Some Bread With Your Circus And Minstrel Show Buffoonery Sir?

Crazy Looking Black Woman


Please take a look at the following monkey show buffoon fest video clip below:

This minstrel show is run by a decadent reprobate slob by the name of Danny R Ducksworth together wth his wife Rebecca G Ducksworth. This particular church beast branch is called CornerStone City of Refuge Ministries International based in Virginia beach, USA. The above example is one of many reasons why the Most High is no longer operating through these churches and is now dealing with individuals and persons of no reputation. The modern day church especially on the pentecostal, baptist, charasmatic side has simply turned into a sideshow bob entertainment department. The main reason why I have labelled “bishop” Danny Ducksworth as a reprobate is due to the fact that he would allow such chaos, dysfunction and disorder to take place under his charge. What manner of edification is this? What exactly is profited from engaging in such reckless, Tom and Jerry, childish behaviour apart from receiving a temporary emotional high?

From observing the video I can clearly see exactly why Paul the apostle gave the instructions that women should learn in silence, be obedient and submissive to authority and seek wise teachings from their husbands, this is exactly what happens when you allow women especially in the church a free reign, they run amock, they cause complete disruption and mayhem. This type of stupidity is typical within churches internationally, do not believe for a second that these types of behaviour are strictly reserved for bread and circus ministries based in the US. I wasn’t really surprised by what I saw in the clip, however I was highly disappointed when the men decided to join in at the behest of the pastor and his instructions. This is one of many reasons why the world does not respect black men, you black men attending the Cornerstone church beast branch would actually join in and follow these silly women in their folly and madness? The modern day western black male of 2015 is a soft, weak, lame, spinless, yellow bellied coward who is too afraid to check black women on the stupidity that they engage in, church being yet another example of this. Feminism is alive and well within the black church and most black men who still attend these cathedrals of calamity are only to willing to go along with the program.

Bishop Danny Ducksworth is yet another in a long line of merchant church bankers who have no problems pimping black women and the black women in that church clearly have no problems with being pimped and merchandised so long as bishop Ducksworth continues to preach meaningless rubbish and avoids holding them accountable for their foul behaviour. Ducksworth is the epitome of a plantation pastor, this behaviour is exactly the same behaviour that slaves would engage in during the church services on Sunday, oh how very little has changed. When I attended the Potters House church beast branch here in Walthamstow, East London before it was relocated to Leyton, this manner of behaviour was typical, though I will be honest and admit that things were not to this degree however it was not very far off.

This bread and circus, minstrel temple, monkey entertainment selection is what many people have been persuaded to believe that they must go through in order to connect with the Most High, again where is this type of behaviour found within the scriptures? Ducksworth is openly mocking the Most High and there will be a special place in Hell reserved for him, his wife and his parishoners. The Most High is certainly no fan of this type of gross misconduct and those who engage in this nonsense will have it hot, literally. Romans 2:8-9 reads:

2:8 But unto them that are contentious, and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, indignation and wrath,

2:9 Tribulation and anguish, upon every soul of man that doeth evil, OF THE JEW FIRST, and also of the Gentile;

The Most High always brings judgement to his own house first, this is one of the major problems that I have with pro blacks and black nationalists who refuse to call out irresponsible, violent, reprobate black women aswell as black men of the same on their decadent behaviour. For you pro blacks who recognise that you are Hebrews, if the Most High were to come to earth today, he would hand you a fiery sword and instruct you to slay the scum and the trash of your own people first, way before he would expect you to deal with white supremacy. Would you be ready for that? Just remember, while you are complaining and blaming white supremacy for your troubles, the Most High is looking down upon you and wondering why you are refusing to deal with and constantly excusing the destructive actions of those within your own camp. He is especially angry at the fact that you have refused to bring your woman into line and have allowed her to double down and dig deeper into her buffoonery for the last 50 years.

As I have stated many times before, absolutely no reparations and improvements will every come to the black community as a collective until black women are held accountable for their past transgressions and their reign of terror upon black society is brought to a standstill. However most of you pro blacks do not believe this and so you will continue to try and find ways for improvement without dealing with the irresponsible western black female. As you can see from your efforts thus far, they have been exercised in vain. Attempting to bring any betterment towards black society without actually dealing with the principle destroyer of black society is simply a fool’s errand.

The black woman is the only stone that has remained unturned in the quest to discover what went wrong with the black family and black society as a whole and it seems that everytime somebody approaches that stone in order to overturn it and see what lurks underneath, that person is immediately attacked and subjected to name calling, slogan slinging and a barrage of guilt tripping. Therefore it would seem that black women deep down are fully aware of the fact that the decisions they made in the past concerning their acceptance of fatherless home welfare policies and their forming of a coalition with the white homosexual feminist movement are indeed the causes of the downfall of the black nation. That is ok black women, since you still remain unwilling to be held accountable for your past transgressions, in place of being chastised and corrected, you  instead are now going to be smashed to pieces and destroyed. As always………………………………………………


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

The True Purpose Of The Institutional Church – Short Post!



The true purpose of the institutional church beast is break and destroy a man/woman’s faith in the Most High. Church being boring and repetitive has deliberately been built into the institutional church beast infrastructure model, it is no accident that nearly all church regardless of denomination operate in more or less the same mundane fashion. If I were a person going to church with the critical mind that I have today, I would automatically think that the Most High was a boring old fart who does not want people to live their lives to full capacity.

Of course I would be wrong, as I have stated before the Most High is not in these modern day churches. You do not have to attend a church in order to connect with the Most High and see him move within your life, in fact it is pretty much guaranteed that if you attend a church beast branch, you will see very little if any movement from the Most High at all. We clearly remember that the Most High stated that he does not dwell in buildings made with hands, therefore to promote the idea that the Most High resides at church A or church B would be highly disingenuous.

However this is exactly what church beast pastors, bishops, reverends, evangelists, preachers and other clergy leaders promote, the idea that “God is in the building”. Just listen to your average pastor preach and you will hear them frequently state that they feel the presence of God in the church building, however nothing could be further from the truth.

The Most High certainly in my experience does not work through fixed schedules and repetitive programming, he has clearly shown me that the more random the situation, the greater the chance of him making a move. The church does not really believe in the power of God because if they did then they wouldn’t place restrictions upon how he can manifest himself in any given situation.

I have confronted so many church beast members and asked them to show me the current configuration of how these modern day churches operate out of the bible, I am still waiting. Now I have had many of them reluctantly admit that the current programming, scheduling, formation and operations that these modern day churches have adopted cannot be found as a model within the scriptures. This is exactly what I have been stating for the longest while, therefore at this point the question must be raised, why are folks still “going along with the program” so to speak?

Having read many of my posts by now you should already know the answer to this question, the majority of church beast attendees have given up the ability to think and to reason for themselves, instead their clerics perform the thinking and reasoning functions for them. In the church you are deliberately taught not to think, this is for the main purpose of keeping congregation members in a position where they can continually be controlled, manipulated and moved in a “preferred direction” by their leaders when required.

The Most High is very displeased with the institutional church because through its boring, repetitive and ritualistic model it has caused many people to view him in a negative and non favourable light, can we really be surprised at the amount of folks in 2015 who without hesitation have absolutely no problems giving the Most High the middle finger?

I will continue to promote the message of the individual, as I have stated many times before it is the individual, the nobody and the person of no reputation whom the Most High is now working through to push forward the agenda of his kingdom. The institutional church has had its chance and has failed miserably and on purpose in order to derail believers into ineffectiveness and non interest.

Those who are still attending the church yet who see this monolith for the bread and circus, buffoon fest, minstrel show it has become and who have been looking for confirmation of their thoughts and feelings, I encourage you to walk away from the church and establish your own personal relationship with the Most High as an individual without the interference of greedy, deceitful and manipulative pastors and church leaders.

The fact of the matter is when you attend church your relationship with Christ and the Most High is NOT personal because everybody in the church wants to know your business and seeks to uncover it, let’s just be honest here. This couldn’t be more evident than with the classic example of the Roman Catholic Church and its decadent “confession box”.

To those who have already experienced liberation from the clutches of the church beast system, I encourage you to continue forging and working out your own salvation just as Paul instructed the Philippians, continue to discover who you are as a person and continue to allow the Most High to show you what talents, gifts and skills you have and can use for his kingdom, can use to earn a living from or both.

The bottom line here is that church attendance kills your faith in the Most High, it does not aid it in any way, shape, form or fashion. By the way, the same principles definitely applies when we are dealing with the various Hebrew groups out there as they operate in exactly the same manner as the institutional churches, nothing but rules, regulations and more rules to follow. The new covenant is not about rules, regulations and old covenant laws, it is about faith and belief, I have mentioned and clearly demonstrated this fact so many times before in previous posts.

You should have noticed by now that these same Hebrew elders encourage their followers to join groups, they also heavily discourage folks from walking the individual path which is a major red flag. Those of you who have discovered that you are the true Hebrews by bloodline, do not escape the institutional church beast frying pan only to jump into the many Hebrew Israelite groups burning fire.

Special thanks to Nidotopian Warrior and Danielle for the inspiration and the idea behind this post. As always………………………


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

The Purpose Of The Believer!



The reason why many people are no longer interested in so called “christianity”, Christ, the bible and the things of the Highest is because the people who are supposed to be leading the charge in “preaching the gospel” and bringing healing to the world have failed completely. So called christians in 2015 are more interested in gaining material wealth and living high on the hog lifestyles like their decadent clergy leadership. The main problem with so called believers today is the fact that they bring no remedy to the table and no answers to the things of everyday life. I remember very well when I was within the clutches of the ICBI, asking people around me basic questions and not being given the adequate answers I required.

This is a serious problem, this is why I will continue to repeat the statement that the church brings absolutely no solutions to the table, the church at this late point simply performs the function of a merchant commerce center, the congregation members are the people to be merchandised and the so called “church leaders” are the merchants who are only too glad to accept continual “good tidings” from their parishioners. Of course if people at this point in time cannot see the writing on the wall then that is their business, the evidence that clearly demonstrates the dishonest and the disloyal nature of ecclesiastical clerics is in plain view for all to see.

The purpose of a man or woman who believes in Christ is not just to “preach the gospel”, it is also to fill needs. Allow me to remind you of some wise words uttered by Christ when he walked the planet. Matthew 6:10 reads:


Heaven has order, the earth as it currently stands has disorder, disarray and chaos, the believer is supposed to bring order and remedy to the planet through the area of expertise, the gift/talent/skill that the Most High has revealed to him/her. The problem with the modern day church is that it has been deliberately set up to stifle and restrict one’s natural talents, abilities, skills and gifts for being used to forward the kingdom of the Highest. Obviously since the institutional church beast infrastructure has been set up by the devil himself, these types of obstructions and hindrances should be expected.

The church preaches a meesage that at one time seemed to be legitimate, however there are no works behind the message. Christ preached the kingdom of heaven and he also brought mighty works to the table to prove his authenticity. Informing the average person that Jesus loves them and that he died for their sins means nothing in this day and age, if you claim to be a follower of Christ then what works are you bringing to the table to show folks that you are the genuine article? The understanding that most folks have of Christ and the Most High is completely off because of the backward teachings and the false hope so called “christians” bring to the conversation.

Modern day christians have failed, until they start to bring genuine and authentic works to the table I do not want to hear anything more from them at all. Christ brought remedy to the table, he healed the sicked, cast devils out of many people, he fed the hungry, he performed other great miracles yet what do we see from the so called church today, nada. The modern day church simply wishes to enroll you into one of their many church beast branches where you can be merchandised, used and abused until your usefulness has ended. With the church beast it is not about Christ, salvation and eternal life, no the church beast is only interested in filling its coffers and maintaining a financial foundation in order to meet its overheads including the high on the hog living standards of its clerics.

This problem is cross denomination, it matters not whether you attend a Roman Catholic church or a Pentecostal piece of trash, the techniques of persuasion executed and the methods of merchandising are still the same. I will continue to preach the message of individualism ie having your own specific purpose to fulfill instead of riding the coattails of others(something which the church is always encouraging people to do which is clearly not good and is definitely not what the Most High desires from those who believe in him).

If you are not sure what the Most High wants you to do for his kingdom then simply WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS, you will not be penalised for doing nothing in the meantime, this is very unlike what the church teaches, the church would have you believe that if you are not doing something for the kingdom immediately then you risk going to hell for being a slothful servant. With this fear in mind this then pushes many folks to jump into things that are not part of their purpose in life, they carry out these things for a short period time before they eventually drop them by the wayside.

I experienced a wilderness period of doing nothing for 5 years, I returned to the Most High in 2005, however it wasn’t until 2010 that I started this blog and even then at the beginning my subject matter was random. The Most High used that 5 year period to clean up certain issues in my life aswell as to prepare me to go to war against the institutional church beast infrastructure. Most never experience that wilderness period because of the fear that doing nothing will cause them to be sent to hellfire, however nothing could be further from the truth. Even now the Most High is still cleaning up my life, the process of reparation does not occur overnight and until the return of Christ this is the way that things will continue to pan out.

So for all believers out there whether you be a Hebrew or a Gentile, wait for the Most High to reveal to you what the specific purpose you are to carry out for his kingdom will be and continue to ignore the institutional church beast infrastructure dogma.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

Pro Blacks Caught Slacking Again!











It never ceases to amaze me how the pro black, back to Africa male and female can always be caught in their hypocrisy. Blacks would have the rest of the world believe that they have a problem with the Confederate flag, however if this is so the case then how would you explain the above images eh black folks? The above images come from a site called The site is predominantly dedicated to group sex between normally a single black woman and a number of white men.

Now what is interesting about this site is the fact that these white men whilst engaging in sex with these black women are all wearing confederate flag t shirts. So my question to you pro blacks is this, how come you are so willing to clash with and cascade white people over the confederate flag in the streets, yet your black woman who has no problem engaging in sex with white folks who are wearing confederate flag t shirts gets a pass? The modern day black male especially on topics such as these loves to engage in selective outrage.

This is why nobody takes black men seriously in 2015, this is yet another situation where black men are afraid to call out the black woman on her debauchery and slack behaviour, yet will have no problems going in on me for pointing out their shortfalls. How can you claim that you are offended at the confederate flag yet your woman who is mixing with folks wearing confederate flag t shirts gets a pass?

The reason why nobody can argue with what I say is because the majority of the information I bring to the table is based upon an observational standpoint which others can also see for themselves. This is something that black men can see for themselves, however yet and still they will refuse to check their “sistas”. As I have repeated many times before, the modern day black woman is a traitor and a sell out to her own nation, the bigger shame of this whole situation is the fact that black men upon seeing her traitorous ways will immediately lock down and go into flux mode, this black woman has performed such a slap up job of indoctrinating and derailing black men that they will literally short circuit whenever black women’s feet are held to the fire of accountability.

Black women who claim to be conscious are also guilty, why are they not checking their “sistas” who are willingly involve themselves in these kinds of activities? The truth of the matter is that black women hold to a creed amongst themselves to where they will never call out one of their own regardless of what heinous behaviour her fellow “sistas” are involved in. A confederate coalition, black women who engage in debauchery with whomever they wish and weak black men who have been castrated and who don’t have the balls to call her out on her rubbish.

The western black male for the most part is a dunce and a numbskull, he honestly still believes that he can restore the black nation to its former glory without first holding the black woman accountable for the skull duggery that she has wrought upon the black community and black society, well we can clearly see how “successful” this plan has been so far.

Call me back when you begin to make some sort of progress Negro, in the meantime I will be over in my own corner building just as other well to do, intelligent, forward thinking, progressive folks are doing.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless


Understanding The Basics About Carbon Dioxide(CO2) – Short Post!



It seems that there are very few people left in the world today who can think and reason for themselves aswell as use logic and critical thought. I say this because I regularly observe that this is the trend when it comes to talking about Carbon Dioxide(CO2). Almost every person you talk to about carbon dioxide will almost immediately claim that it is one of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming and that we need to reduce our production of it(carbon footprint) in order to save the planet, the typical mainstream media talking points.

What is the truth about carbon dioxide, is it as much of a threat as we have been lead to believe? The truth may surprise those of you who have bought into the propaganda. CO2 for starters is a trace gas, yes that is right, a TRACE gas found in our atmosphere, it represents approximately 0.03 – 0.04% of the gases found in earth’s skies. Yes a miniscule 0.04%(I’ll use the higher percentage for argument’s sake), yet such a minute amount of gas has been deemed a detriment and a threat to mankind and as a result action must be taken immediately to reduce the amount of this terrible gas plaguing our skies.

Here is some basic science for those who may have missed out on biology class. We as humans aswell as animals breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2, the CO2 that we breathe out goes into the atmosphere and is absorbed by plants and trees. These plants and trees convert CO2 into oxygen which is passed into the atmosphere, taken in by humans and animals and the cycle starts all over again. It should also be noted that plants and trees which produce fruits and vegetables use CO2 as a major part of this process.

We as humans emit the largest amounts of CO2 on the planet. Now bearing all of the above in mind please check out this quote from a think tank called the Club Of Rome, it reads:

The common enemy of humanity is man. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”

The quote clearly speaks for itself, global warming or climate change is AN IDEA for a bigger agenda. The long and short of that quote is that man needed to be persuaded to fight himself and so an idea had to be introduced in order to rally people together to fight the common enemy, themselves. The term “global warming” has been substituted as of recently because the true scientific evidence has been showing that the earth has actually been cooling for at least the last 15 years, not heating up. The favoured term that global warming proponents prefer to use today is “climate change”.

Despite the evidence of this quote from the very people who manufactured the false alarm to begin with, most people are still going along with the propaganda and they will roll into flat out denial when you show them irrefutable data that undeniably points to climate change being a complete hoax and a farse.

Now the current projected figure for a reduction in CO2 is a decrease of 80% by the year 2050. Now looking at this figure logically and using some common sense and reasoning, as humans are the number one producer of CO2 on the planet, this would automatically mean that 80% of the world population would have to be snuffed out by 2050. There is no other way to look at this since we are the number one producer of carbon on the planet.

Climate Change is simply a cover for population reduction and the on going Eugenics program. What makes matters worse is the newest addition to the Vatican has also put his two pence worth into the bucket and has joined the call for a carbon tax, yes pope Francis is requesting that you be taxed for breathing. This pope was brought in by the way to push forward the global carbon tax and new world order agendas, this is the reason why the last pope was removed after such a short amount of time in office. I am still scratching my head at how most people cannot see where this “greening” agenda is going, have most folks become that stupid so quickly?

As the Club of Rome quote clearly states, the enemy of man is man, you simply cannot make this stuff up. How can people be persuaded so easily to war against themselves using imaginary threats? You can also observe some other ideas within the above quote that sound all to familiar aswell, how many times have we been told that there is not enough fresh water worldwide or how many times have we seen the all too familiar poster on a bus, a train or on the street showing “starving children” in Africa.

The deception in this world is rife and most folks do not have a clue as to what is going on. The climate change con is so blatant and predictable in its direction, yet the majority of people on the planet today cannot see that they are being lead towards their own slaughter. In case you still cannot get it, we need CO2, if plants do not receive CO2 then they cannot produce and put out oxygen and produce food efficiently, in fact the more CO2 in the atmosphere, the more oxygen and produce plants will bring forward. This is simple science, no oxygen equals no human life, is that easy enough for you to understand yet?

Trust the majority of humanity to subscribe to stupidity and then give you the cold shoulder and the evil stare because you have done your homework, you recognise the scam for what it is and you refuse to go along with the rubbish. For more information on the largest scam to ever hit mankind that is called greening, please check out where you will find the Club of Rome quote plus many more shocking and revealing quotes and statements aswell as their sources.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless




Feminism Is A Dead End Street!

Feminism Black Women


Yes, you have read the above sub headline correctly, women cannot run things or at least cannot run things as good as men can. Men on the whole to their detriment have been tolerant of the idea that women can perform the same duties and tasks as efficiently as men. No, women are not as intelligent as men, women are not as smart as men, women are not as skilled and talented as men, men have been the ones who have been responsible for all of the great inventions and great discoveries of history.

What empires or civilizations have women built? I’ll wait. What life changing discoveries and inventions have women stumbled across that have benefited all of mankind? I’ll wait. The fact of the matter is that women have not been built to be discoverers or inventors, nor have they have not been designed to build and to construct. A woman’s true purpose in life is to be a nurturer, a person who is to aid the man in keeping his lineage and his family continuing.

However the feminist has performed a slap up job of making a women’s natural functions seem weak, insignificant and inferior, therefore in their folly women in general now strive to compete with and match the performances of men instead of recognising the vital importance of their ability to bring forth life, nurture and raise children. Women who hold onto their femininity are far more valuable than those who go out of their way to copy, match and enter into competition with men.

Of course the feminists and all of the nay sayers will be quick to label me as a misogynist, sexist and a male chauvinist. I deal with facts and the truth(both of which feminists and women generally despise) therefore the slogan slinging and labelling techniques I automatically recognise them for what they are, they mean nothing in general and nothing to me personally because the feminist in like manner as the black woman and the homosexual has adopted the habit of misappropriating titles towards others who do not subscribe to their philosophies.

I personally know that feminism is a crock of nonsense, a system that cannot possibly be successful and a philosophy that was created to be destructive from its very conception because of the black community. Any person who would attempt to persuade another to sign on to the feminist movement need only be shown the dysfunctional fruits that it has festered within black society.

The black community is run by women, the majority of whom subscribe to the edicts and the philosophies of feminism. It has only taken black women 50 years to turn the once functional black family and black community into a ruinous heap, a pile of ashes and rubble. So I know from looking at my own community that feminism is a system of destruction, it was never meant to be about equality, feminism is all about superiority and diminishing the natural roles and responsibilities of men and women.

Feminism and homosexuality are two sides of the same coin in that they both seek to remove both sexes from their natural functions aswell as aim to demonstrate that tasks, roles and functions specific to one gender can also be carried out by the opposite sex. Homosexuals in their confused state still acknowledge and recognise via their actions that the male/female dynamic is the standard and the norm for a relationship, hence why one man in the relationship will be masculine while the other will exhibit feminine traits.

Feminism is also the main reason why most black women today display strong lesbian undertones, because black women have taken on a leadership role(which is masculine in nature), the masculine by nature will seek out the feminine, thus it is not uncommon to find many black women participating in homosexual relations. Black women ought to examine themselves first before conversing on down low black men as the epidemic of homosexuality amongst black women is no doubt much worse seeing as they have taken on a masculine spirit.

Feminism is dying the death and is currently on its last legs of vitality aided by life support. As I have stated before women on the whole in this modern day are stupid because they have rejected their intelligence base which is their men, this is especially evident within the black community where black women have been behaving in the most foolish, illogical and outlandish ways for at least the last 50 years.

I always have to scratch my head whenever I hear feminists complain about “this system of patriarchy”. Feminists are in reality a bunch of hypocrites as they never seem to have any problems accepting the benefits and the privileges from the very same system that they claim is oppressing them. What are you talking about Verbs? I’ll show you!

These same feminists live in houses and apartments that have been built by men(a symbol of patriarchy), they use electricity in these same same accommodations, all of which is generated and supplied by men(patriarchy again), they use mobile phones, computers, laptops, televisions, stereos, mp3 players, all of which yet again are built by men(there is that patriarchy once again), they sleep in beds which are made by men(patriarchy rears its head again), they use cars, buses, trains, planes for travel, all of which once again are built by men(that evil patriarchy is here again), many of these feminists claim benefits and subscribe to the welfare policies of the state(we definitely know that this is the case for high numbers of black women), a state by the way that was founded by men, yet and still with all of these benefits and privileges at the feminist’s disposal, they will still complain and claim oppression.

What I also find disappointing is the fact that many women who claim to be against feminism will not hesitate to dip their feet in the feminist pool when it is convenient for them. In other words what I have observed is that some women hate being labelled with the feminist title, however they still enjoy the benefits and the privileges that feminism brings.

In view of how black women have destroyed the black family unit and the black community in such a short amount of time, could you imagine a world in which the roles were reversed and women were responsible for the majority of operations currently in the hands of men? This world would be completely dysfunctional and on its head. As WWE superstar the Rock says, “Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth”. Despite the delusions of grandeur sung by Beyonce claiming that girls run the world, the reality is that women run very little in this world and for very good reason. Again I only need to point to the destruction of the black community wrought by the black woman’s hands as my evidence.

Feminists are in reality decadent, lazy slobs who are simply looking for a hand out and an easy ride through life. They do not want to work for anything, as far as they are concerned they are perpetual victims who feel that they ought to be waited on hand and foot by everybody else. Most of them are bitter, angry individuals who at some point in their lives have either had some bad experiences with men or on the flip side of the coin the men they were attracted to simply paid them no mind whatsoever.

Normal folks accept bad experiences, learn from them and move on, they additionally accept rejection and move on from that, however the feminist has a different format of thinking, as far as she is concerned all men from here on out must pay for the pain that she has suffered at the hands of a miniscule few. Feminists genuinely do not care about women, if you do not believe me simply look at the way feminists treat women who do not subscribe to feminism. As another exhibit of evidence, observe for yourselves how feminists will brutally attack women who openly declare their enjoyment of being feminine aswell as carrying out their natural womanly functions.

For you feminists, if you are truly against this regime of patriarchy then why are you not selling up the things that you own(which are MAN MADE), buying a plot of land and building upon that land under and according to matriarchal principles? Of course you won’t do that because you firstly do not have a clue, and secondly you are all full of rubbish and nonsense. Therefore, since you are unwilling to put your money where your mouths are, why don’t you in turn do everybody a favour, shut your mouths and keep it moving! As always………………


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless



Bishop T.D Jakes Not Concerned With Same Sex Marriage Supreme Court Ruling!

T.D Jakes


Many folks refer to the man above as T.D. Snakes, from his brief commentary on the recent Supreme Court ruling pertaining to same sex marriage I can definitely see why now. Take a look for yourselves:

Now, the reason why decadent Supreme Court rulings are able to be passed down and thereafter enacted is because useless jackals such as Jakes no longer stand in the gap and rail against immorality. Bishop T.D. Jakes and the rest of these cream licking preachers, pastors, evangelists, reverends, bishops etc are simply a bunch of failures.

It is my personal opinion that Jakes just like the rest of these 501C3 scoundrels is on the take, he has received his brown envelopes underneath the table, he has been informed not to talk about homosexuality and all things related and he has been further instructed to continue preaching the usual fluffy, wooly, greasy, lotion filled sermons in order to lull his congregation back to sleep.

Do you see the dishonesty of this unaccountable scum bag, he refuses to talk about the issue of homosexual unions being written into law even though the same bible that this fraud claims to believe in specifically states that marriage is to only be between a man and a woman and that furthermore this union must not be broken apart. Jakes simply couldn’t wait to move onto a new topic.

He talked about how the Supreme Court makes it decisions based upon the constitution, however the question must be raised, at what point if any will you step in and say enough is enough? He won’t, when the paedophiles and the “animal lovers” also have their grand day in court, Jakes’s response will be no different to his poor excuse of a speech above, “well the Supreme Court makes its rulings based upon the constitution”. That’s Ok Jakes, just take on the chin and keep your mouth shut if one of these pedophiles gets their hands on your children or grandchildren. As the famous saying goes, “Those who stand for nothing fall for everything”.

As I have stated before on many occasions, the Most High is no longer dealing with these high life preachers, pastors, bishops, reverends, deacons, evangelists etc, in fact he hasn’t been dealing with these liberty takers in a long while, the Most High is dealing with the individual, the nobody, the person of no reputation. These so called “men and women of God” were supposed to be preaching the true gospel and bringing order and harmony to the earth as per the instructions of Christ, yet instead they have chosen to live high on the hog at the expense of their parishioners.

I am not partial to anybody, as I have stated before, whoever needs to be roasted and held to account I will hold their feet to the fire. If nothing else Jakes’s ever so casual stance on this issue should illustrate to everybody how the institutional church beast infrastructure is nothing but a crumbling relic of no value nor purpose. Clergy leadership in 2015 stands for nothing of value and worth, they certainly do not stand for anything of decency and good moral standing.

Jakes seems to forget that even though he supposedly is not living like the world(though the opposite sure looks obvious to me), he still has to live on this planet, therefore any man with common sense and logic would realise that it does not bode well to allow things to slip by that could potentially bring the earth into a worse state.

T.D. Jakes is the correct and true definition of a coon, an uncle Ruckus, a sambo, a sellout and a merchant, however those in the black community who claim to be concerned for the welfare of black folks will never call this man to task, why, because the black church is sponsored predominantly by black women and black men are afraid of black women and thus they will never call out a swindling pastor when they see one for fear of black women revoking their access to easy sex.

As I have mentioned before, the Most High is going to war against these clergy leaders and their institutions of decadence. T.D. Jakes and the rest of these disingenuous buzzards ought to be preparing for war. As Always…………………..


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless