Black Women Continue On Their Psychopathic Rampage Of Death And Destruction!


As I have stated in the book Negro Wars, black women are possessed by evil spirits and it is these evil spirits that are using black women to bring curse after curse upon black society. I will continue my examination and scrutiny of the modern day black woman until she can no longer be used as an instrument of death and destruction against her own people. You cannot possibly form companionship or a relationship with a person who is not only working against you but who also is cursed and is a walking pestilence.

As I have stated to black men before, the westernised black woman is not yours to claim, she does not like you nor does she want you. Exactly how many different ways does she have to give you the middle finger black men for you to comprehend that this modern day black female hates you with a passion and will do anything within her power to destroy what is left of black society at the behest of her white liberal lord, saviour, father and master? I can lead you black men to the water, however I cannot make you drink nor can I drink the water for you. Black men, you have been warned yet again, deal with the black woman at your own risk as you are dealing with a devil possessed psychopath:

I Told You Black Women Do Not Care About You Black Men – Here Is The Proof!


I tried to inform black men of the fact that the so called “comradeship” that black women claim to have with them is simply an illusion that black women deliberately put on display in order to keep black men in a position where they can be easily manipulated and merchandised by them, however I know that this did not go over well with some black men especially the pro black squads. Well, here I provide you with concrete proof that black women have no interest in you black men and that they are simply looking for a white man to come and scoop them up off their feet. As I have been stating for a long time you black men are the the last choice on the docket when it comes down to whom black women would prefer and gravitate towards for a companion.

Here is a white Youtuber by the name of Jacob Mason, he made a video on why he loves black women. I want folks to look at the comment section of the video and see who his most avid supporters are. You will also notice that in as little as 4 months he has garnered over 112000 views. Remember, look at who are the primary people commenting on the video:

Now I want you to check out these videos that were created by black men uplifting black women in the same manner and take note of the video views:

Notice the difference in video views, I told you on this blog aswell as in my book Negro Wars that black women don’t give two monkeys about black men, the apple of their eye is their white liberal slave master. It should also be noted that Jacob Mason(the white man in the first video) is current dating a mixed heritage woman. He loves black women alright however from a distance, he is not quite ready to take the plunge and go fully black yet. Black men who continue to throw on a cape and jump to the defence of westernised black women are simply wasting their time, black women are showing you in no uncertain terms that they have no desire for you attention nor your protection.

The westernise black woman is not your property black men, she belongs to the state. Black women are state owned, state funded and state run, this has been the case for the last 50 years and black women have no desires to change this situation in a hurry. As I stated in the book Negro Wars, the black woman has a contractual obligation with the state to continue destroying the black community and to ensure that it can never rebuilt itself. She has managed to destroy 3/4 of black society so far and she is rolling full steam ahead in order to take down the remaining 25%.

You pro blacks squaddies who continue to throw on a cape and defend these shoe shining, buck dancing black female savages despite the evidence being place in front of your face which is clearly showing you that their loyalties are rooted elsewhere are looking more and more foolish as each day passes by. I really do not know what more I can say to you men. I would also suggest that you black men who are still in denial as to the extend of the desire black women have to want to be with white men ought to peruse through Jacob Mason’s Facebook page which is on fire with multitudes of black women(your so called “queens”) fawning and swooning over this character:

Those who have not yet picked up a copy of the book Negro Wars who wish to understand the dysfunctional mentality of the modern day westernised black woman I would strongly suggest that you so do because I extensively talk about the black woman’s lust for the white male throughout the book. Click on the link below to purchase a copy of the book:

The same goes for other non black men who make videos expressing their love for black women, they also receive far more views than black men who do the same. Again, do not take my word for it, search on Youtube and see for yourselves. Most of you black men don’t want to face up to the fact that the black woman whom you claim is yours has no interest in you and desires the love and the attention of another.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

Porn Is A Scam And A Huge Racket – Random Short Thoughts!


I was sitting down today and a thought came to my head in relation to pornography and how it is one of the biggest scams and rackets going. I say this because porn actors, actresses, directors and producers of porn would have you believe that somehow watching two or more people engaging in sexual activity on a television screen, computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone is far more entertaining, satisfying and pleasurable than actually engaging in sexual relations yourself. How can this possibly be? When I was a child I know that I received far more enjoyment and excitement from actually being given a toy that I saw in the shop window as opposed to staring at the toy through the glass and not being able to touch it.

When I went to the amusement park I know as a child that I received far more pleasure and excitement from actually engaging in the various rides as opposed to watching other children ride them. To be honest you can apply this same formula to anything and everything in life. Do you receive more pleasure from looking at the mobile phone you want or from actually holding that same phone in your hand after you have purchased it? Which do you receive more pleasure from, looking at clothes that you want or actually buying the clothes that you want, holding them in your hands and thereafter wearing them? Can you see where I am going with this equation, do you see what is going on here?

In relation to porn many folks have been indoctrinated into accepting the notion that the fantasy of participating in sexual intercourse with a woman is somehow a better option over actually having sex with a woman. This is why I say that pornography is one of the biggest rackets and scams to every embrace planet earth. The number one aim of the producers of this nonsense is to keep you locked into the fantasy, to keep you believing that subscribing to their products and watching their bread and circus, monkey show performers go through their mundane rituals is somehow better than you doing it yourself in reality. It can be quite an eye opener when you are shown scams and rackets from angles where you would not expect them to come from.

This is the true reality of the pornography industry, a machine that aims to keep you hooked on the idea of having sex rather than actually engaging in sex yourself. It sounds pretty ridiculous when you think about it but how else can you label what these jackals are presenting to you? I am in no wise gunning people who watch porn, this is not the point of this post, however at the same time I believe that folks ought to be shown the true nature of the porn industry and what it is they are really involved in. The porn industry is no different to the institutional church beast infrastructure, it encourages you to dig your heels deeper into the various surface treats it offers and at the same time gives you false hope, alas at the end of it all there is no satisfaction and a person typically feels more empty than they did before they took the plunge.

The porn industry can easily be compared to a labyrinth with its many levels and different doors to enter. Each level entered and each door opened promises a better more exciting experience and outcome than the last, opening one door leads you to numerous others each labelled with their own different adventures. The true reality however is simply recognising the fact that you are being taken ‘for a ride’ so to speak, though these adventures may be intriguing when first experienced, they soon lose their potency and the adventurer is quickly forced to move onto a different level. This is the entire scam and racket of the porn industry, to keep you moving through different levels and to have you constantly opening new doors in the arena of fantasy for the rest of your life.

You could quite easily label your porn directors, producers, actors and actresses as modern day witches, wizards, sorcerers and enchanters who wish to keep a person spellbound and in a state to where they can be perpetually manipulated and merchandised. The vast majority of people involved in porn are viewers and thus they automatically become victims of merchandise by default. The porn industry is simply one big Kansas City shuffle, it has become one of the biggest monoliths of deception in the history of the world in such a short amount of time.

A more obvious comparison for porn would be to that of a child in a sweet shop, at first the child cannot get enough of the many different varieties of sweets available, however with the passing of time and with the child digging deeper into the desire to want to indulge more, the thrill of the adventure begins to weaken and is soon replaced with more of a concern for one’s health, in other words the child through his/her act of gluttony becomes sick and the appeal to partake in so many sweets quickly disappears.

Porn is yet another area where many people have been hoodwinked by those who do not have their best interests at heart and who are simply trying to make a quick buck off the backs of others. Pornography is a pile of grade A garbage, the Most High has slowly revealed to me over time what the porn industry is really all about and I am quite sure that he has not finished yet by a long shot. The porn industry get the middle finger from me, I see your racket for what it truly is, no thanks I will pass up your offer, instead I will choose to engage in sex in the real world which is much more satisfying and enjoyable.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

Its Now Here – NEGRO WARS Has Finally Arrived!

Front Cover


It is time to take a critical look at the modern day black woman, who she really is and what she really stands for. Unlike your typical pro black ,back to Africa, red, black and green squad, I do not hold black women to the standard of a past ideology, I examine black women based upon their present day condition, a condition and a standard I might add which is completely downtrodden and in the gutter. The reason why nobody has anything positive to say pertaining to the modern day black female is because their is very little if any positive information available to choose from.

Black women have performed a truly professional slap up job of not only ruining their own reputations, but also by running their reputations into the dirt, especially via social media. There are very few places that you can venture on the internet without running into black women engaging in some sort of buffoonery, side show Bob folly. Many people may accuse me of hating black women, however nothing could be further from the truth. I reprimand black women harshly because I expect better from them. If you child has done something wrong, that typically is not the time to be nice to him/her, harsh words, a harsh tone and in many cases physical chastisement must be executed in order to convey the message that the behaviour exhibited is unacceptable.

The same standards apply to black women, since they are systematically destroying the black community(a community that I am as much a part of just like other black folks) via their irresponsible actions and evil deeds, it is time that they were called out and critiqued on many of the decadent practices that they have willingly adopted as part of their daily lives. The modern day black women is the only stone that has been left unturned in attempting to establish who is the cause behind the destruction of black society. She has turned into nothing short of a ravenous savage who has sold her people down the river in exchange for the dainty treats and the benefits of the state.

It is because of this cosy, comfortable and convenient relationship black women have with the state, is why I must state that westernised black women as a collective cannot and must not be trusted under any circumstances. Until her fluffy relationship with the state has been completely severed and thereafter broken, the black woman will continue to be a pestilence, a curse and a menace not only to her own people but also towards society itself. Coddling black women and continuing to ignore the obvious problems among them hasn’t made those fundamental issues disappear, if anything attempting to circumvent cascading black women has only encouraged them to double down in their debauchery deeper.

The black woman in her current state is an indefensible wretch and those who would still attempt to defend her in light of the innumerable transgressions she has committed are simply embarking upon a fool’s errand. I have yet to come across anybody who can present a solid and a constructive defence of black women from a factual, logical, intelligent and common sense perspective in light of her current state of decadence. Almost all of the futile defences I have heard thus far involve avoiding delving into recent past history, those who attempt to defend black women would much prefer to remain in the present day or would attempt to leap into time periods which have no bearing in relation to her current condition ie slavery, obviously this approach is disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.

I do not hate black women, I understand them and their acts of warfare against black men and the black community. Declaring the truth about an individual or a group does not equate to hate, nor can proclaiming the truth about them be labelled as “bashing”. Talk is cheap, unlike many who would rather sit around and talk about change hoping that it will manifest by itself, I am one of the few with the iron fortitude who is actually willing to take ACTION in order to address the issues concerned, hence the book to begin a real conversation about the current demise of the black woman. Regrettably the modern day black woman must be brought into a completely broken state before she can ever be redeemed.

I have slowly been coming to the realisation that most of those who claim to care for black people genuinely do not want to see improvement amongst their own people because this would mean having to confront the very person whom they have been protecting, the black female. She has been the cause of the majority of woes that have afflicted black society since the Civil Rights era including the destruction of the black male via the use of effeminisation and emasculation techniques. As a result of this most black men do not have the testicular fortitude to bring this woman into proper position, because of the inbuilt ‘glitch’ black women programme into the minds of black males when they are young most are now incapable of holding the black female to task, thus instead they revere and worship her despite her obviously bottom barrel state. Black men for the most part desperately wish to hold unto the black woman’s ideological representation and reputation of the past as they simply cannot come to terms with observing and accepting her present day degeneracy.

The black female of today is no queen by any standard, she is an unbridled leviathan monster who is a protected asset of the state. Her main objective is to first destroy the black male and thereafter the rest of her people. As for me, in light of her present condition the gloves have now been taken off in dealing with this character. I will hold the modern day black female to task and I most certainly will not coddle her nor view her as a victim. Be sure to pick up your copy of Negro Wars by clicking on the direct links below, clicking on the image at the top of the page or simply search Amazon websites according to your country for the title. Once again, much appreciated for all your support:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

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The InstitutionalChurch Beast Infrastructure


Finally the long awaited Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure book is now available on Amazon in paperback and on kindle, here are the UK and US links to the book below:

In the book I have deconstructed some of the major lies and the deceptions that the Institutional church has been teaching for the longest while. The book mainly deals with the bread and circus, minstrel performance centres in the Evangelical, Pentecostal, JW, Seventh Day Adventist, Baptist, Apostolic sectors, however many of the deconstructions are cross denominational ie the false teaching that fornication equates to pre-marital sex, tithing etc. The book has given me a chance to go in much deeper on certain aspects of the church beast system than I could via the blog. Pick up a copy, be sure to let other folks know about it, spread the word. There are many folks who are still suffering in these well kept monuments of failure called churches as we speak aswell as others who have exited the church yet are still recovering from the residual effects of the programming and the indoctrination they were exposed to.

My book pertaining to black women should also be out within the next couple of weeks, working hard on that one as we speak. The information must be put out there in the public domain, this is exactly what a believer in the Most High is supposed to be doing, deal with voids and various needs according to your capacity to do so. Since I understand the ICBI well it was my duty to put a book out to explain it to people in such a way that could be easily understood. I believe that in my next book on the ICBI I want to focus more on allowing people to tell their church horror stories. Most people feel alone when dealing with the wickedness of the church, they feel that everybody else around them is subscribed to the church’s nonsense, nothing could be further from the truth.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

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Most High Bless

Black Women Do Not Know How To Raise Children, Period – Short Post!

African American woman screaming and pointing her finger


Please take a look at the following video below:

Black women in 2015 have no clue how to raise children properly. In terms of dealing with their offspring the only solution that the modern day black woman will bring to the table is that of violence and abuse against the child. Black women are completely clueless as to the way that things work in the real world, they believe that embarrassing and beating on that child in public is some sort of noble act. Err, no, the reason why your daughter is out checking for men at such a young age is because you never showered your daughter with the adequate amounts of love, care, attention and affection when she she was a young girl.

Children require much reassurance when they are young, the hugs, kisses, affection, love, care and attention are part of forming a stable foundation. If your child does not receive adequate amounts of the above he/she will simply go looking for attention, love and affection elsewhere once they are able to do so, the formula is really simple. However it is blatantly obvious that black women do not understand this part of the child rearing equation. This rejection of fundamentals is part of the feminist religion that black women have adopted to its fullest degree.

You placed your own daughter in a headlock, exactly what positive results do you expect to come from this course of action eh black woman? Then you want to complain about the fact that this 21 year old man was talking to your daughter, its your fault that your daughter is seeking attention, love and affection elsewhere, don’t blame him, he had no idea that your daughter was only 14 years old. Black women as a collective run their houses like concentration camps, the children of the house are constantly in fear of setting a foot wrong and having to deal with the wrath of ‘momma” thereafter. Black women are cold and ruthless towards their children at all times.

I have to give the 21 year old some credit, he attempted to do the right thing and prevent the mother from assaulting her daughter further. This is more than can be said for the idiot black male who was recording, he was the one who snitched on his female cousin to begin with, why, because black males in 2015 are just like the dumb black females who raise them, they flock towards drama, violence, beef and contention. Notice how the dunce behind the camera told the young man not to stop the mother from abusing the daughter, go back again and watch it for yourself. Putting her daughter in headlocks and pulling on the child’s 19″ taky yaki weave(this is another sign that shows how this black woman has failed as a parent), black women love to destroy the self esteem of their children, especially their daughters whom they will often try to compete with.

There is also an underlying current of jealousy and envy at play here, the mother everyday she looks upon her daughters is constantly reminded of how she used to look and the vast amounts of attention she used to receive when she was younger, thus the spirits of resentment, jealousy and envy begin to take root in the mother’s heart. Remember that this black woman is enforcing the edicts of feminism upon the child, “I don’t have a man, I don’t need a man and neither do you”. Feminism hates men and masculinity, don’t ever allow feminists to tell you otherwise, observing the fruits of feminism is all the evidence your require to understand what this religion really stands for.

I have to give the young man kudos again for exercising restraint when it came down to the mother assaulting him, the minimum that this woman would have received if she had taken the same action against me is a slap, You cannot deal with violent women in a non aggressive manner, women who exhibit violent traits must be checked and put in their place immediately via physical aggression. I have written about how physical aggression when faced with violence is a survival mechanism. This is how violent women start off, a slap in your face leads to a punch in your face which leads to a frying pan in your head which leads to a knife in your neck/back or a gun shot to your chest. Whenever violence is displayed against someone, theĀ  person at the receiving end must react aggressively in return regardless of the gender of the aggressor, this is your life that is now on the line here.

Did you notice also how the black woman attempted to throw her own daughter into the river? Black women are suffering from deep psychological trauma that they received at the hands of their feminist mothers when they were younger. The young boy though he may have been ‘hungry for some pussy’ as some of the comments in the video stated was right to continue following as this woman is clearly unstable in the head and did indeed attempt something stupid thereafter, an attempt to throw her child into a deep river. Black women as a collective do not care about children, the nurturing instinct they once had many years ago has completely disappeared and has been replaced with a wild, uncontrollable appetite for wanting to see nothing but death and destruction around them(all thanks to feminism). This is the main reason why black women slaughter so many unborn children, they love sacrificing innocent lives to their new lord, saviour, master and father the white liberal.

Again notice through all this how the simp black male continues to record even when his aunt attempts to throw his own cousin into the river. Black males in 2015 are a bunch of soft, weak, milk toast cowards who can only show aggression, courage and iron fortitude when going up against another black male, the wild, belligerent black female savage and her buffoonish antics however he gives a pass to everytime. I am ashamed to be associated with such weak garbage. Notice how when the bigger men stepped in to stop this mother in her stupidity the simp had nothing to say, why, because he knew that these bigger brothers would have immediately checked his irresponsible blackside.

The above video is an example of the standard template that the majority of black women worldwide use in disciplining their children, this is one of the main reasons why black girls typically move away from home at a very early age, this is the hell that they have to put up with daily. How long would you last in an environment such as this? The kicker here is that we as black people have been taught by these violent scoundrels that this type of behaviour is normal in the black community. Notice how this violent harridan calmed right down once the big boys came to intervene.

The woman in the above video is simply an idiot, from the sound of her accent I detect that she comes from somewhere in the Caribbean(from the shirt she is wearing I will assume Jamaica). This epidemic of black women equating violence and abuse against their children to love and care is an international problem, black women in Africa are just as bad if not worse when it comes down to discipline, don’t believe me, just take a look at this horrific encounter:

Did you notice how this Ugandan woman was not satisfied with one strike? Also did you notice how she purposely used the hardest part of the shoe? This is black women in a nutshell, vindictive, reprobate degenerates who are constantly scheming and thinking of ways to inflict as much damage as possible on the unfortunate recipient, regrettably the people who tend to suffer the most at hands of her evil are her children. I counted at least 11 strikes against the child. Notice also how she had to force the child into position once her daughter began resisting because of the immense pain, this is your queen black men, look at her, you claim this beast as royalty? Black women have no clue about discipline, beating your child for minutes at a time completely removes the reason why the child is being punished to begin with.

Your average black woman in the 21st century is nothing short of being an unbridled, dysfunctional savage, in attempting to solve any problems brought to her attention, violence must be always factored into the equation, and you black men still want to deal with this woman? You are free to do as you please, however by engaging and interacting with the modern day black woman, you do so at your own risk. Therefore do not complain if your backside gets bitten by one, take it on the chin, accept your responsibility of the situation and keep it moving.

As I have stated before, the modern day black woman of the west and westernised black women are simply very poor candidates for dating, companionship and motherhood. The above videos explain some of the reasons why black women are the last choice when it comes down to dating and marriage, when you display such savage behaviour as what we have seen here, what man is going to be attracted to you? Also, would you want these animals raising your children?


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless