Street Harassment?? Feminist Propaganda Designed To Drive Men And Women Further Apart !



There is a new mime that has been launched from the headquarters of the feminist movement via their feminist propaganda machine, this new term is called “Street Harassment”. What is street harassment? Street harassment according to the modern day feminist camp is the act of men attempting to garner the attention of women on the streets by either calling out to them, passing comment on how a woman looks out loud or actually physically approaching a women in an effort to engage in conversation with her. The overall complaint being lodged here is that via these actions, women are now being looked upon as objects and no longer as human beings. On its face alone this is a load of utter nonsense, men have always lavished women with attention on the streets, long before this so called “street harassment” label was propagandised into existence. Why all of a sudden now at this particular time is this attention being brought into question? Also as per usual, women who have subscribed to this “street harassment”  doctrine are ideally likened unto children in that they have designated themselves as complete victims in this entire saga and that no responsibility, liability and accountability can be laid at their feet for this increase in attention that they all of a sudden now claim is a nuisance.

Today’s modern day western woman is no different to a young child. Since the political wave of feminism took swing in the 1960′s, women have been given a free reign to simply carry out any reprobate actions they wish without reaping the consequences of those foul choices immediately, unlike men who have always been held accountable on the spot and reaped the rewards of any bad decisions and choices made almost immediately. Most women in general today are seriously comparable with retarded and idiotic individuals, why do I say this, because the majority of women who have subscribed to and who worship the street harassment propaganda lack the critical thinking skills to even look at and examine the way that they physically protray themselves to other members of the general public, yet alone to men on the streets. In essence these women are little short of selfish, irresponsible, wreckless children who are in fact the real menaces of society, instigating trouble and contentions where there were none in existence before. Doesn’t this sound very much like your typical western woman today?

Because of the current construction the western law system(which actually enables and permits the perpetuation of the modern day western woman’s folly), women have found and utilise to its fullest degree a mechanism to where they are permitted to carry out the most heinous actions without being the immediate recipients of the penalties and ramifications normally associated with those acts. A raw example of this wreckless behaviour can be seen in a large portion of western black women who choose to bare children out of a committed relationship in extremely high numbers and who then run to the state for assistance in order to evade the harsh reality of what they have wrought. The majority of women today essentially act and make decisions based upon their emotions, they lack the critical thinking, reasoning and logical faculties required to make just, wise and safety critical decisions, this is not the opinion of Verbs, these are the facts and they do not change regardless of whether they are accepted or rejected by folks. This is why it is important that a man leads in any relationship and the woman follows, this is the natural order of things and this is how relationships flourish and remain healthy.

It is interesting to note that every since the women of the west decided that she was going to severe her connection to the man, embark on her lifestyle of “independence”, emasculate the male and exalt herself as the head and the leader of the family, that relationships between the male and female genders have completely fallen apart. This is no coincidence and those who have also noted the correlations here would be wise to act upon their findings in order to bring an end to downhill spiral of male/female relations at least within their own circles. Remember, the idea is to help yourself and put your own house in order first before moving on to enlighten and to give assistance to others in need. You cannot bring remedy to dysfunctional relationships between other people if your own relationships are a ship wreck themselves.



The fact of the matter is that the male sex drive is significantly higher that his female counterpart, it is built that way by nature and design. It should also be noted that the male libido is based upon visuals and the physical. This is also the reason why men can become sexually aroused almost instantaneously, this is our physiology, this is the way that we were built by default. One valid reason that I can think of straight away in relation to this design is the issue of children. It would make sense and stand to reason from a logical perspective that in order to maximise a woman’s chance of conception/childbearing, a male with a high libido would be the preferable and best candidate in order to align with and have the best chance of catching the woman’s ovulation cycle. This is basic biology 101 and common sense, however from the feminist standpoint common sense, reasoning and logical thought must be excluded at all costs from the equation, as these concepts imply adulthood, responsibility and accountability and fly in the face of childish behaviours and mannerisms.

It must always be remembered that the principle edict of feminism is to place women in a perpetual state of childhood and infancy. Most women today who subscribe to the feminist philosophy fail to observe this particular factor, why, because as I have stated before, most women severely lack reasoning and logical thinking skills hence why they cannot see what is so obviously and easily exposed via a male’s scrutiny and thought process.

Sorry women, the male libido is not a mechanism that can be switched on, switched off or adjusted at will, just because our sex drive is naturally significantly higher than yours and just because we are designed to be sexually aroused by visuals, this is no wise means that “all men think about is sex” or “men think with their penis rather than their head”. I do not nor will I ever apologise for the high sex drive of men. I will admit that the way women are addressed on the streets by men today has changed from say 40-50 years ago, however are men to blame for these changes? Have women changed their clothing styles to warrant this altering trend? Let us now take a look at how your average woman dressed in the 50-60s and let us compare the dress code back then vs the dress code today of modern day women:

1950s-Fashion-13 2644309053_7f7238fff9 fifties-girls page_114_1_or0061_slide-ec1949d23cc21ea20f05bcdf706e6357740d44cf-s6-c30 tumblr_mcnxpskMzj1qimltto1_1280 Fashions in Tones of Green zz20a676621e970c-1


Now let us look at how the modern day woman dresses today and let us see if there have been any significant changes:

hot-women-tight-dresses-38 ivy-slut-dress-f001


Pretty black woman in tight dress smiling Teens-in-mini-dresses-1 tight-dresses-012 tumblr_me7f1s3ixe1r638edo1_500tumblr_m3mdgzOBTm1rv1d8do1_500


The difference is clear to be seen. Today the average woman’s closet is full to the brim with clothes to set the male libido on fire, however seeing as we are dealing with the perpetual children, the majority of women today still do not see a problem with dressing in a provocative manner and they certain cannot connect the dots when it comes down to how they dress, the increase in attention they receive when walking the streets and the manner in which that attention is delivered. Even when it comes down to the dresscode of the average office workplace, the skirts worn by women still do not really fair that much better. If you are a man, you do not believe me and your work in an office environment, take a look at how women dress and then tell me that I am lying.

This is how women are dressing today compared with the above pictures from the 50s which show a completely different class of lady. Women today want it both ways, they want to be able to walk the streets wearing sexually enticing clothing but yet on the other hand they claim that they are not looking for unwarranted attention from men. How can women expect to be taken seriously, seriously? Many women here will immediately say that the pictures above are an extreme, however tight skirts are only one section of an average woman’s closet. What about leg ins, skin tight tops, low cut tops, push up bras, skin tight jeans, mini skirts, jogging pants which deliberately emphasis the buttocks etc, the list goes on and on.

The fact of the matter is that the women dressed in the 50s and 60s demanded a certain respected and bridled approach from men because the dresscode was a reflection of how much respect the woman had for her own self. Today, the dresscode the average western woman subscribes to simply shows how much respect that she does not hold for herself, thus she is going to be viewed and responded to in a disrespectful manner by males. It is regrettable however the dresscode that accompanies women today simply declares them as meat on the table ready to be dished out and served. If you wish to dress in sexual manner whether subtly or blatantly, then according to that agenda will you be treated. This is the real world, not the fantasy alternate reality that has been painted for you by the feminist structure. As I have stated before, the male libido responds to and is stimulated by visuals, if you do not want the attention then stop dressing like a harlot, it is the simple solution.

Of course the modern day western woman being the child that she is refuses to take any responsibility or accountability for her actions, she point blank rejects the part that she has played in this conundrum and has thus embarked on what are known as “Slut Walks”. Slut walks are simply protests held worldwide by women walking the streets in any type of clothing that they choose. I believe that the slut walk movement began in Canada around 2011 after a police constable simply stated that women who did not desire unwanted sexual attention should avoid dressing like sluts. This is the modern day woman’s action of rebellion against logic and reason. This is a simple common sense strategy to the average man, a man can clearly see that this course of action is perfectly logical, however your average woman today feels that she has an entitlement to do what she pleases without suffering any consequences and the legal systems of the west have made it to where a woman can postpone the ramifications of her foul actions and bad choices and still play the part of the victim in the midst thereof. This automatically equates to no responsibility and certainly no accountability and this is the main reason why I refer to most women today as perpetual children, they simply refuse to grow up and to take the raw responsibility for their actions aswell as be held accountable for their actions.





Whether is so called street harassment, a slut walk, girl power or some other claim to some sort of womens rights, all of these branches reside on the same feminist tree which has a homosexual root. It always must be remembered that the feminist movement was started by a group of lesbians(founded and financed by the Rockefeller Foundation), the lesbian agenda has never changed and will always remain the same, continuation of the destruction of the family unit, thus lesbians and homosexuals theorise that through this they will have more people to choose from. Remember that the majority of homosexuals are promiscuous and the lifestyle root is based upon self gratification and enjoying one’s own self to the fullest ie having as many partners as you can. This is why I simply cannot buy into the claim that there was a first wave of feminism which was solely concerned with bettering the rights and conditions of women, considering the sponsors behind the movement at its conception.

To those women whom this message concerns, it is simple. Take some responsibility for your actions and keep your mouth shut when you wander down the street looking like a prostitute and men begin to pay you extra attention. If you want to agitate the male libido by dressing up in a sexually provocative manner then you ought to be prepared for the fullest consequences of those actions, at the least being wolf whistled at and being called out aloud by the men whom you have just excited or at the other end of the spectrum you ought to prepare yourself for the possibility of being raped. Quite frankly, any woman who dresses like a tart and is subsequently raped I do not feel sorry for in the slightest and I do not apologise for that statement. The male libido is naturally set much higher than the female libido which is based upon an emotional stimulus as apposed to visuals. What most women do today is the equivalent of dangling a steak in front of a hungry lion and then complaining when the lion exercises its instinct and goes to consume the meat. As a woman, you cannot look at the male libido through your own eyes and from your own perspective, it is not comparable to your own. This is utter foolishness at its height and is exactly what women have been doing for at least the last 30-40 years.

Wake up, the “we should be able to walk down the street and not be harassed” speech is not the real world. You need to put down that junk philosophy that has been fed to you through the feminist propaganda machine. The fact of the matter is, if you walk down the street in sexually provocative clothing, you had better prepare yourself for war on all levels and be prepared to reap what you have sown. Do not tell me that you are not looking for male attention while dressing in a sexually charged manner, your lies certainly do not fool me in the slightest. If you were genuinely attempting to pass under the male libido radar then you would dress modestly and in a manner whereby you know that the least amount of attention will come your way. This is what we saw with the dresscode of women in the 50s and 60s. I see nothing of that sort today.

Todays women in general are simply a bunch of dishonest, rebellious, belligerent, violent hooligans and scoundrels who continue riding upon their road of destruction while at the same time believing somehow that they are gaining some vestige of power and authority by rebelling against the natural order of things. No, all that is happening is you are driving men further and further away from you. Obviously those of you who are not interested in men and who want to live “independent” lives are definitely on the right track. Those women however who have a different plan in mind, who still one day want to settle down and have a family had better think twice about swallowing this feminist garbage that yet again has been handed down to you.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless




The idea behind the fried chicken and water melon stereotype is supposedly that these were both very cheap and thus popular foods among black slaves back in the day. The mainstream media has always painted black people in a negative light and has never passed up the opportunity to do so. Black folks need to stop reacting to this nonsense, I personally do eat chicken, however it is not the main choice of meat for myself, I mostly eat lamb and beef. I also rarely eat water melon(which we simply call melon over here in the UK), most of the fruits that I consume are in the berry range(strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries etc).

We as black folks need to stop reacting emotionally to the nonsense that it placed out there and analyse the propaganda for what it really is. The largest consumers of chicken in the western hemisphere are white people, whether it be fried, grilled or cooked with other foods. Chicken is also a big part of the food cycle in Latin American countries especially in Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Why isn’t the mainstream media conversing about their love for the flightless bird? The convenient narrative against the so called Negro aka the true Hebrew must remain one of a perpetual slave and this is how black folks are viewed in general by most white people and other nationalities, we are still looked upon as slaves in their eyes.

This is why some time ago I wrote a post talking about accepting not being accepted. I fully accept that I will never be accepted by white folks or any other nationalities on this planet, I see this with my own two eyes not to mention the fact that the scriptures also talk about this continual hatred portrayed against the Hebrews by the other nations. White people and the other nations on this planet are regrettably going to have to be severely judged, suffer extreme hardship and almost be completely destroyed before they will accept us and embrace us as a people. This is their cup of recompense to bear and they will surely drink it. Look at the world around you, their recompense and judgement is already being poured out.




One thing that must be said is that nowadays whenever you hear the word “thug” being used especially by white folks, this has now become their new code word for “nigger”. Yes, the so called European man is adapting and becoming extremely sophisticated in the words that he now uses to describe the so called Negro. You don’t believe me, type in the word “thug” into a search engine, click on images and witness whos image appears the most, yes black folks. Regrettably most blacks folks are still on the backfoot and are failing to keep up to speed with these rapidly changing strategies being used against them.

The reality of the situation is that black folks commit crime against other black folks just as much as white people commit crime against other whites. I remember a number of years ago the Metropolitan Police came out with a statistic that stated that 80% of muggings are committed by black people. Of course black folks including myself were up in arms and obviously upset at this figure and why, because they had looked at and picked predominantly black areas in which to conduct their “crime study” and draw their statistics from. How convenient huh!

With regards to prison we have to remember that most crime is based upon economics, so seeing as black folks have been on the backfoot since the conception of western society, it stands to reason that there will be a higher rate of crime among blacks in the poorer inner city areas. In the suburbs however this problem does not prevail itself as much. The so called Justice System is rigged to where black folks are treated more unfairly and given harsher sentences than their white counterparts who commit the same offenses. We only need look at the number of black folks who have been assassinated in cold blood by non blacks and the perpetrators who have been allowed to walk free or in a large number of cases are never brought to trial at all. Remember Ezekiel 35:5, always remember this verse when you observe the oppression and the continued antagonistic actions railed against black folks.

The Prison system is simply another part of the Babylon Matrix plantation, the obvious difference with prison is the restriction of movement and the work that you are forced to take part in. Submit to the forced work programme of the prison industrial complex or be placed into solitary isolation for such insubordination. There is also another angle to the prison conundrum, a huge number of prisons are run privately and obviously a private prison will require inmates in order to be able to claim certain monetary subsidies from the state, so how better a way to fill up your prison cells than to target the poor, amongst which the crime rate is going to be higher than amongst other classes of people, and guess who constitutes as the majority bulk of the poor? Enough said there. The next step is to then cut a incentive and lucrative deal with the judges in order to encourage them to funnel unsuspecting victims into your building of modern day enslavement. This is how the justice system really works, from the police station right down to the prison yard. It is not and was never about justice, it is all about “just us”.

As for the topic of theft, again we have to remember that the same criticisms that whites levy against blacks when it comes down to stealing and thievery, white folks engage in exactly the same behaviour yet we always have to remember that the so called white man is involved in these kinds of activities on an international level. Let us just think about oil and Iraq for a moment, what about diamonds and Sierra Leone or gold and other precious metals and Brazil and other Latin American countries? This is the grander scale thievery of the so called white man, the international Dick Turpin with an unquenchable belly for other people’s possessions. The book of Obadiah informs us about Edom and his never ending, unsatisfied greedy nature.




This is one of the main areas where black folks have been dealt a rough deal. The truth is simply that you are going to find a drug problem in predominantly poor areas period, no matter what the nationality of the people residing in that location. Yet again we have a case where somehow black folks have been linked to drugs and drug abuse as if we are the only nationality of people who participate and engage in such activities. If you travel to the north of England you will equally find in the rundown areas a problem with drugs among  the poor white folks in that region.

It is a standard procedure that when people of any nationality are oppressed and futher stripped of their possessions and their spirit, that the likelyhood of them turning to drugs thereafter is extremely high. Go and talk to the Native Americans about how their people have been destroyed by alcohol(which is a drug by the way) and hard drugs, this is what occurs, folks simply turn to things that are going to temporarily take them away from the problems that are raining down upon them and drugs are very common instruments used for this purpose.

There is currently a major problem with white folks and the use of crystal meth however the so called white man owns and manages the media outlets and he is not going to subject himself to a media onslaught and project himself to the world in a bad light(his actions already do this but that is another story for another post). He will present himself as a man who can do no wrong yet he frequently presents the so called Negro in the media spotlight as a fellow who can do no right. Remember what I stated to you before about keeping Ezekiel 35:5 in mind.

We also have to remember that drugs were funneled into the black community as far back as the 1980s in order to continue the destruction of the black family. Though many people argue that even though white folks brought the drugs into our communities we as black folks had the choice not to use them, I must return to my point about a crushed and defeated spirit and what people will typically do when suffering from these two conditions. Again, tell the poor white folks living in certain run down areas in the north of England that they do not have to use the drugs that are also by the way being brought into their communities by their fellow whites who reside in a better standing economically and financially. Drug problem areas are almost always linked directly to the economic standpoint of that particular locality and not the nationality of people who reside there.




I really have to laugh when the white supremacist propaganda machine  attempts goes into full swing and levy a charge of violent behaviour against black folks. These above pictures clearly illustrate that violence is not sectioned to one particular nationality of people only. White people in general are the most wreckless and violent people on the planet, these above pictures were taken in Europe after a football match. Football hooliganism has almost become its own profession nowadays. When you type in football hooligans into any search engine or even into youtube, you tell me what face appears the most, thats right, good old mr frosty aka the snowman. Try it for yourself and tell me that I am wrong about this one. A picture does indeed speak a thousand words. Where are the black faces in those pictures above?

However, yet again we are forced to remind ourselves that there is an ongoing war against the so called Negro, so the violence that is commonly encountered on the streets after a football match does not fit the narrative in painting the so called Negro in a bad light, simply because the overwhelming majority of the participants involved in this type of violence are white folks. In fact, there was a film that was released a number of year back in which the very subject of football hooliganism was the theme, I encourage folks to check out the trailer for the film Green Street(I believe that there have been some sequels to that first film aswell). Notice though how white people are never called to task on their violent behaviour yet they are quick to spray and shower incidents involving black violence all over the news. This is the white supremacist propaganda spin machine in full swing.

The other important issue that needs to be raised here is that how can your average Joe 6 pack talk about the violence that takes place within black circles yet the so called European man has taken his thirst for blood, violence and death into the international plain? Have white people forgotten about the amount of countries that they have violently invaded over the past 20 years or the amount of countries wherein they have instigated and been behind violent uprisings? Let us now list some of these countries that have been either directly affected by white violence or indirectly affected ie white people either going in directly themselves(war) or them funding violent groups and organisations already in the country concerned to rise up and overthrow the current regime in the name of “democracy”(revolution).

Afghanistan – (Direct Violence)

Iraq – (Direct Violence)

Egypt – (Indirect Violence)

Mali – (Direct Violence)

Libya – (Direct Violence)

Yemen – (Direct Violence)

Haiti – (Indirect Violence)

Somalia – (Direct Violence)

Ukraine – (Indirect Violence)

Pakistan – (Direct Violence)

Venezuela – (Indirect Violence)

Congo – (Indirect Violence)

Sudan – Indirect Violence)

The list above is a very conservative one. As we can clearly see, white people are in absolutely no position to talk about violence among black people. The difference between black violence and white violence is black violence is always kept at a local level, blacks folks are not running around invading other people’s countries, pretending to be their saviours but at the same time slaying down folks by the hundreds, thousands and millions under the guise of “liberation”, “democracy” and “freedom”. This is the problem and has always been the problem with white people on the whole, they always find themselves captured within the web of hypocrisy.






This is yet another stereotype that has been ratcheted up to the maximum by the dominant society, the idea that black people have a hygiene problem and suffer from bad odour. This idea yet again comes from the root of slavery where black males would undertake the hard physical tasks in the open fields, more time these tasks were carried out in hot temperatures, so naturally a by product of working in hot weather is perspiration, which is a normal bodily function. You will find that a large portion of these stereotypes originate from the days of slavery and have been passed down through white generation after white generation in order to keep the illusion of white superiority intact and help it maintain its place.

The fact of the matter is that black folks are among the cleanest nation of people on the planet, in fact it has been the so called Negro who throughout history has shared his high standards of hygiene with other nationalities of people. So called Europeans certainly never knew anything about proper hygiene until very late towards the 20th century. Remember, it was so called whites in Britain who in Victorian times would throw their urine and feces out of their top floor windows onto the streets below. This is a well documented fact, even white folks themselves have to admit and cannot run away from this embarrassing historical fact , it is any surprise then at the amount of disease and sickness that plagued Britain and Europe for centuries?

Up until the European man invaded Africa, Europe was really a place of extreme disease, poverty, squaller, decadence and pestilence. Black folks have always been aware of and exercised hygiene and cleanliness of a high standard. While Europeans would look forward to a bath once or twice a year, black people in their native environments would enjoy regular baths in the surrounding lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls and other accessible water spots. Black people as a nation have never had a problem with personal hygiene, however this same false charge that has been levied against black folks has clearly been documented as a historical fact and true among whites.



Black Man In Suit


It is time for black people to start approaching these stereotypes in a completely different manner to how we have done so in the past. These stereotypes are a load of nonsense and we ought to treat them as such. More time white people will rattle off or illustrate these stereotypes among blacks not because they are true, but simply because they know that they are guaranteed to receive an emotive response from Negroes. We have to stop reacting on an emotional level to the mechanism of white supremacy and we have to commence dealing with the system of white supremacy in the same sophisticated manner that it approaches us with.

Any charge or levy which white people attempt to throw at black people can be just as easily be thrown back at them. If they attempt to lump us into one group and label us with a particular negative action, we ought to do the same to them. Remember and notice how when one black person says or does something wrong, how we all as a black collective are called to explain the actions and to give an account of this one person. Yet when one white person steps out in error, he/she is immediately singled out as an individual and must give an account for their own actions. How does that work?

Let us start moving forward productively as a people, I have listed some of the main stereotypes that have been and still are associated with the so called Negro by the white mainstream media. I understand that there are many more, however once you learn the general rule in dealing with one, you can effectively move on to deal with the others with ease and success. Again, the main catalyst for these stereotypes is the way that you react to them Negro, they are fueled by our emotive responses, however these same stereotypes are immediately deflated and and lose steam rapidly if you response is one based in logic, critical though, reason and intelligence.

This ultimately means that black folks are going to have to educate themselves adequately and stop subscribing to the current retarded black philosophy that being ignorant and speaking like a field Negro is somehow cool and trendy…………IT IS NOT AND IT NEVER HAS BEEN. It is time to step up and deal with this system of white supremacy head on instead of cowering in the corner and being comfortable with the crumbs that fall from the European man’s table. We as black folks can do much better for ourselves than waiting for crumbs and scraps from others that will not satisfy.

Positive action and progression also means disassociating ourselves with black people who are a liability and a hindrance to real growth within the community. Such folks would be those who defend ratchet behaviour instead of calling it out for what it is, they have got to go. Also those who talk a talk yet never walk the walk and those who are lazy need to be walked away from aswell. This is the only way that we can move forward as a people. Remember, a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. Dumb Negroes are an infectious breed indeed.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless 

The Most High’s Will – Very Short Post!




I hear many institutional church beast branch pastors continually talking about the will of the Most High and especially how it is important that believers stay within his will, however the question must be asked, what exactly is the will of the Most High? Christ gave us the biggest clue as to what exactly the will of the Most High is when his disciples enquired of him how they ought to pray. Matthew 6:9-10 reads:

6:9 After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.


Right here is a huge clue as to what the will of the Most High is. The will of the Most High is to simply bring down the order/template of heaven down to earth. Unlike what we have have been told by these institutional church beast infrastructure pastors and their congregation members, the will of the Most High is not only centered around preaching the gospel, there are many more aspects to his will than just preaching the gospel and teaching people.

In heaven there are no such things as evil, suffering, sin, death, murder, dishonesty, lack, contentions, fighting, bickering, envy, strife, lying, stealing, adultery, fornication, hunger, famine etc, in other words heaven has an order and because of that order things function perfectly, smoothly and in harmony, which is more than can be said for the current state of the planet that we are living on today. Because of the lack of order, justice, accountability, responsibility, honest etc, the world as we know it has descended into what can only be described as a complete and utter mess. This is exactly what the order of evil is and what evil does, the order of evil is death and destruction and evil always brings along some sort of chaos/havoc beside it.

Notice how when more people subscribed to there being a higher power to answer to, the world was a much better place to live in. Now that people are increasing turning against the Most High and deciding that they no longer believe in a higher power, it is no coincidence that the world at the same time is going to hell in a hand basket. Of course, the neigh sayers refuse to connect the dots and place the pieces together, rejecting a higher power allows evil to take up further room and in turn chaos has more of a free reign to stretch itself.

The will of the Most High is to reverse and decrease this current trend of evil spreading itself upon the planet. The Most High has begun a programme to achieve this in different ways through different people. This is why nobody can realistically accuse another of not doing the will of the Most High as he can and has been known to use some of the most unusual and negative of circumstances to fulfill his particular purpose at various given moments. His will is fulfilled through different mechanisms in different folks. One person’s journey is usual different from another person’s path, at least this is the way that it is supposed to be unless you attend a monument of failure called a church where everybody is expected to do the same thing and think in the same fashion, this most definitely is not part of the order that the Most High desires.  Of course most of us know that the beginning of this programme of change was the sacrifice of Christ on the cross, his death on the cross 2000 plus years ago begun the path of change within the earth.

Again, remember the analogy I gave in the post I wrote in relation to dealing with struggles when I talked about the restoration of a car and how if you are dealing with one particular area of the car, somebody looking at the car from a completely different angle may not be able to see the work that you have done and thus only witnessing the areas of the vehicle that are still in a rundown condition, they would wrongly conclude that you have not started any work towards restoring that car. The same thing goes with this planet, just because we in general see things degenerating and progressively getting worse around us, this in no wise means that the Most High has given up on this planet, is taking a rest or is not getting things done. Remember, to purge the flu from the body folks will experience a fever which is very uncomfortable for the person suffering, yet it is a necessary mechanism required in order to bring a person into a better state of health. The same thing applies to this current world, it must experience some dark and grim conditions in order for a better world to be brought up out of it.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual 

Most High Bless

An Institutional Church Gospel Tract Deconstructed – Propaganda Distributed On Streets!


Ben Franklin Gospel Tract

Ben Franklin Gospel Tract 2

Upon going about my daily business I came across a 100 dollar bill gospel track on the train a few days ago. These money gospel tracts have become a very popular tool in the US especially in recent years utilised by the institutional church beast system in order to draw more members into its clutches. Where I do not knock the idea of spreading the true gospel in its entirety(not the 1/4 gospel that the church has decided to propagandise), I have to address a few issues within the contents of this tract. You should be able to magnify both photos in order to read the contents, however if you are unable to do so, I will post some photos down below of the tract writings in sections. As you can see the writing on the back is split into 4 blocks. The first part of the tract which struck me as problematic was the following:

“The biblical explanation as to why each of us will die is fascinating. It says we have broken an uncompromising law. Let’s see if you have broken this Law(The Ten Commandments): Is God first in your life? Have you made a god to suit yourself? Have you ever used God’s holy name in vain? Have you kept the Sabbath holy? Have you always honoured your parents implicitly? Have you hated anyone? Then the bible says, you are a murderer. Have you had sex outside of marriage? Then you are a fornicator and cannot enter Heaven”.

Quite frankly this gospel tract is a complete mess on so many fronts. It first talks about the ten commandments and how each of us have broken them however what they have neglected to mention is that the ten commandments were handed down from the Most High To the Hebrews via Moses, the ten commandments were not handed down to the Gentiles, therefore how can they be culpable for laws that they knew nothing about? It ask the question as to whether the Most High is first in your life and whether you have made up a god to suit yourself. The Most High puts the desire in your heart to put him first, this happens through no effort of your own, however the so called church would make you think otherwise. This is the institutional church m.o, they continually force you to worry about things which are out of your control in order to keep you in fear and thus you always will remain in a position of being under control.

Remember before how I wrote a post showing you the correct definition of taking the Most High’s name in vain and what that saying really meant? It does not mean that you use the name “God” or “Jesus Christ” as an expressive term in your vocabulary(whether good or bad), as I explained before, taking the Most High’s name in vain simply means using his name/title to forward your own personal benefits and gains instead of forwarding his kingdom. Creflo Dollar, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Paula White, Benny Hinn, Robert Tilton, Morris Curello, Paul Crouch(now dead and gone straight down to the bottomless pit on a one way ticket – hope you like it “hot” Mr Crouch), Jessie Duplantis, Kenneth Copland, Mike Murdoch, Juanita Bynum and the list goes on. These men and women take the Most High’s name in vain on a daily basis, don’t believe me, look at how they are living and then look at the means that they used to obtain such wealth. I need say no more.

Honouring parents is conditional on the parents themselves bringing up their child/children in a respectable, responsible and honest manner. You cannot be expected to honour parents who have treated you like absolute crap and have brought you up poorly. Ephesians 6:4 states that Fathers are not to provoke their children to wrath but to bring them up in the ways of the Most High, so the entitlement to honour is clearly a two way street which clearly begins with the parents bringing up the children in a correct and honourable manner first.

The Sabbath was part of the old covenant between the Most High and his people the Hebrews, it had nothing to do with the Gentiles and besides, we are now under a new covenant which is based up faith and belief in Christ, so to bring this up here is incorrect on at least two fronts.

Yet more lies and disinformation that must be dispelled. The bible does not state that if you hate “anybody” then you are a murderer, it states that you are a murderer if you HATE YOUR BROTHER(1 John 3:15). Who is your brother, a Hebrew or a gentile in Christ who has accepted the true gospel and not the GMO version being pushed forward by the institutional church beast. Not everybody is your brother and your sister, don’t allow IC(institutional church) beast members to pull that one on you. The Most High created us with the emotion of hate, therefore it is logical that there must be appropriate times that we are supposed to put this specific emotion into use(remember I talked about the institutional church and suppressing emotions in my last post).

Then we come to “fornication” and the “sex outside of marriage” mantra which no institutional church beast member thus far has been able to show me out of the scriptures that fornication equals sex before/outside of marriage, not one. Why? Its simple, they can’t because this is not what fornication means according to the bible. According to the scriptures fornication means promiscuous sex and/or sex which is contrary to nature(homosexuality, lesbianism, beastiality, pedophilia and incest). That is the biblical definition of fornication, a bodily violation via the act of sex. The IC bankers aka pastors of course hold strongly to their own definition of fornication(the nonsense above) for reasons of finance and control of their congregations, nothing more, nothing less. Let us examine and break down more of the foolishness in this tract. The following reads:

“Whoever looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Have you ever lusted? Have you ever stolen something(irrespective of its value)? Then you are a thief. If you have told just one lie(even if you call it “white”), you are a liar and cannot enter the Kingdom of God”.

First and foremost the Most High has built into us a natural mechanism to where when we see certain body parts of the opposite sex, we become sexually aroused. There is nothing wrong with a man looking at a woman’s breasts and feeling aroused, this is what is supposed to happen and if it doesn’t happen then you should be worried. Vise versa for a woman feeling aroused looking at a man’s crotch area, his chest, arms, buttocks etc, these are natural emotions of arousal. However as per usual the institutional church would have you believe otherwise. When Christ talked about lusting after a woman, he was talking about a man who’s only goal was to “fulfill” a strong sexual desire and nothing more, this is the type of culprit male that Christ was dealing with, not somebody merely admiring the body of the opposite sex.

Stealing and lying in the past does not make you a liar and a thief in the present as long as you are not engaging in those same activities as a profession today. This is yet another false notion put out there by the creators of this tract. These are just a sample of the problems you encounter when the records of the Hebrews are placed into the hands of the gentiles without the correct guidance and interpretations handed down beforehand.




The tract then goes on to talk about being found guilty on judgement day, ending up in hell forever and the fact that we do not have to go through that because Christ paid the price 2000 years ago by sacrificing his life for us. It also mentions how if we trust and place our faith in the saviour and the Most High then he will forgive us of our sins and grant us eternal life. First and foremost, Christ came and died for his own people the Hebrews, Christ did not die for the gentiles. The gentiles continually forget this factoid when they run around preaching their relegational 1/4 truth gospel. The gentiles have been “invited” into the salvation of the Jews aka the so called Negroes however they conveniently like to forget this position as that would mean that they would now have to thank black people for bringing forth the Saviour and we all know that all of the nations of the world would rather stamp on the heads of blacks and keep their feet on our necks rather than uplift us and simply treat us decently with respect.

As per usual, no mention of who the real Hebrews are(even though Paul told us that the gospel was supposed to be to the JEW FIRST and then the gentile). Also as per usual, a message is preached and no works are brought forward beforehand to pathe the way for the message. Remember the patterning of Christ, he brought forward his works FIRST. It was when people questioned him about these incredible works was when he then brought forward the gospel to HIS PEOPLE afterward. As I stated before, the institutional church is full of crap, they talk about the need to repent yet when you look through the doors of your average institutional church branch, you are more time met with a cesspool of iniquity and decadence. This is why I refer to the institutional church as a monument of failure which is DEAD:





The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual 

Most High Bless

Institutional Church Tactics – Suppressing Emotions!


In response to the comments left by Mark Eleazar on the post that I wrote yesterday entitled Dealing With Struggles, these comments have prompted me to deal with yet another issue that has affected many believers, this is the issue of suppressing emotions. You see within the confines of the institutional church you are not allowed to ask questions, examine anomalies and you most certainly are not allowed to use your own intelligence to think and reason for yourself. The individual who thinks and reasons for his/herself is an enemy to the church beast infrastructure. For the longest while when I was a member of the institutional church I remember frequently being told to just accept things, I also remember being blasted and told that I was backsliding if I questioned anything that I was told.

The reality is that in the institutional church beast infrastructure today, the pastors are held up as god like figures who can do no wrong and therefore should not be questioned. However, what we see in the real world are so called pastors doing more wrong and evil against their congregation members than your average person of the world does to others. As I have stated before, the majority of these so called pastors are simply actors who have been trained and placed in strategic positions to influence the flocks in order to guide them towards and into the path of destruction. In the previous post you can clearly see this all for yourselves in the comments section where I have posted a barrage of videos clearly showing the institutional church beast system for the true mockery and joke that it is.

As other commenters such as Jaz correctly pointed out yesterday, some people are just not ready for the truth and have been so deeply brainwashed that they will with great zeal and excitement defend that which is clearly evil and corrupt in spite of the clear evidence presented before them. My message will not change, I will continue to deconstruct and breakdown this fraud called the institutional church beast infrastructure, its doctrines and any other elements of trickery and deceit it exhibits. I stand up for the truth and I stand against evil, lies and error. I have nothing to lose in exposing the shady exploits of the so called church however I understand that those who are attached to the church beast infrastructure will take offence at what is said here and they will lash out emotionally. This in no wise deconstructs the message here but nonetheless I feel it is important to deal with any other issues that may arise as a result of this emotional outcry.


The institutional church beast operates under a group think mentality programme, everybody must think and behave in the same manner, there is no room for individual thoughts and actions within this organisation. Conformation is heavy encouraged within the church and most people simply go along with the programme because they are afraid of being labelled as black sheep. Most of us have been in this situation so most know exactly what I am talking about. There are normally 3 positions exercised against free thinkers within the church beast.

The first technique that is the most commonly used to supress emotions within the beast system is the art of pressure from those around you. You hold a different opinion simply because of the fact that you have conducted your own research on a particular matter and as a result you have come to a different conclusion to what you have been taught by the local bank manager aka the pastor. Of course the institutional church members around you do not want the proverbial boat rocked, therefore they attempt to pressure you into conforming to the “standard” that everybody else is following.

The next technique which is normally used to supress free thought and expression within the church beast system is the art of ridicule. If they have failed to persuade you to abandon your mission of individuality and free thinking then institutional church beast infrastructure members will resort to ridicule, name calling, insults and even make up lies about you, attempting to make you feel guilty and like something is wrong with yourself. The fact of the matter is that they are the ones who are afraid to express themselves and allow the Spirit to use them in an unlimited and free capacity. You could easily stretch this analysis and actually say that they are jealous at the fact that you are exhibiting boldness and courage that is not according to the institutional church beast model. This makes them uneasy and so the name calling, insults and ridicule is their way of making themselves feel better about their position of inferiority. Remember that they do not possess the integrity and the fortitude to elevate themselves which they could quite easily execute.

The next and normally the last technique implemented is the art of isolation. Members simply will not talk to you and they will treat you as if you have a contagious disease. I’m sure that many folks here can attest to this final stage of treatment. At this point the free thinker is normally forced to leave the church(which is excellent in the eyes of the Most High). These are people who call themselves “christians” and this is the form of treatment that they will show you if you “step out of line”. In essence the institutional church beast infrastructure requires an empty vessel in order to mould that particular person to their suiting. The institutional church beast system is truly a nasty and evil construct and rather like the terminator it will pursue you relentlessly until you either conform to its insanity or you end up running away and thus escaping its clutches.


I strongly encourage believers in the Most High to stay firm. The average institutional church beast infrastructure member is intimidated and afraid of the individual and it is for these main reasons why you received the treatment that you did. It was not your fault that you were isolated and no longer communicated with, it was not your fault as a free thinker why you were called names, ridiculed and even lied about. It is not your fault that they as conformists are afraid to step out in the true faith, boldness and courage that you are now walking in. The average institutional church beast member doesn’t have any true faith in the Most High, remove the church building and the pastor and you will find nothing left but an empty shell, somebody who is unable to walk with the Most High without holding the hand of another person in authority over them.

Do not be discouraged by misguided institutional beast members who simply parrot the propaganda of their local church, who throw random scriptures at you that do not apply to the topic at hand and who attempt to label you with a false application simply because you do not and refuse to conform to the same mentality as themselves. Remember that the Most High made you with a wide range of emotions and all of them are to be used at appropriate times. Wasn’t it Solomon who stated that there is a time for everything under the sun(Ecclesiastes 3)?

The institutional church beast is no different to the film Minority Report where the pastors put in place mechanisms in order to prevent and discourage its members from thinking for themselves which they view and label as a crime. This is why when a church member is cornered on any particular topic, they will deliberately throw out scriptures upon scriptures to create a smoke screen and a distraction from their position of embarrassment and failure to give an adequate answer in return, this is all that they know, this is how they have been taught to respond when defeated. I also liken the institutional church beast system to the film called Equilibrium in where all emotions and senses are suppressed and those that do accidently “slip up” and express a sense that is not part of the conformity are punished harshly.

Lastly, the most important thing that troubles me about the institutional church beast infrastructure and its members is their lack of honesty. I have said this before, do not be tricked, deceived and put your guard down when people call themselves christians as these people can and normally are the biggest tricksters, deceivers and liars on the planet. Always look at their works. Don’t believe my words, take a look at the institutional church beast infrastructure for yourselves and what do you see before your eyes? Stay strong in the Most High and do not allow others to dictate to you how your walk with the Most High should be and what you should be doing for his kingdom.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

Dealing With Struggles – More Institutional Church Myths Dispelled!



This is yet another area of importance that the institutional church beast infrastructure has failed to deal with and has deliberately put out misinformation about. The church as we know it today is DEAD, an empty shell of its once former self. Once upon a time the church actually served a purpose in the community and folks who found themselves in dire need could turn to their local churches for help and sanctuary. This was especially the case of the black church, it was at one stage a fortress of stability and strength and is one of the main reasons why white supremacists would attack and burn down black churches up until a little time past the civil right movement, they recognised where the raw power lay within the black community.

Fast forward to 2014 and the church today can only be described accurately as a monument of failure. The institutional church beast infrastructure does indeed help………… helps itself to the money of its infrastructure members and offers them absolutely nothing in return. “Fleece the sheep” is their motto and the vast majority of church branches are the same. How can you have a church on nearly every corner, beast infrastructure members funneling huge amounts of money into these church branches on a regular basis yet as soon as you step into the surrounding streets, the vision you behold before you is one of utter decadence and poverty? I am still waiting for a so called pastor or an institutional church beast infrastructure member to give an answer as to why this is the case. The fact of the matter is neither of them can and both will not give an answer to that question.

I also see many followers in Christ both Hebrews and Gentiles struggling with certain issues within their lives and I feel that it is about time that I brought some true clarification and remedy to the table as to how to deal with whatever issues or struggles you may be going through. The institutional church beast infrastructure has no answers for you and your struggles other than to quote you some scriptures without any appropriate application, tell you that you need to pray to the Most High and then proceed to give you the hardest time of your life further on down the road if they see that your situation hasn’t changed. The institutional church beast infrastructure is not only dead in functionality, it is also completely dead when it comes down to the emotional side of issues including needs.

I distinctly remember back in the day how me and my friends were treated very differently after confiding in senior members of the beast infrastructure about certain issues that we were having. For starters there is no such thing as confidentiality when it comes down to the ethical blueprint of the church beast, if one person finds out about your personal business then by default you know that it is only a matter of a few church services down the road before the whole church knows what is going on with you. The institutional church beast infrastructure branch is a gossip machine and its members revel in finding out information on other members. If you happen to still attend one of these monuments of failure, you are going through certain struggles and you haven’t informed anybody of your issues yet, then I strongly suggest that you keep it that way unless you wish to be the hot talk of your local church branch. Do not even inform the local bank branch manager aka the pastor as to what is going on with you.

It took me and my friends a while to figure out that the institutional church beast infrastructure members that we confided in were only pretending to help us just so that they could gather more information from us that they could pass on to others members. This regrettably is the common protocol of the average church beast branch and it has been this way for quite some time now. So, how indeed do you deal with certain struggles in your life? The answer may surprise you. You know Verbs already and how I do not deal with the common way of things. The Most High has appointed me to deal with matters unconventionally.


As I keep stating and will continue to state until the end of my days, your walk with the Most High is an INDIVIDUAL walk, it has nothing to do with anybody else, so the solutions and the changes for your life are going to come from the Most High and him alone. When people used to tell me to “give my problems up to God”, I never understood what they were talking about because in the next breath they would be grilling me about making the necessary changes by myself. This is the flaw of the institutional church beast infrastructure, the so called solutions they bring to the table clash with the way that you are treated if you are unable to implement them according to the fashion that they are handed to you in or even if you cannot implement them at all.

The solution is that you do not do anything to make the changes. I will repeat that again just in case it didn’t register. YOU DONT DO ANYTHING AT ALL. When you came to the Most High he already knew about every flaw, issue and problem within your life. He is the one who is going to make the changes, not you. The liberty you have in Christ is knowing that what were once your problems to deal with are no longer your problems to deal with. This is the part that the institutional church beast infrastructure member does not understand and this is where “struggles” come into the picture. Why struggle with something that is no longer your responsibility to deal with, especially something that you have tried time and time again to give up and have had to throw in the towel of failure each and every time? The “struggling/wrestling” with the issue is the problem, NOT what your issue is.

Allow me to give you two quick and clear examples in order for you to see exactly where I am coming from. When you have a mechanical problem with your car and you take it into the local garage for repair, you TRUST that the mechanics are going to find the problem and fix it. You leave the keys with them and you go about your business. You do not stay on site, hand the mechanics tools and help them with the repairs. The Most High is the same, he is looking for your trust and faith in him that he is going to deal with the issues at hand BY HIMSELF, you attempting to deal with the problems at the same time yourself is only complicating and delaying the repair process. The issue most people have here coming into this revelation is that they now understand that they are going to continue to be involved in whatever it is that they are dealing with for as long as the reparation process has to take place and this is where the “struggle” comes in. They cannot accept that the Most High would allow them to be in a particular state where they would continue to do certain things whilst he works on their predicament. This is a misconception that has been placed in the minds of Hebrews and Gentiles by the institutional church and it is absolutely wrong on all fronts.

Another example still using the car as a primary focus, if you buy a classic car that needs some restoration work done to it, the person who going to undertake the restoration work will decide which part of the car they wish to start with first and make their way around the vehicle picking different areas to deal as the work continues until the job is fully completed. The Most High is the same when it comes to purifying his believers, just because particular areas of your life may not look pretty and spotless at the moment, this in no wise means that the Most High is not working within you. This is where many people fall short and walk away from the Most High, a large percentage are looking for a quick fix and become afraid and disappointed when they do not witness the desired results immediately. The institutional church again does not help matters by placing pressure upon folks to change things that they have already failed time and time again to remedy.

The bottom line here is that unless you are in a life or death predicament, there is a good chance that you are going to have to ride out the process and at the same time be patient. Yes, you may be engaged in activities that are less than desirable, however being in Christ and desiring change for the better we know that ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THEM THAT LOVE THE MOST HIGH(Romans 8:28). This would include BAD things also. ALL THINGS means ALL THINGS. What the full mechanics are behind this scripture I am not completely sure about and I have many questions about this mechanism myself, nonetheless I trust in the Most High and what he says in his word regardless. I can personally testify to going through things that I scratched my head about at the time but later the Most High brought forward through revelation the reason(s) as to why I suffered through that/those particular circumstance(s).

I encourage all those in Christ whether Hebrew or Gentile to continue to push forward in the Most High regardless of what you may currently be going through. The Most High has started a work in you that he WILL indeed finish. Sometimes it is just a point of being patient and having the faith to wait and witness the results come to fruition at a later appointed time. If you have to power to pull yourself out of a predicament then by all means do so, however those that do not should NOT be discouraged and believe the institutional church beast infrastructure lie that the Most High has abandoned and walked away from you because you may be going through some issue(s) that you are finding difficult to deal with. Stay strong and as always………

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

The Institutional Church And Its Backwards Gospel


For the longest while the institutional church beast infrastructure has purported a gospel of “Jesús Christ loves you”, “the Most High has a plan for your life”, “you need to get saved and give your life to Christ” and “Christ died for your sins”. The problem here is that all that the church beast has ever done for its entire existence is use these slogans over and over again simply to build up its congregational membership numbers in order to keep the financial support for the very same infrastructure in place. This is all the institutional church beast infrastructure is all about and this is all that this so called “church” has ever been about from its conception. Don’t believe me and my words, simply recall to memory what Christ stated about knowing a tree by its fruits. Look at the fruits of the “church” today and you make up your own mind as to what is the real purpose of this organisation. The problem I believe has been that because of heavy indoctrination and brainwashing, most institutional church beast infrastructure members lack the ability to recognise the fruits for what they truly are, though I have to also state that this is slowly changing and many folks within the church beast penitentiary are beginning to think and reason for themselves aswell as starting to use common sense.

The problem is that this so called gospel that has been parroted by the vast majority of institutional church beast members has had no works of light and faith that have proceeded it. This is completely the opposite of how Christ conducted himself and introduced his people to the kingdom of the Most High when he walked the earth. Christ first brought forward “works” ie his miracles from the Most High to establish his position as to who he was and why he was sent. You can read through the gospels and confirm this position for yourselves. Only after his position was established and folks clearly saw that this man was bringing some true “meat” to the table did he then begin to share the gospel with the Hebrews, at least the Hebrews who would listen to him. So the formula according to Christ and the Most High is “works come first in order to establish the message which comes after”, however what do we see within the institutional church beast infrastructure, a message being preached with absolutely no works proceeding this message at all.

This is blatantly fraudulent(not that us as free thinkers cannot see and identify this for ourselves), is certainly not after the pattern of Christ and is the main smoke screen that an increasing number of people are beginning to see through. You see, many people are beginning to see that the so called “church” is nothing more than an empty vessel of manipulation and deception that has defrauded its members and has absolutely nothing to offer them apart from a couple of hours of “feel good, emotional” theatrics every Wednesday, Saturday/Sunday. Don’t tell me about the love of the Most High and yet the very streets outside of your church are a vision of decadence, a war zone, homeless people are scattered all about the area, crime in the area is through the roof, the locality looks run down to list a few examples and yet your church building is the best looking monument on the block.

This is the very reason why I call these churches “monuments of failure”. The local church is supposed to be a refuge and a sanctuary to where people can turn to help in their time of need however these monuments of failure have simply proven themselves to be nothing more than money exchange building where the poor are sponged out of their hard earned cash twice a week and hung out to dry ready for the next rinsage session. Not only does the institutional church beast refuse to help those outside of its prison walls but it also is a clear failure in helping those in need who are within its clutches aswell as the issue of failing to deal with the inappropriate slack behaviours which also takes place within these constructions of mockery. The sexual promiscuity and the promotion of homosexuality within the so called “church” are only two prime examples of a system that was built to fail. This slackness and others such like are happening within the majority of these church institutions. Those who say that “this isn’t happening in my church” or “my church is not like what you describe” need to simply look harder and deeper. Scratch that surface however be prepared for all manner of pus and putrid manifestations to ooze out. Do not delude and deceive yourself into thinking that somehow your church is “different” as it will hit your worse when you begin to see the cracks and acknowledge them for what they truly are.



The Most High has appointed me to deconstruct your fraudulent activities, rail against your system of evil and deception, to show the people what your infrastructure is really all about and to impart to folks an alternative way in which they can walk with the Most High through Christ, as an individual. The message I continually have for the devil is “one brick at a time punk, one brink at a time”. I will continue to pull down his institutional church beast infrastructure piece by piece, those institutional church beast infrastructure members who stand in my way will automatically become casualties of the heavy carnage and damage that is to come.

Do not be surprised from now on if an increasing number of folks on the streets tell your members to get lost and to jump of a cliff when they attempt to approach them with that fraudulent gospel which you have instituted for 1000s of years. People are increasingly sick and tired of your words with no actions to back them up, you continually talk about the love of the Most High and the sacrifice of Christ however you consistently fail to manifest any works beforehand to prove your position ie that you are true servants of the Most High. I am struggling to see any benefits that you have brought to the table, if you disagree and believe otherwise then I would like to see what you have done not only for your members but also for other people in need on the whole around you.

Your institutional church system is full of crap and this local branch financial institutions that you still call “churches” are all structural monuments of failure. Your financial branch managers that you call pastors are simply appointees set in place to manage the congregation and to manipulate them into giving their hard earned money over to yourselves to which you then utilise these funds to sponsor your lavish, hedonistic lifestyles. The cat is now out of the bag, the so called church is nothing more than a cesspool of iniquity and immorality and I am going to continue my quest to show people the light and demonstrate to them that the only productive way forward for them is to walk away from you and your financial institutions of disgrace and to inact and establish an relationship with the Most High as an INDIVIDUAL outside of your confines. As always……………

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless