no longer required to perform the works of the law.

        Understand that the works of the law are different from the works that we would naturally perform for the Most High freely out of our love for him. These works which are done out of free will are not obligatory.

        Paul wrote a entire letter to the Galations reprimanding them for turning back to the works of the law instead of continuing in the faith and grace that they had been saved and redeemed by.

        If you haven’t already, I recommend that you read some of my recent posts where I deal with this same issue in the comments section. You can also search out one of my older post named “Should We As Hebrews Return To The Ordinances Of Old”. Just put that title in the search bar or just the first few words of the title will suffice.

        Most High Bless

  21. Lorraine says:

    It is so sad that people are not able to see the spiritual message in the words spoken by The Eternal Father through His Son Yawhushua.
    Let us go back to the beginning. Genesis 1 Where Eternal Father the OMNIPITENT One created the angel of light, namely MiykaYaw (mee-Kaw Yaw= like unto YAW. verse 26″ Then Eternal said ” Let Us make man in our image etc Prov:8 from vs 22. Now we know full well from Scripture that The Eternal Father is Spirit and therefore has no form. John 5:37, Rev 19:6.
    “and He breathed life into them”…i.e spiritual life. Anyone who thinks that Adam and Eve were the first humans on earth is very naieve to say the very least. The Sumerian civiliation dates back eleven thousand years. There were humans on this earth prior to the birth(re-birth) of Adam. He was called out of Egypt by The Father to preach the Scriptures to the very mixed races. Please NOTE, THERE WERE NO HEBREWS AT THIS STAGE. The word “Hebrew”came much later, and comes from the word HABIRO. This word means to cross over. (they crossed over and went through the river Jordan)
    Satan and his fallen angels were banished to earth, they were the ones who led “man” astray. He came and took what was rightfully The Sons inheritance, thereby corrupting the lot of us.Messiah came to show those predestined to Him, those whom He foreknew the way back home.
    Scripture clearly shows us that Messiah (Melchi-zidek) (as in the high priests i.e Zadok priesthood), walked this earth. He appeared to Abraham with 2 of His angels. He wrestled with Jacob, and Daniel spoke to one of the chief angels.. There are other scriptures which speak of the appearences of either angels,or Messiah.
    The carnal bloodline comes from the fallen angels. Read Genesis 6:2
    and vs 5-7.
    Abraham and his son Isaac were blessed by Yawhu, and a covenent was made with them. Sarah became the mother of Isaac, foreshowing the redeemed Israel, and Ishmael whose mother was a bond woman foreshowed the unredeemed Israel. Abraham had such faith he left everything behind trusting and believing. He came from the land of UR. I urge you to check his nationality according to history. Read Gen: 17 vs 19-21.
    I am sure that I do not have to tell you that Gen22:8-24 is a foreshowing of The Messiah to come.
    Joseph wore a coat of many colours showing the 12 colours of the tribes of Israel. When his brothers killed the the young kid and dipped the coat in its blood, this foreshowed the 12 spiritual tribes of Israelbeing washed in His blood.
    Yawhu said “come out of her My people” i.e come out of Egypt My people (Egypt represents this earth)
    When Yawhu spoke to Moses Exod 12 :1-13 The lamb and the blood of the lamb was a foreshowing of our Messiah. The mixed nation behind the doors were covered by the blood of that lamb. Oh how beautiful it is when these Scriptures open up.I praise Eternal Father in Yawhushua.. He became the passover lamb, They did not break His bones and He was taken down from the stake before twilight.
    At this stage I feel I must apologise as my explanation is so long.
    Moses led the people called out of Egypt. The waters were parted, thereby allowing them to pass through the waters on DRY GROUND.
    This is a foreshowing of Spiritual Immersion/baptism. Unfortunately the people disobeyed Eternal Father over and over again. They kept on going back to idol worship, sacrificing their children and animals to Molech/Baal. He forgave them over and over again, because He loved them, but they did not want the waters and the manna from heaven. Eventually when He had had enough He gave Israel a bill of divorcement, He nullified the fleshly covenant when He nailed the LAW OF MOSES to the stake. For a Jew to receive redemption they have to accept Messiah. He is the DOOR. There is no other way.
    Yes The Jews of today await their Messiah, who will be traced to the house of David, but that is where it all ends, here on earth. The Jews are the ones who condemed our Messiah to death. They called for a murderer to be released instead of The Son Of Yaw. The Father does not want sacrifices of animals This is shown over and over again in the Scriptures…please someone tell me how an animals blood can take away my sin. The Father gave only 10 commandments to Moses on the mountain written on the tablets of stone… these were destroyed because of DISOBEDIENCE. The rest of the laws were laws given by MOSES. Everyday should be a Sabbath, every day I praise and revere Him. I have been washed by His blood and redeemed by His love. Thank you Father you paid the ultimate price.
    I pray that the blindness wil be taken away, and that the deaf ears will be opened., and that the obedient people will drink freely from the waters that flow from the throne above.
    For anyone interested in further information please visit this website http:/
    Blessings in Yawhushua

    • verbs2012 says:

      On the contrary Lorraine, we can see the spiritual message that the Most High has conveyed to us however, unlike the institutional church, I choose to bring an equilibrium to the issue and cover both the spiritual redemption and the physical redemption. There are two sides to this redemption process coming to the Hebrews, only focusing on one side is not giving the people the full scope of the truth and that is a form of indoctrination, no different to what the institutional church has been practicing on its members since the first so called “church” was set up by them.

      John 5:37 does not say that the Most High does not have a form, you need to read that verse again but this time I recommend that you start from the 1st verse. Christ was talking to the Jews who had earlier rebuked the man that he had healed by the pool for carrying his bed on the Sabbath day. Let us look at John 5:37 again, it reads:

      5:37 And the Father himself, which hath sent me, hath borne witness of me. Ye have neither heard his voice at any time, nor seen his shape.

      This verse does not say that the Father does not have a form, in fact there are quite a few scriptures that clearly indicate that the Father must have a form despite being a spirit(Psalms 94:9, Isaiah 49:16, Daniel 7:9).

      Onto this Adam and Eve business and who the first people on this planet were, you need to make up your mind. Are you going to believe what the scriptures say or are you going to subscribe to the foolish western philosophies of this Babylonian system. 1 Corinthians 15:45 reads:

      15:45 And so it is written, THE FIRST MAN ADAM was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.

      This business about there being people on the earth before Adam is utter nonsense and folly at its highest degree, this doctrine comes straight out of the theistic evolutionary camp, where compromised so called “christians” have attempted to accommodate the evolution theory within the bible. You make your decision, do you believe the scriptures or do you believe in the folly of man?

      Satan has not been banished to earth yet, this is yet another foolish teaching coming forth from the Hebrew camp. When Satan is cast down to this earth, you will know about it for sure. He still travels up to heaven now and again to rail accusations against the Most High’s people. It is true that he has been stripped of his position as a covering cherub however, he still has access to heaven(to only talk to the Father, not to abide) for the moment until that war in Heaven takes place talked about in Revelation 12:7-12, then he will be banished to earth. This heavenly battle has not taken place yet despite what so called “learned” Hebrews have been teaching folks.

      Another “myth” that needs to be put down here while I can remember is yet another ragged teaching coming forth from the Hebrew camp that Christ is an angel. Now, I am not saying that you are saying this, I am just putting this out there. Micah 5:2 puts this foolishness to rest. Christ is eternal in both directions just as the Father is. Philippians 2:5-6 also puts this “misunderstanding” to bed.

      Joseph did indeed wear a coat of many colours however, the number of colours it contained we are not told. It could have contained 7 colours, 11 colours, 15 colours, 25 colours, we just aren’t told the number of colours it wrought.

      Yes, we are full aware of our crimes, we did indeed worship idols and we did receive a bill of divorcement from the Most High, we were given chances upon chances and we threw them back in the Most High’s face. We did indeed put the Messiah to death and rathered that a thief be released unto the public in his place. However, the Most High has shown mercy unto us and has given us a second opportunity of redemption, this time through a new covenant based upon faith and belief. The blood of a slain animal was never meant to take away sin, it was only a covering for sin, only the blood of Christ can remove sin.

      I thank the Most High for redeeming his people aka the Hebrews, for delivering unto us the truth about who we really are by bloodline and for showing us what great and mighty things are to come for our people.


      • Lorraine says:

        Shalom Verbs2012. Thank you for sharing your views with me. It is good to know that you accept Messiah and His death, because without Him there is no redemption. I do agree that the Most High Eternal Father Yaw has given redemption to His people i.e. THe new Spiritual Israel. Rev 3:12 “He who overcomes (Carnality/flesh/ satan) I will make him a pillar in the temple of my Father, and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the Name of my Father and the city of my Father the NEW YAWRUSHALOM, and I will write on him MY new Name.
        Flesh cannot enter the realm of heaven. John 3:5 ” Most assuredly I say to you unless one is born of water and Spirit he cannot enter the realm/kingdom. 6 That which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. John 4:10-14, Rev 22:1 to name but 2.
        Scripture is very explicit about flesh and blood. John 6:63 “It is The Spirit who gives life. the flesh profits nothing. The words that i speak to you are spirit, and they are life”
        You refer to John 5 :37, The Eternal Father is SPIRIT He is the LIFE GIVING SPIRIT. He gave life to His own son. He was His first creation, nothing that was made on this earth was made without His son. There is ONE Spirit and He has a Son. He is king of this universe and earth is His inheritance.John 1:18 Noone has seen Eternal YAW at any time, The begotten Son who is in the bosom of the Father, He has declared.
        Messiah took on flesh and preached in the Name of His Father. He came to earth to try and turn the people back to revering His Father through Him.
        Hebrews 1: shows that Messiah is royalty, He is not merely an angel.
        He is above the angels. I am so pleased that you agree that animals, washings, sabbaths, new moons cannot help in any way. Belief, love, trust in Messiah with a good heart is the only way to redemption.
        I do not subscribe to foolish western philophies as you stated, but one cannot just sweep factual evidence under the carpet. You must bear in mind that the Scriptures as we know them today were very manipulated by the Roman catholic church, the Greeks and the Jews.
        I have done quite an indepth study on various historical facts, and I do not base anything on conjecture.
        You refer to The Father having form and quote Daniel 7 : 9. and Isaiah 49:10, Well this is Messiah the Scriptures are referring to. Read Rev 1:14. Earth is His footstool, His Inheritance. He is king of this Universe, but His Father who He clearly states ” Is greater than I” is the ruler of all the galaxies and universes.
        It was Messiah who led Moses and the people out of Egypt.
        Verb2012, there is so much to share, the word is so beautiful.
        Please read 2 Corinthians 3 :3,4,6,14 and especially vs 15 and 16.
        Our Messiah died on the stake OUTSIDE OF THE GATES. Let us take our offering to Him outside the gates and wall of any carnal temple with a good heart.


      • verbs2012 says:

        I have to interject in here again Lorraine, there are no such people as a new spiritual Israel, there are absolutely NO SCRIPTURES to support this doctrine and I will put a challenge forward to you to prove that a “spiritual Israel” exists. Just because you have a new Jerusalem mentioned in the book of Revelation, this does not automatically lead to a new spiritual Israel. I’m afraid that this is more junk doctrine that has been manufactured by the institutional church, however this doctrine of lies has been the primary mechanism that the so called “church” has used to relegate the real Hebrews, to continually keep them out of site and out of mind. Being born in the spirit does not now make you a spiritual Jew, the scriptures do not say this. You remain who you are by bloodline whether you be a Jew or a Gentile, your spirit is now reborn element within you, not your nationality.

        Agreed, flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom, which is why Paul revealed that at an appointed time we will all be changed and will inherit bodies of incorruption(1 Corinthians 15:50-54). However, you nationality will not change, you will remain the same person by bloodline and by heritage.

        Again, only Christ’s physical body for him to use when he came into this world was created, Christ was not created, he is forever eternal in both directions just as the Father is. The firstborn meaning is revealed later on in Colossians 1:18 which reads:

        1:18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, THE FIRSTBORN FROM THE DEAD; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

        Have you forgotten what Christ stated in John 8:58 which reads:

        8:58 Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I AM.

        I AM is a state that is outside and not controlled by the realm of time. I AM is a state that is also outside of the realm of dependency nor controlled by it. In fact the state of I AM is infinitely separate and not controlled by any factors in this universe.

        What you have are men who continually repeat statements whether through books or through the media and make you believe that these statements have now somehow become facts and a part of history. It is the Spirit that is to show you what have been omitted and what has been changed within the scriptures, not European men of folly and their tainted HIStory. Have you forgotten that it is these same Europeans who have been pushing the theory of Evolution for the longest while, a theory that they are no where near proving, yet they want the world to accept their nonsense theory as a fact? Remember Paul warned us to steer clear of babblers and oppositions against science falsely so called(1 Timothy 6:20).

        Remember what Christ said to Philip when he asked Christ to show him and his disciples the Father, how did Christ respond to him? John 14:8-9 reads:

        14:8 Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father, and it sufficeth us.

        14:9 Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me, Philip? HE THAT HATH SEEN ME HATH SEEN THE FATHER; and how sayest thou then, Shew us the Father?

        Clearly Christ is stating to Philip that he is a representation of the Father in all areas including his physical looks. This is also confirmed in Colossians 1:13-15 which you can verify for yourself.

        Isaiah 49:16 and Daniel 7:9 are clear references to the Father. Christ does not have a large hand to make note of the children of Israel however the Father does. Again, you need to allow the Spirit to guide you into all truth, not men and websites.


  22. Lorraine says:

    Verb, there is a lot of contradiction in what you profess. How can there be a bloodline if you are not flesh and blood. I in turn suggest that you let The Spirit who is a completeley separate Entity to The Messiah lead you. We are a carbon based life form< Messiah and His Father cannot be carbon based! They would have to reside on earth and be earth bound like us humans.
    I live my spiritual life through Messiah. He leads me and guides me. I do not allow "traditions and doctrines of men" to sway me in any way.
    I do not call Messiah Jesus or Christ, these are Greek. My Messiah was "born to a Jewish woman, born under the law". He is my righteousness, He is in me , and I in Him.
    I do however agree with you in that scripture does not speak of "spiritual Hebrews", what I should have said is that I follow the teaching of the Hebrew Messiah. I am not a Christian or a Jew.
    My parting message and Scripture to you is " seek and Ye shall find"
    Clinging to carnality, bloodlines, colour and race is NOT SPIRITUAL and can NEVER be.
    Isaiah 56:9 All you beasts of the field, come to devour, All you beasts in the forest. :10 His watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant,They are all dumb dogs.
    Matt 15 : 14 "Let them alone, They are blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.
    Psalm :8 Yawhu opens the eyes of the blind
    Isaiah 29:18-19 and in that day the deaf shall hear the words of the book, And the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity and out of darkness. The humble shall increase their joy in Yawhu.
    Isa. 35:5Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. .
    Matt 12: 22 Then one was brought to Him, who was demon-possessed, blind and mute; and He healed him so that the blind and mute man both spoke and saw.
    Matt 23: 16-39 .
    There are many many more scriptures referring to blindness etc., too many to list.
    May The Father open your spiritual eyes in Messiah and bless you.
    Peace and greetings in Yawhushua

    • verbs2012 says:

      A bloodline is another reference to a nationality. Just because our physical bodies will be changed, this in no way detracts from the fact that we are each of a particular nation and will remain that way. I am a Hebrew, this is my nationality. A glorified body will not change this fact. You forget that the Messiah took on a human form. Christ came out of the tribe of Judah, his family tree goes through the tribe of Judah(Hebrews 7:14) and his bloodline/nationality is Hebrew/Israelite.

      I use the titles that I use so that people can understand exactly what I am saying without raising any confusion. I am not trying to prove myself here as some sort of great professor or learned scholar, I am simply bringing people the truth and presenting it in an uncomplicated form for folks to understand.

      Christ’s mother was not JewISH, there is a huge difference between somebody who is a Jew and somebody who is JewISH. A simple breakdown for you:

      REDDISH: A kind of red but NOT THE ORIGINAL COLOUR.
      BLUEISH: A kind of blue but NOT THE ORIGINAL COLOUR.

      Your confusion here is simply due to the fact that you do not know about the true history of the people living in Israel today, and you still assume that they are the original people of that land. Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 clearly shows us that they are not the real Jews, these words came out of the mouth the the Messiah himself. Who they are not is in the name they use to describe themselves with, it was in your face all of the time. Being a Jew is a nationality, being JewISH is a religion/tradition.

      If indeed you do not allow traditions and quotes to guide and govern your life, well you can do yourself a huge favour and drop the “people here before Adam” doctrine as this is not being lead by the Messiah and the Spirit, this is being lead by men and is straight up error.

      You will cascade me for focusing on my people the Hebrews yet you failed to cascade the Father for not only doing the same thing but also calling himself the God of Israel. The Father in so many places declares himself as the God of one particular nation only, Israel. He does not refer to himself as the God of any other nation. Will you also reprimand the Most High for his nationalistic behaviour? This is another institutional church trick which yet again(not surprisingly) removes the focus off the real Hebrews and keeps them in the closet forgotten, telling people including the very Hebrews themselves that it is unfruitful, vain and of no value to focus on race, colour, bloodlines etc. This technique is simply used to prevent the real Hebrews from finding out that they are in fact the real Hebrews and to also keep the gentiles in ignorance as to who Israel really is.

      What I also find hypocritical is how when those JewISH people living in the land of Israel decide that they want to be nationalistic and prideful about their nation, nobody utters a word and everybody rallies behind them in force, including the institutional church who absolutely adores these people and brown noses them all the way to the altar. Yet, when I the true Hebrew attempt do the same thing and uplift my people, I am immediately cascaded and told that I should be focusing on more “spiritual matters”. Everybody else in this world can be and is allowed to be nationalistic and prideful about their nation except the so called Negro aka the true Jew. Bringing the full truth, the full history and the full heritage to my people aswell as uplifting them is not carnality. Besides, if you are going to apply this to a Hebrew, then this should be applied to people of all nationalities including JewISH people. Of course I know you will never apply this standard to the JewISH people because you are taught to worship them and revere them as the “chosen people”.


    • Jimi says:

      2 Cor 3:17, “Now Messiah is that Spirit…” clearly tells the identity and constitution of the Ruwach, so your “different entity” spirit is not so. It takes understanding of the echad nature to grasp the beauty of salvation toward us. Yahushua had to return to Abba, so that the Ruwach may bring the presence of Abba and His beloved Son into us individually, being many members of the one body of the congregation of Messiah, believers and chosen.

      • verbs2012 says:

        Exactly who’s point are you addressing here and what precisely is the point you are trying to make?

  23. nangies says:

    Hello, we were just reading this paper that was sent to us regarding “THE NAME” as we have been using AHEYEH ASHER AHEYEH. We
    looked for it in Morals and Dogma but did not find that they used it anywhere.

    • verbs2012 says:

      Morals And Dogma??? I don’t recall mentioning that book in this post as far as I can remember, can you explain more please?

    • Jimi says:

      The Most High Sovereign whose eternal purpose can never be thwarted by satan or the world or any other man has kept His most excellent Name for us who have His Ruwach in the simple word-phrases like haleluYah and kumbaYah. These were used frequntly by the children of Yisrael who were taken captive as slaves in ships to far-away lands, centuries after they had forcefully migrated to west Africa (and other lands). The Name of the uniquely begotten Son carries Abba’s Name Yahushua. A primary purpose of His ministry in the fleshly tabernacle was to reveal Abba’s Name to the chosen, and we are kept in unity in the same most excellent and mighty Name. If we study well, we should be approved of Yahuwah El Shaddai, and His Ruwach leads to ALL truths.

      • verbs2012 says:

        ANY AND ALL NAMES TODAY THAT YOU ARE RATTLING OFF HAVE COME FROM JEWISH SOURCES. I have said it before and I will say it again, you cannot acknowledge that these JewISH people are impostors yet still turn to their materials and sources in zeal to investigate other things pertaining to us and our culture.

  24. I just saw this today. and I have to disagree 100%. The name AH Y AH is two symbols in the Paleo Hebrew, (HEY) AH and (YUD) Y, you are looking into it from the wrong side. The Paleo Hebrew(AFRICAN) was here 500 years before the Aramaic (Babylonian) Hebrew. The Paleo Hebrew looks nothing like the Aramaic (Babylonian) Hebrew or the Modern Yiddish(German) Hebrew brother, the Paleo (AFRICAN) is more related to the Egyptian alphabet because it was influenced by it. Why because the Hebrews are the Egyptians. It is our original language.The Aramaic(Babylonian) is nothing like the original it is Afro Asiatic which means it is a hybrid of the original. The present modern Hebrew is Yiddish(German) yes this is Jewish, but it is not the Paleo(AFRICAN). Just because you see them using our language in their Kabbalah dose not mean the name is discredited. The Kabbalah was first created around 1 century BC after the 72 Jews took over the Original Hebrew culture…FACT “Simeon bar Yochai” was the first Jew to write the Kabbalah this was 70 AD over 700 years after the Paleo Hebrew was take over by the Aramaic Hebrew. You are using information from a book that was written after the Aramaic takeover. The Kabbalah was inspired by the first usurper Jews in the 1st century BC, the father of the Kabbalah (Simeon bar Yochai) inspired the modern version in 70 AD, the Kabbalah did not become main stream until 1200 AD and now you have the Hermetic Qabalah which was created in the 15th century AD. So you are looking at a lot of deception brother. They are referencing the Babylonian Aramaic Hebrew and the Edomites converted into Judaism 200 BC and they are the ones that are telling our story, so of course you fear the info you found. Keep this in mind the Kabbalah is a book based on theft and deception why bother with it? One more thing YHWH is the Shemhamphorasch this is what this blog should be about not the (HEY) and the (YUD). The name is only two ancient African Egyptian influenced symbols (HEY) = (Man with arms raised) AH this means LOOK REVEAL BREATH. the second ancient African Egyptian influenced symbol (YUD) = (Arm and closed hand) Y this means WORK THROW WORSHIP. AH Y AH is telling a story brother. The name is telling us a story it is a message, so what is the message? This you have to figure out for yourself, like you said you have to feel it in your spirit. PS: I would be more concerned about El Elyon. I still have love for you brother. Dawid Yacob Maccabeus. All Praise AHYAH!

    • verbs2012 says:

      Hey brother, there are no restrictions here, you are free to speak. I don’t doubt that there is a possibility that what you are saying could be true but in order to know the truth for certain, we would need to see some archived documents that have been uncontaminated by the JewISH hand.

      I’m just playing a default position at the moment in light of this information. If it turns out to be false upon further revelations in the near future then so be it and I will revert back. But until I get that personal revelation from the Most High whether it be him revealing genuine uncontaminated information or a direct word from the Spirit, the Most High I will refer to as Heaven Father and his son as Christ/Messiah.


      • Justiz says:

        Greetings Verbs, I have been referencing the same exact names you mentioned in my own prayers and worship towards the Most High. Not to put anybody out there on blast, but I have tried asking other Israelite camps about the name being associated with so many other names in a respectful manner on the kabbalah tree (especially about the name Ahayah), but I didn’t get a response to any of my e-mails. The Spirit of Truth aka the Holy Spirit is not based on some emotional feeling or sensationalized experience, and since none of us was physically there to confirm the semantics of the original Hebrew language, I think you are on the right track in waiting for divine revelations rather than just going along with what other people are saying is the truth. Man is not infallible. So, it makes sense to use Heavenly Father and Christ/Messiah, because I’m sure the Most High knows who His children are when He is called upon.

      • verbs2012 says:

        Its the wisest thing to do at this stage of the investigation in my opinion. The lies are so thick today and also on top of this we have brothers who are simply rolling along with names that are supposedly “the true name” because that is what they have been taught by their elders and they want to keep the honour of their elder teachers going.

  25. Essential says:

    I am with you. I also have been in search of His name. I have been told of Yahuah, Ahayah (which seemed so powerful) and just recently decided on Ehyeh or EhYah as some would say it would have to contain Yah. I don’t really think He has revealed his true name yet. I am studying on that now. Eventhough Ehyeh is supposedly His personal name some subscribe through scripture. Eventhough I have pondered on his name being a revelation of His character. So lots of times I call Him whatever I need Him to be. Great post!

    • verbs2012 says:

      The Most High will indeed respond to you as he sees the heart. I am just seeing so many names being thrown about, it is all about a personal revelation from the Most High as the lies are so thick, it would take 3 plus lifetimes to get to the truth.

      • Essential says:

        Yes you are right. I find my most security and strength is in my personal relationship. Man have corrupted so much. But what nobody csn debunk is that. His personal revelation to me.

      • verbs2012 says:

        This is indeed true, deception and lies are all around us but a personal revelation from the Most High is something that can always be trusted without question.

      • Truthseeker0509 says:

        Do you mind if I contact you either by email or phone I have some questions regarding the Bible I would like to know your input on… my email is:

      • Verbs2013 says:

        Not at all, I have already sent you an email. Feel free to ask me whatever you want.

  26. When you are ready to listen you know where to find me.

  27. Ronald says:

    When it is time for our heavenly father to reveal his perfect and correct name he will let the true believers see it. Let’s go on and just call him The Most High or our heavenly father. Remember we have been HOODWINKED for soooooooo long by these demons but I believe we all are in the infant stage in this journey. Not one of us knows it all are the truth. I hope that we all in this journey not get a BIG-HEAD and start thinking like these preachers who continue in leading the masses of our people down that dark,dangerous and wicked road that our oppressors/enemy have brought our people through.We must stop committing the same mistakes that our people that went in to Egypt for 400 years then brought out by the most high and then still started following Satan.

  28. Linda says:

    Thank you for this article and your honesty. I have used almost every name others use for the Most High. This past year and a half since my beliefs were challenged has been VERY trying, distressing and tiring. I’ve alienated some very precious people in my life and it’s been extremely heart breaking. It seems there are those – lay people and so-called ministers – who would all but rip your heart out or cut you off completely if you don’t use the name they do. They even tell of “experiences” they’ve had in receiving the name. I am not judging anyone and I sure don’t want to be wrong but right now I prefer to call Him Father or the Most High. May we all pray for each other.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      Your thanks are greatly appreciated. I am simply trying to be an honest man, I am not afraid nor too prideful to change my position upon receiving newly updated information. We all make mistakes, the obvious and best way forward is to learn from them and move on.

      At the end of the day the Most High is not going to penalise you or anybody else for wanting to take a neutral stance on this name issue as there are many, many Hebrews out there claiming that they have the “name” and there are many names that have been thrown out into the mix.

      I had one Hebrew brother tell me in a conference call in no uncertain terms that I was not of the Most High because I refused to use the name of Christ that he claimed had been revealed to him. I just took it on the chin and moved on.

      I am going with a personal revelation directly from the Most High with regards to his and his son’s name before I decide to rattle off and teach on this topic again. Again, this is simply my choice of preference, nobody is bound by my convictions and choices.

      We have to remember that this Hebrew movement though our true bloodline, history and heritage has been revealed through it, is still full of crooks and fraudsters who each have their own secret motives and hidden agendas at work. The Most High brought me into the movement briefly to reveal to me who I truly was by blood but then he removed me from the movement to go and teach people from an individual standpoint. Here I am simply doing my part to uplift my people, empower them and help raise up leaders.

      Most High Bless

  29. Justin says:

    Thanks for the write up. However, I see you have placed the cart before the horse and you are quick to believing every constructive argument be it from the Most High or from the Devil. Did you consult the Most High before posting this new teaching? have you checked the Wikipedia links lately to notice that all info about MATATRON has been deleted (check up reasons)? Do you measure truth with falsehood? Have you thought that its possible the Cabala wants you to stop using AHAYAH & to do this add up the name?

    • Verbs2013 says:


      As I stated already in my comments to others here, I am personally reverting to a neutral position on this particular topic as there is too much conflicting information being put out there and many groups claiming that they have the true name. Nobody else is obligated to take this position.

      This coupled with the fact that the information we do have has most certainly already been contaminated.

      Links in Wikipedia changing or being deleted bare little to no relevance on the issue. Present me with some uncontaminated data to look at. Remember also that there are Hebrews out there who believe that they also hold strong evidence that AHAYAH is not the name of the Most High. As I stated before, unless we have some uncontaminated ancient evidence from way back, we are only guessing as to what is accurate from fraudulent.

      Also, as I stated before the Most High is not going to penalise any person for taking the stance that I have taken. The Most High is not a rigid and regimented power, he understands more than anyone else the level of fraud and deception that has permeated this planet.

      Please remember also that Wikipedia is not the only source that I use or that can be used to source this information.


  30. Fra. K. says:

    There is a lot more to the true name of the most high that just the physical pronunciation himself. Therefore, it can not be simply handed down to anyone. It is in a way, an experience. The great master Franz Bardon gives a method for discovering the true name of the most high in his book The Key to the True Kabbalah however to use it, you must first complete his system of spiritual training outlined in his first two books.

  31. jacobus says:

    Could the Name of the King of IsraEL be Micheal. I am asking in reference to what Gabriel told Daniel when Gabriel appeared to give Daniel knowlegde.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      Im afraid that Ronald is right, any names we pull out of the hat are merely guesses and most likely incorrect ones at that. The name has been lost though it will be restored to us shortly, it is just a matter of waiting it out and trusting in the Most High to come through.

  32. Ronald says:

    If all of you really did some research you will find that the true name has not been given to man yet. This is why we have all of this madness on earth about the true name. Ask yourself a question the catholic bible which is the Jerusalem bible has the name Yahweh as the name. The Roman Catholic church is one of SATANS highest divisions, How and why would they give you the true name?

    • Fr. K. says:

      The name itself hasn’t been just directly handed to us. Most humans are not ready for it. Bardon’s first book gives us a training system to prepare us to receive the name. His third book provides a method for finding the name. Most people are too lazy to master his first book thoroughly and want to jump to his second and third books. That’s why they fail and never get anywhere.

      • Verbs2013 says:


        This is utterly ridiculous. Our forefathers received the name without going through any “training” , Moses asked the Most High for his name and the Most High gave it to him without question.

        There is no “training system” to prepare a person to receive the name, it will simply be given out at the appropriate time as it was before.

        This simply sounds like another JewISH fable and an ultra dodgy Ashkenazi/Saphardic philosophy to me.

      • Fr. K. says:

        Your forefathers were prophets. They had a close a personal relationship with God. At one point, all humans had the connection but it has been lost over time. Bardon’s book teaches how to restore it.

      • Verbs2013 says:


        Have you forgotten already pertaining to the sacrifice of Christ? Christ’s death has now actually placed us in a better position to approach the Most High. Beforehand this could only be done via the priest or a prophet. However now we can all through Christ’s blood approach the throne ourselves individually and in confidence.

        There are no schematical blueprints available on the revelation of the Most High’s name as each man and woman through Christ now has an individual relationship and walk with the Most High and thus there cannot be any “one size fits all” solution here.

      • Truthseeker0509 says:

        That’s really funny… a Man made book to help you get a personal relationship with the Most High? It’s called leaving the world alone and opening up the Bible asking the Most High for spiritual understanding and from there everyone should have their own personal experience…it takes time to renew your mind and spirit… no other book or human will do this for you.. you yourself has to want it wholeheartedly….

      • Fr. K. says:

        First off, I’m not Christian. I’m a Hermeticist. I believe that the founders of all religions have the same inherent message, however this message has been corrupted and perverted over time by greed and politics residing among authorities in religious institutions. Christians think of three aspects of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Most people have no idea what this means and just accept it. The “Son” aspect of God is our own souls. The human soul is a part of God, a reflection of God however we have become separate from the main part of God. Our goal is to reconnect. If you examine the main tenets of Christianity, you will see that this is basically it’s underlying message as well.
        I believe that each human has the potential to be just as divine as Yeheshua (Jesus), who was sent here as an example for us to follow. I don’t believe in free lunches if you know what I mean. His sacrifice does not immediately mean we don’t have to do any work to connect with God. He set and example, and we should follow it.
        Unfortunately, his teachings have been corrupted and manipulated by the church for numerous reasons. The Bible is not complete, nor has it remained intact over the many centuries it has existed. Reading the Bible is not enough.
        Bardon writes this in IIH.
        “No sincere adept will impose his truth to anyone who is not yet ripe for it. The person concerned would do nothing else but regard it again from his own standpoint. Therefore it would be useless to argue with non-professionals on higher kinds of truth, except people eager to search the heights of truth and beginning to ripen for it. Anything else would be a profanation and, from the magical point o view, absolutely incorrect. At this point, all of us will have to remember the words of the great Master of Christianity: “Cast not your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet.””

        I will follow his advice. I did not come here to argue but simply to input a few ideas from Hermetics and my own spiritual path. I do not restrict myself to Christian dogma of any religion for that matter and so often times, it is pointless for me to speak with those who do.

      • Verbs2013 says:


        You have to understand that this is not coming from a Christian perspective. The heritage of the Hebrews has been robbed from us, repackaged and reintroduced to the world under “new management” ie the so called “church” in its attempts to relegate the true bloodline Hebrews out of sight and eventually push them out of memory completely aswell. The plan seems to be working quite successfully as the scriptures are always related to “christians” and rarely the people they actually pertain to who are the Hebrews.

        On the contrary, our God purposely warned our forefathers not to follow the religions and the philosophies of the other nations as he knew that they would lead us astray and we would derail in our walk with him. We never listened and this is the reason why we are in the mess that we are in today.

        The Most High God of the Hebrews states that he is separate from his own creation. This means that we as mankind are a part of his creation and not a missing or disjointed part of the him personally as some philosophers like to purport. Man is made in the image of the Most High yes, however man is no God. This is one of the main tenants of men that has caused the entire world to continually spiral down the proverbial toilet, constantly attempting to attain something he cannot, god hood.

        I agree with you that Christ has given us an example to follow however for the Hebrews Christ’s coming played a far more significant role than just setting an example. He came to redeem his people from the curses of the law they had suffered from as a result of their disobedience.

        No, there is no other like Christ and there never will be. Christ is a unique character and the only man who can be titled as the Son of God. We can be sons and daughters of the Most High however Christ holds the title of the ONLY begotten Son of the Most High by himself.

        Agreed, the teachings of Christ have definitely been corrupted for the exact very reasons you listed and more. Quite fitting from people who claim that they are down with Christ but in actuality have absolutely nothing to do with him. Yes, the fraudsters named the Roman Catholic Church have removed books from the Bible however that hasn’t stopped me from finding those books and reading them for myself. Reading other books that directly relate to the bible, yes. Reading works written by men who reckon and hypothesise that there is another way to connect with the Most High other than the way we have been given ie through Christ, no, no and no again.

      • Truthseeker0509 says:

        Verbs you hit the nail right on the head!!!

      • Fr. K says:

        Verbs2013, I see we have vastly different views about Christ. We will have to agree to disagree since any further conversation would result in useless bickering.

  33. BELEN says:

    You still getting it wrong, In Hebrew anihu means I am, and in Egyptian nuk means I am, The name of the most High does NOT mean i am or i will be what i will be, all of that translation meaning of the Most High name is very inaccurate….The name of the Most High just simply means that is his name, the name he chose to give to Moishe to Liberated Yisrael… He never said my name will be define and it will mean I am?, He said this is my name for ever….

  34. BELEN says:

    I realy do hope that you guys get it correct….Shalom@Love…To All…AhMein…

  35. Bonnie says:

    Shalom how do I connect with brothers and sisters in Israel like a place of gathering/worship I feel like I’m alone out here! I studied with a rabbi(black) to learn hebrew and his group was very small help helped me to understand that i’am an Israelite and the love that my Father has for me which is Everlasting! psalms 119:165 says Great peace have they which love the law and nothing shall offend them. I had peace ever since, I live in the law this site has a free Kjv audible bible for any one who wants to stay in the word when they can’t read it. I would like to connect with Isreal I have questions most of all I would like to be in the presence of brothers and sisters who are in the Ruach praise The Most High! Shalom

    • Verbs2013 says:


      It depends on where you are located in the world.
      I am based in the UK specifically London and I have a group of people with whom I can fellowship. It’s just a case of having a little patience while you search for folks to physically fellowship with in your area.

      As for your questions, feel free to ask them here or if they are of a private nature then you can freely email me at:

      Most High Bless

  36. Wow, this was a powerful posting of revealing the deception. I’ve been lost in such false movements for quite a while. I’m thankful I’m set free, and was chosen. Many are called, and only a few are chosen. I can see you’re eager desire to know the truth. I want to tell you the ONLY Name that saves is Immanuel The Great I AM! Exodus 3:13-15, Isaiah 7:14, Matthew 1:23

    • Verbs2013 says:

      Daniel Wilcha,

      Watch out sir as there are alot of dodgy characters out there purporting to hold great truth and knowledge, all the while teaching falsities under the guise of “secretly revealed knowledge” or “the key”. My aim here is to encourage and to lead folks into a one on one personal relationship with the Most High themselves so that he can begin to reveal things to them on a personal level to where they can no longer be subject to hoodwinking by those calling themselves “elders, deacons, bishops, pastors, generals” etc.

      Most High Bless

      • Verbs2013, There is no way you can try to refute the Name of Immanuel! And maybe, this message was not for you because you have shut your ears to the truth. I’m well aware of the falsehood that’s been floating around, well out for too long! I certainly would not look towards a mere man for answers. The Name of Immanuel does not change. It does not translate or transliterate, as all the other names do! The Name of Immanuel is blasphemed all day long. Wake Up!!!!!!!!! This is what Immanuel says in Isaiah 52:6 But I will reveal My Name to my people, and they will come to know its power. Then at last they will recognize that I AM the One who speaks to them.”

      • Verbs2013 says:

        Daniel Wilcha,

        The name of the Most High is NOT Immanuel, on the contrary, this proposal can easily be refuted. Let us go to the scriptures and let us see what they say about who Immanuel is. Isaiah 7:14 reads:

        Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear A SON, and shall call HIS NAME Immanuel.

        What does this have to do with the Most High? This scripture is a clear prophecy concerning the birth of the Saviour Christ. We also know that the virgin being talked about is obviously Mary. This is confirmed in Matthew 1:20-23 which reads:

        1:20 But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.

        1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

        1:22 Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying,
        1:23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth A SON, and they shall call his name EMMANUEL, which being interpreted is, God with us.

        How can you make such a fundamental mistake on such a simple topic? Who is teaching you the scriptures? This is a prime example of the wreck less unnecessary mistakes folks can make when they do not read the scriptures for themselves and they entrust their own reasoning and thinking faculties unto others who claim to have the answers. This is also yet another confirmation of my previous point, that we do not know what the name of the Most High is and that all the vast majority of folks are doing today is simply clutching at straws and guessing, nothing more nothing less.

        We as Hebrews have been discontinued from our heritage(Jeremiah 17:4)therefore the name is lost until such a time as the Most High sees fit to reveal his name once again(coming soon). In the meantime we can simply use the titles that are before us, the Most High will still respond to them as it is the condition of the heart that concerns him the most at this present time.

        Remember, as per the words of Christ in the book of John, “God is a Spirit, and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in TRUTH”.

  37. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for the post I also recently stop saying the name Ahayah because when you try to translate it does not translate to I am that I am, so I just say Father or Almighty Creator/God. There is actually no translation for that name we really don’t know what it means. I like this blog because we are searching for truth Christ said the kingdom is with in go with in and you will find the answers no matter how long it take. Start meditation and quite the mind so you can get the answers that is my journey right now to go with in the answers are in side not out man is in control of what’s going on outside!

    • Verbs2013 says:


      The most important thing is to be honest and adjust accordingly when new information is revealed to you that supersedes the old. Many folks remain steadfastly stubborn and prideful in their ways when they discover that the way(s) they have been following or the information they have received turns out to be incorrect. We simply do not know the name of the Most High according to the Ancient Hebrew our forefathers spoke, all we can do at present is guess and that is all the various Hebrew groups professing to know the true name of the Most High are doing, guessing. The fact that there are many different Hebrew groups putting out so many different names is a clear indication that the information we have surrounding this issue is greatly contaminated and muddled.

      This is what it is all about, an individual walk with the Father through faith and belief in Christ. When the Most High reveals something to you on a personal level, you can take it to the bank without any doubt whatsoever.

      Most High Bless

      • Verbs2013, Immanuel is a NAME, not a title or an interpretation! So, before you come at me with ignorance, and no knowledge of Scripture, I suggest you do your research!!!!

        H 6005
        Amanuel G-d with us
        Alaym with us
        A Lamb with us.

        je’sus is esau..H 5483 =soos=the horse (h’sus)=beast of war=666 greek 5516=666=iesus in greek dictionary, pale horse (he’sus), viruses/plagues man beast/666..sus=pig/swine in Hebrew.

        Prov. 30:4 Who has ascended up to heaven or descended? Who has gathered the winds in His fists? Who has bound the waters in a garment? Who has established all the ends of the earth? What is His Name? And what is His Son’s Name, if you can tell?

        Immanuel is the ONLY Name that saves!!!

      • Verbs2013 says:

        Daniel Wilcha,

        You have proven my point sir in that you cannot show me one scripture that attributes the name Immanuel/Emmanuel to the Most High. The name Immanuel is clearly attributed to Christ alone, this cannot be refuted. This is one of the main reasons why I stick to the generic titles, there is too much wild reaching and guessing going on in relation to this particular topic. “God with us” has a completely different meaning when compared with “I AM”.

  38. g says:

    If people would just allow the Qodesh Spirit to teach, there would not be any confusion. When I stopped allowing ‘ man/groups ‘ to teach me what they thought was right or beleived, was when i started to really delve deep into the scriptures on my own for the Truth, and hat was when the Spirit of Truth was able to teach me without confusion and bickering.

    From all of my research and studying, I never took the ALL CAPS names or tiles to heart because ALL CAPS = FICTION. . Being that Ex 3 v14 is in ALL CAPS leads me to believe its yet another lie/deception. We do not know what was originally in there, so therefore, we are pretty much just making up our own thoughts, which mean we are adding and taking away from the Word. In Deut 4v2, 12v32, Prov 30v6, Eccl 3v14, Rev 22v19 clearly states how The Most High feels about that ! What we do know is that The Messiahs Name was prophecied to be Immanuel/Amanuel through the prophet Isaiah in Is 7v10-14, 8v8 by the Most High Himself and that prophecy was fulfilled in Mat 1v23. Most of the book of Isaiah is about Immanuel.

    Scriptures to ponder…
    Ex 3v14-16
    Is 7v10-14
    Is 8v8
    Is 9v6-7
    Mat 1v23
    Jn 5v37-47
    Jn 8v56-59 ( before Abram was, I am. )
    Heb 2v12-13
    Jn 14v26 ( the Qodesh Spirit will come in My Name)
    Jn 5:43
    Mark 14v16
    Rev 22:12-22
    Prov 30:4

    note..Amen is used as a Name in Rev and in many other scriptures, both ot and nt…Amen = Faithfull and True
    praise Amenuel !!!

    Amanuel taught 2 commands.. Mat 22v37-40, Mk 12v29-31, James 2v8, Gal 5v13-14. With those 2 laws, Amanuel fullfiled the rest. He is the Law !

    Preach the Truth as Shaul said to !

    • Verbs2013 says:


      This is precisely what I show folks here, that they ought to read the scriptures for themselves and use their own reasoning and thinking faculties. I more thesedays focus on the exposure of the errors that have purposely been propagated by the institutional church beast infrastructure aswell as by the vast majority of Hebrew groups. The scriptures are to be the authority at all times, not the doctrines of men.

      • Verbs2013, I know who you are! Get behind me you evil one! How dare you blaspheme the Name of Amanuel!! You will be held accountable for the information His messengers reveal. Prophets don’t lie. False prophets like yourself and others spew deceit! And Immanuel The Great I AM, will spit you out of His mouth into the lake unless you repent while there’s little time left! Read the Scriptures that are here for you to ponder! Don’t overlook it! They’re released in the comment section! The proof is in the Scriptures. Can you read? Can you comprehend? Probably not with no umderstanding whatsoever! You choseto stick with your titles, and your pagan deities.

      • Verbs2013 says:

        Daniel Wilcha,

        Your institutional church beast system infrastructure rebuke absolutely does you no favours in proving that the name Immanuel is attributed to the Father and not to the Son.

        Unlike yourself sir, I was able to clearly demonstrate out of the scriptures that the name of Immanuel is attributed to Christ and not towards the Father. In being unable to substantiate your position, it is in fact yourself who would be viewed as the false prophet and the one spreading deceit.

        The I AM mentioned in Exodus 3:13-15 is clearly referring to the Father, not the Son. Back to the drawing board Daniel. “God with us” refers to Christ being among his people on planet Earth, that is why he was given that name, he was a representation of the Most High and he was sent to dwell among us for a short period of time. This is a fundamental basic which you are still failing to comprehend.

  39. g says:

    jn 8:58, Amanuel said, truly truly I say unto you, before Abraham was, I Am .

    hmm, looks like Amanuel is the I AM !
    and indeed , He is the Great I Am !

      • g says:

        They can not see, they just can not see !
        They would rather believe in lies than the truth, so therefore strong delusions was put on them because they love lies by Satan and they hate truth by the Most High…2 Thes 9-11

        Hopefully other readers will see the truth and grab onto it.

        the end ………

      • Verbs2013 says:


        “This name means this”, “this name means that”, “his actual title is this name here”, “no, the real title for him is this”, “this name is pagan and is really referring to…. “,” actually in the Greek the correct translation is… “,” no, you’ve got it wrong again, you have to go into the ancient Hebrew text to get the accurate transliteration of his name”, “you are all wrong, you’ve forgotten…”.

        Join the queue G, for every claim that you make there are thousands of people behind and in front of you making different claims with the same zeal(some with even more zeal than yourself). Again, this is precisely why I dropped this whole name/title issue, the debate can go on forever especially with the level of contaminated information floating about today.

        As for me, for the moment I’ll stick with ensuring that my heart is right with the Most High first and foremost and worry about names and titles down the road if at all necessary.

    • Verbs2013 says:

      G, Christ is “I am” aswell as the Most High as Christ is eternal in both directions just like his Father and he is also a member of the Godhead. So we have 2 “I AM” designations to be alocated, not only one. My point was simply that the name Immanuel was linked with Christ and not with the Father.

      • g says:

        Amanuel is NOT Christ ! Christ belongs to JE’SUS …that is a pagan title for their god
        Amanuel is the Hebrew Messiah from Nazareth, the Nazarene.

        JE’SUS CHRISTOS is the greek/latin/ roman sun god is one of Ba’als names, just like the ALL CAPS LORD/GOD.. Why cant ppl see that, ? Quite simply, because the Most High hardened their hearts, just like He did with Pharoah.

        the end…….

  40. Peace and grace, This is March 8,2014. In Yeshua name, I have CALLED for DOUBLE RAINBOWS to APPEAR SOON in New York of N America. Glorifying Yahweh being God of Israel. This Sign is for Elders to Come ORDAIN ME LEADER of ALL ISRAEL. FULFILLING Hosea 1:11. See lo moten comment on YouTube video titled Shalam Israel! To you is this Message. By Priest Maharawcaa. In Yeshua name on February 5,2014, I called for a waterspout to FORM in New Orleans Louisiana LAKEPONCHTRAIN. The Most High MADE it Happen on February 23,2014. Google waterspout spotted in LAKE ponchtrain on February 23,2014 or see my Facebook wall, Lorio Moten it was post to confirm who I am. Shalom. 504 570 4702

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