Institutional Church Beast Pastor Strikes Again!

Pastor Olugbenga Oladejo


I should have written about this merchant sooner, my apologies. Say hello to the minstrel, buck dancing buffoon by the name of Olugbenga Oladejo who has the cheek to call himself a pastor. This shoe shining buffoon heads a bank branch called Complete In Christ Church UK(CICC UK) which is based in Peterborough, England. Within the last week this bankster has hit the news big time because of a few videos that he produced in which he has claimed that christian couples who engage in oral sex practices aswell as different sexual positions are going straight to hell.  He claims that these revelations are directly from Christ, I strongly beg to differ simply based on the fact that he was unable to produce the scriptures to solidly support his janky doctrines.

What scriptures he did bring forward were so clearly taken out of context that a five year old could critique his position without breaking a sweat. This man resorts to insulting the intelligence of people in order to make his circus clown doctrines seem viable and feasible. Of course this joker comes from Nigeria, home to some of the worst so called “pastors” on the planet. A large portion of Nigerian pastors cannot even be called that because it is obvious that the vast majority of them have simply bestowed themselves with the title of pastor in order to make money and in order have sex with their female congregation members.

I personally believe that Oladejo is no different, it is very possible that he is priming his female church members for sex with himself down the line, this is exactly how these pastors execute their wizardry. As we have seen many a time before, it is very safe to assume that this jackal is not practicing what he is preaching, very few pastors do in 2015.

There are no scriptures that condemn the practice of oral sex and there certainly aren’t any scriptures that speak against engaging in different positions during sexual relations. I would suggest that this “pastor” should read Song Of Solomon before rolling off the production line with such Tom foolery.

Again, here we have another situation of an ICBI pastor attempting to micro manage a person’s life, in this case this shoe shining minstrel has taken it one step further and now he wants into your bedroom. It is exactly stupid and outlandish doctrines such as these that have lead to the sexual decadence and dysfunction within the church.  This is exactly the reason why the church is full of folks who are addicted to pornography aswell as closet masturbators, when you place restrictions upon actions that are natural, the end results will always be dysfunction and chaos.

What next, will the pastor put on a striped black and white shirt, demand to be present when you engage in sexual intercourse with your loved one, blow a whistle and hand you both red and yellow cards or even fines as penalties because of things that you are “doing wrong”? “Five strokes too many before ejaculating, that will be a £10 penalty please, you are thrusting too hard, I’m giving you a yellow card for excessive force” etc.

In reality most of these pastors are perverts, they would simply relish that type of scenario and would even go as far as to ask you to stand aside while they would “show you how things ought to be done properly”. As I have stated before, you walk with the Most High is an INDIVIDUAL WALK, it has nothing to do with anybody else, this would also include your sex life. Oladejo has no business sticking his nose into the sexual affairs of other people and to make things worse, he has implicated Christ in his twisted thinking which is a complete travesty.

No punk, Christ has nothing to do with your ratchet sexual teachings, this is all on you, stop hiding behind the Most High and Christ, stand up and represent what you believe in by yourself. Here are the fool’s videos for you to see for yourselves, enjoy:


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

Where Are The Pro Blacks? Shouldn’t These Women Rightly Be Labelled As Coons? Part 2

I’d like to introduce you to a lady who goes by the name of Caramel Kitten, take a look at the video below:


Now it turns out that this Caramel Kitten woman also performs “private shows” on her website. Now, this is the pinnacle definition of what constitutes the meaning of a coon, yet your pro black, back to Africa, pyramid head Negroes are not calling out this black woman on her public buffoonery. Caramel Kitten’s twerking and buttock clapping public antics are not only a bad look for her, but also for black women on the whole seeing as the world likes to collectivise both black men and black women.

This is one example of why I cannot take the pro black Negroes seriously, this women gets a clean pass for her public minstrel acts. Instead the pro blacks will be masturbating to her “performances” and subscribing to her Youtube channel. Now I will be the first to admit that this women is very attractive, yet at some point we as black men need to stop thinking with the penis and actually think past the penis. In reality the pro black Negroes lust after women like this, they love the “nasty”, this deep in their hearts is the kind of woman that they desire.

Pro blacks masturbating to this woman’s performances is not the issue, the problem I have is that they are not calling out her behaviour for what it is, dysfunctional, breathing fresh life into negative stereotypes pertaining to black women and their sexual libido and a basic outright coon fest. Where is the honesty here? Again as I stated before these pro blacks will not call black women out on their dysfunctional behaviour for the fear of having easy sex withdrawn from them. Black men in 2015 on the whole are so weak it hurts to even think about it. Lets check out the next clip from a minstrel show called Basketball Wives:



Now, you saw in this short clip how black woman simply cannot agree to disagree. You would throw glass at somebody else just because you have a contention with them in regards to status? See, stereotypes are partly based around truth, can you see how easy it was for the black women in this clip to resort to violence over a difference of opinion? This is why black women on the whole are believed to be the most violent women on the planet. As I stated before in the previous post black women as a whole have lost their femininity, not even black men are this violent.

As we also saw in the clip the black women were weaved up to the hilt(re-enforcing European beauty as the standard=White Supremacy) and also were wearing the circus clown make up to ensure that you would notice them. Again, black women are attention starved creatures who will say anything and do anything in order to get some sort of attention their way. The angry black woman and the violent black woman stereotypes have both been fulfilled here in this clip. This is the state of the modern day black women yet the pro blacks will not call out these women on their foolish antics, why have these women not been labelled as coons?

Yet again these pro blacks who claim to care for black people and have a concern for the community are not calling this dysfunctional nonsense out for what it really is, a minstrel coon performance. Let us now check out another clip from another buffoon show named Celebrity Apprentice:



The black women who is running her mouth off in the clip is named Nene Leakes, I believe if my memory serves me correctly that Nene Leakes also stars in yet another coon fest of a minstrel show called The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Here we have a clear illustration of the angry black woman stereotype being fulfilled once again. Black women especially the darker skinned black women are know for causing a ruckus and making a scene with their voices alone.

I want you to also notice the behaviour of the white women in the clip, notice how they were silent and simply observed the altercation between Leakes and Jackson. They didn’t even get involved to try and stop the beef, they much preferred to stay out of the contention completely. White women are not stupid, they know that they themselves can become casualties and victims by merely attempting to be good Samaritans simply trying to prevent a fight from breaking out, they have the internet, they have Youtube, they have seen what happens to many of those who attempt to break up fights between black women.

Now this Leakes woman seems to enjoy getting into altercations as I have seen quite a few clips on youtube involving her initiating beefs and drama. Yet again, where are the pro blacks calling out this woman on her coon fest buffoonery antics? Nowhere to be found, why am I not surprised? Yet again we have the black women in the clip loaded up with construction site loads of make up and weaved up to the hilt. This is yet another woman that the pro blacks wouldn’t mind getting into the sack, hence predictably why they will give Mrs Leakes a pass on her childish antics. Let us look at yet more random videos with black women on their best behaviour:



Yet again black women will do anything for some attention. You black women will complain about how men call you “bitch” too much yet nobody uses the word bitch more than yourselves, that seems to be the only word in your vocabulary. Notice how the first thing that starts flying is the weave, black women have you no shame? When women from other nationalities fight you do not see piles of hair on the floor after the match has ended. This is a testament to how desperate black women are to separate themselves from their natural look.

You will also notice that when the black women began to fight in both videos that all of a sudden butt cheeks and bare flesh were exposed. Did this stop them from fighting, no, the beastly black women continued in their offensive buffoonery, after all as far as they are concerned some attention is coming their way so lets make the most of it. I have to ask the question again, where are the pro blacks, why are they not speaking out against this nonsense?

This yet again is why I cannot take the pro black crowd seriously, your claim of care for the black community should include the reprimanding of black women who behave in a reckless manner such as those above. You’ll go in on men who you claim are cooning all day, yet women performing the same antics and worse you won’t even batter an eyelid at.

The pro black Negroes as far as I can observe fit into at least 2 camps, firstly you have the pro blacks who indulge in and derive pleasure from the depravity and the decedent acts that black women exhibit, therefore to correct black women would technically “spoil their fun”. Then there are the pro blacks who believe that today’s behaviour from black women is normal because most of them were raised by black single mothers who behaved in exactly the same manner.

This is how far the modern day black woman has fallen, there are plenty of more clips where these came from. Cooning is part of the white supremacist agenda regardless of the gender taking part. I keep on telling folks, modern day black women as a whole are the immediate local enforcers of white supremacy, white folks downed their tools and went to lunch a long time ago seeing how the black woman is doing such a slap up job for them. Your black women of today are the Agent Smiths of the Matrix. As I stated before, since these soft, lame, milk toast, weak black men are afraid to call black women out on their foolishness, I will step up to the plate and at every turn I will hold that mirror in front of your Negro face so that you will be continually reminded of your current state of decadency and how far your have fallen. As always…………………..


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless



Where Are The Pro Blacks? Shouldn’t These Women Rightly Be Labelled As “Coons”?

Black Woman At Laptop


Please check out the video below:


Now, I have many points to make here, the first point that needs to be made is the fact that the majority of the black women in these clips were either weaved up to the hilt, were wearing excessive amounts of make up or both. This is the stupidity of the modern day western black woman as a whole, you will go out of your way to look like somebody whom you are not, yet you will expect men from other races to accept you and welcome you with open arms. How can they welcome and embrace you when you will not even welcome and embrace yourself?

As I have stated before, why on earth would a white guy go for a black woman who is trying her best to look like a white woman? This makes absolutely no sense………………………unless your thinking is like the modern day black woman. Why would any person go for the copy of something when they can simply pick up the original? You black women honestly believe that you can attract non black men by attempting to distance yourself from your original physical features? This is exactly why I will continue to state that despite her high level of education, the modern day black woman on the whole is the dumbest creature on the planet.

Once upon a time black woman would present themselves to non black men as they were naturally, this is the reason why non black men were attracted to and went for black women in the first place. Aswell as a huge number of black men, non black men are also beginning to abandon ship on black women because of the freakish, circus clown, transvestite look that the majority of black women have adopted in order to garner attention and attract the opposite sex. A word of advice black women, you stand a better chance of attracting any man by simply looking like your original self.

As per the words of the first black female minstrel in the video, the movement of black women dating and marrying non black men is called the “swirl movement”. I have to laugh at these clips because to be honest today’s modern day black women on the whole are not bringing anything viable to the table to attract the attention of anybody yet alone non black men apart from their huge backsides. That is about the only credit black women have to themselves in 2015 and even then, once you have “tapped that rear end”, things normally start to trundle downhill rapidly from that point onwards if there is a relationship involved.

Why is this, what is the reason for the high failure rate amongst black women pertaining to dating and marriage? The answer is simple, black women on the whole have lost their femininity, their acceptance of a leadership position that should be occupied by a black male has opened them up to be possessed by a spirit of masculinity(feminism), hence why modern day black women have the worst reputation for being the most violent women on the planet(feminism yet again). Some would even argue that today black women are the most violent people on earth period. I would personally agree that this statement would not be far from the truth in light of the mountains of evidence that black women will display willingly and openly for all to see.

As the video occasionally and rightly points out, where are the pro black, back to Africa, red, black and green, one love, irie, black unity, brotha, sista Negroes? Why are they not calling out these black women as coons, black buffoons, sambos and sellouts? Will they speak to what these black women are declaring, probably not. The same point that I made in my post regarding the black plight I will make here again, while the pro blacks are busy giving these black women a pass and instead going in on black men who decide to make a stand and hold these women accountable, these same black women are making videos and writing books on dating white men. Where are you pro blacks now or are these women not coons?

One of the other things that annoys me here is the double standard of black women, when a black guy gets with a white women, a typical black woman will call him all kinds of sellouts niggers, coons etc and berate the man until she is blue in the face, however as soon as a black woman gets herself a white guy this is somehow viewed as a great and outstanding achievement. Yet the black woman with the white man is not given the same sellout and coon labels as the black man who dates and marries the white woman, why is this? The answer is simple, black women being the leaders of the community do not believe that they should be held responsible and accountable for any of their actions, therefore they simply move the goal posts and thus believe that they have the right to be hypocrites, in other words “we can do what we want”.

It is a pity that black women are the least desired of all races of women on the planet, black women would actually be more successful in dating outside of their own race if they were in demand and had the ability to “date out” on mass, the simple reason being that because black women hate themselves and anything that resembles them so much, they would actually feel more comfortable with a non black partner as this would assist them to escape from the reality of who they truly are.

Again, this is why black women will not give non black men the same attitude that they happily offload onto black men, black men remind black women of who they really are and black women on the whole hate black men for this.  The white man however is the image that black women are trying to attain to, therefore they will have absolutely no problems looking at, dwelling with and interacting with white men.

Black women in the “swirl movement” are simply clowning themselves and looking equally as stupid touting the illusion that somehow they are all of a sudden in hot demand. Black women have the lowest marriage rate of all races of women, they are also the least desired when it comes down to dating, I simply have to laugh and ask the question “what swirl movement”?

The majority of black women are goners, fit for the bonfire. There is however a remnant of black women throughout all this who have maintained their integrity, who actually love who they are and who have distanced themselves for the clown tom foolery of their sisters, recognising this outlandish stupid behaviour for what it is. Dating outside of your race in my personal opinion is not the problem, the problem is when you begin to celebrate and make a song and dance about it when you attain your goal, yet you will criticise and berate the men of your own race for making the same achievement.

Look black women, nobody cares about who you are dating, the thinking black man now knows that you are incredibly insecure and because you have very few options in term of who you can date, you want black men to remain on the plantation miserable and wait for you just in case your interracial dating adventure doesn’t pan out how you would like it to.

You black women on the whole have seriously messed up and every opportunity that I get I am going to hold a mirror to your face. You will not be able to escape having to look at how decadent, lazy and slothful you have become. Unlike what your backwards logic would tell you, this therapy is actually for your own good and it also provides for a testimony as to who actually took action in the attempt to remedy the situation and bring about positive change vs who was simply giving lip service.

Lastly to the pro blacks, it is easy for you to call other black men out as coons, however why will you not bestow these black women with the same designation? The answer is simple, because most of you have been raised by single black mothers who have brainwashed and programmed you into believing that you must revere black women unconditionally. Yet again here is a clear illustration of the lack of care and concern that black women have for you pro blacks aswell as black men in general. Are you beginning to understand what is taking place here or do you wish to continue in willful ignorance? This Negro definitely sees what is going on, the spell for me has been broken. As always………………………………..



Who Is Really The Fool? Random Short Thought!



I just though that I would point something out to you Satan/Lucifer/Devil worshippers that you may have not noticed. The Devil, Satan, Lucifer, that Old Serpent, the cherub that used to cover the throne of the Most High and usher in the praises to him each and every morning is one and the same. There are people who are attempting to make the claim that Satan, the Devil and Lucifer are all separate beings, this is utter nonsense.

Allow me to take you to Isaiah 14:12-14 where your leader at one point made an extremely profound statement in his heart in the past, lets look at what he stated and I will show you the problem that you folks have. Isaiah 14:12-14 reads:

14:12 – How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations!

14:13 – For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

14:14 – I will ascent above the heights of the clouds; I WILL BE LIKE THE MOST HIGH.

See, whilst your leader has you believing that he is the be all and end all of power, he behind your backs is attempting to elevate himself to the standard of somebody who he has acknowledged out of his own mouth is superior to himself. Don’t believe my words, look at the last sentence in verse 14 again, “I WILL BE LIKE THE MOST HIGH”. Why is Lucifer so obsessed with this guy in heaven, what is he a stalker or an undercover fan of his?

See, the joke here is that the same Most High that he is trying to attain to the level of is the same guy that he has persuaded you to hate. Shouldn’t he rightly be labelled at this point as a betrayer, a traitor and a sellout? Why would he paint the Highest in a bad light on one side but then behind the scenes in secret be striving to replicate the very same guy whom he has declared an open hatred for? Satan is simply delusional, his followers in like manner have equally been deceived.

There is also another kicker to this, there is also another man who is the image of the Most High, his name is Christ, oh yes, another guy whom Lucifer has persuaded you to stick two fingers up at and turn against. So I want you to think about this, the Devil persuades you that he is the superior model, that he is the standard to strive towards, yet he himself out of his own mouth which you read for yourselves has admitted that the Most High is superior to him, thus now making him the inferior model. So who is the fool now?

By the way just before I go I know that many of you Satan worshippers will point to the fact that because the world is becoming a darker and more evil place, therefore Satan has the advantage or the upper hand and thus this points to him winning the battle. Err no, sorry! The reason I say this is because the evil kingdom that he is attempting to construct is a complete mess, if his kingdom could be compared to a building, it would have been deemed as unsafe to enter and condemned from the beginning. If you are going to build a kingdom of darkness then at least build it solidly, build it to where things can still function properly.

It is not over yet, the Most High has yet to make his major moves, this is why Satan called him the Most High this is chess not checkers mate. Satan is simply a deluded dunce who believes that he can defeat the most powerful entity in the universe. Having through his thoughts already acknowledged that he is an inferior being, how he believes that this win can still be achieved is beyond me. As for me, I love the Most High and I love Christ, I will be striving to replicate the SUPERIOR MODELS, not the inferior one. Not only that but I already know how the story ends for ol Lucy, not a great prognosis I’m afraid. As always…………………………………….


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

The Current Black Plight – The Truth Very Few Blacks Want To Hear – Short Post!



Since this is black history month in the US(black History month in the UK takes place in October)I thought that I would take the time to examine and analysis the current state of the black nation. This post will be an offshoot of a response that I gave to a brother concerning the conscious community and what my thoughts were on them and the black plight as a whole. The black nation is in some serious trouble, the problem is that there are many prominent figureheads within the black community who profess to care for us as a people, yet when their deeds are closely scrutinised, their actions yet again point to the merchandising, cashing in and taking advantage of the current decadency and degenerate state of black folks just like everybody else.

Remember what I have stated before, if you walk as an individual and refuse to follow men then you cannot be bamboozled, merchandised and used to benefit somebody else’s agenda. I am going to talk about black history, however I will only be going back 60 years. 60 years ago the black family was a solid unit, 85% of black families had a mother and a father in the home. Keep in mind that this was despite the persecution we were receiving from racist whites, from the end of physical slavery until the 1960’s the black family unit was a force to be reckoned with.

In the 1960s however things changed, black women were approached by the white feminist homosexual movement and encouraged to join their cause, which they did. Black women at this time were also approached by the state and presented with the option of welfare. The term and the condition of receiving this welfare would be that no father was allowed to be present in the home any longer. Thus black women jumped at this opportunity, some kicked their men out of the home while others simply moved into government housing.

At this same time the government created employment in middle management positions, they began funneling black women into this job vacancies but would turn down black men who applied for the same. Thus the black woman began to become the earner in the home and in turn raising children by herself, she would slowly over time become the authority and the leader of the family and the community.



Today in 2015 the black family unit is almost a complete and utter wreck, 70% plus of children in the black community are born to single mothers. Modern day black women in general see no problem with this situation, in fact most will actually brag about how it takes “a strong black woman to raise children by themselves”. As I have mentioned in previous posts, the modern day western black women on the whole enjoys the position of authority that has been given to her over black men by her white liberal slave master, as it has long been her desire to be accepted by white society.

Now and only now in her eyes she now feels that she has some sort of value because of her newly appointed position. However, because a female leadership position is not natural, the black woman must maintain this position at any and all costs. Therefore the black woman will go out of her way to emasculate, effeminise, sabotage and destroy the black man, thus this position continues to be held under the control of her hands.

Here is how it works. In the red corner we have the ghetto hoodrat, she is poor, thus through the assistance of the government she will birth 10 different children by 7 different men in order to use both the men and the children as a means to bring in state funding. She is also violent, belligerent and rebellious, will fight anything that moves in the streets and will also perform the most outlandish and stupid acts in order to get some sort of attention. Thus because this woman has no threshold and is allowed to play the fool unchecked, the minds of her children are fragged and destroyed from a very young age. These same children then grow up to be the thugs that we are all too familiar with.

Then in the blue corner we have the college/university educated, corporate, middle class professional black woman. She is earning a 5-6 figure salary, unlike the hoodrat she has no need to birth children in order to garner an income from the state, therefore instead she chooses to murder the children before they are born in the assassination chambers we commonly know as abortion clinics. Black women in the US are murdering on average 1876 unborn children per day. This is why the black population levels in the US have remained the same for at least the last 20 years.



The truth of the matter is that the black woman has been the image and the enforcer of white supremacy for at least the last 50 years, in fact she has performed such a slap up job of destroying the black community alone via her own two hands that white folks have simply put down their tools and have gone to lunch. This is the truth that the conscious/pro black community do not want to acknowledge, these same black woman that they have been sticking up for and protecting have stabbed black men in the back more times than can be numbered. I can partly understand why black women in general have a disdain for black men, after all if we are going to be suckers and continually support and protect traitors and betrayers then we deserve everything that we receive as a result.

Allow me to show you an example of the treachery of the modern day black woman, while these pro black, black to Africa, pyramid head, clenched fist, red, black and green Negroes are toiling night and day to defend and uphold the fallen reputation of this rebellious scoundrel, she on the other hands is making youtube videos explaining to other black women how to get themselves white men, take a look for yourself:

Of course in reality black women look ridiculous making videos such as these as white men have had easy access to black women for at least the last 500 years, what is new about black women or what new thing are they now bringing to the table in 2015 that would cause white men to prefer them over their own women? A head full of somebody else’s hair, false eyelashes, false nails, false eyebrows, excess weight, STDs, 6 children from 4 different fathers(unless you are a professional black woman)? Are these the “gifts” that black women believe are going to propel them into being viewed positively through a new lens?

I really have to scratch my head, here you have the pro black crowd defending black women to the hilt yet these same black women show their appreciation towards you by making videos informing other black women on tips in gaining themselves a white man. By the way, there are plenty more videos where these came from.

The only way that the black community can turn itself around is if it begins to hold the leaders aka black women accountable for their janky actions and decisions. Regrettably though I feel that this will never happen because the pro black conscious crowd males are afraid that if they tell black women to pull their skirts up and beginning holding them to a higher standard, they are afraid that black women will refuse to have sex with them, this is the main reason why they point blank will not check black women and anything at all, ever. This is how weak the western black male has become, to the point where we are so afraid of having our sexual privileges cut short if we demand that black women fix up.

As if you cannot get sex from elsewhere, but of course these same conscious brothers have snagged and shafted  themselves by vowing to “stay true” and “keep it real” for women who have done in the past and still do stab them in the back at every opportunity. If you want to know who has been responsible for the destruction of the black family structure and the black nation for the last 50 years then look no further than the Negro female. White supremacy certainly is alive and well, the only problem is that white supremacy for the last 50 years has always presented itself in the form of a black face, the modern day western black woman.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless









More Institutional Church Beast Trickery – False Representation!

Jefferson Bethke


The institutional church beast infrastructure will simply continue to do what it has always done best, that is lie to the people. One thing that you have to be aware of is those who attempt to approach you from a different angle, yet really they are of the same ilk as the church beast infrastructure. Now, as I have stated before one of the major lies being propagated out of the the church beast is that sex before marriage equals fornication(please see my blog on this subject for more clarification if you haven’t already).

Meet Jefferson Bethke, an “evangelical christian”. This man shot to fame with a video entitled “Why I Hate Religion But Love Jesus”. Now from this guy’s videos he would have you believe that he is genuinely against religious structuring and for the Most High and Christ, however as I keep having to warn folks, do not under any circumstances be fooled by the different gimmicks and slogans that these guys use to approach you with. Let us take a look at one of Bethke’s videos named Sexual Healing and let us see if he is pushing the usual institutional church beast rubbish pertaining to sex before marriage:

Do you see my point, there he is spouting off the same religious false information and propaganda that he claims that he is not a part of. I thought that you hated religion eh Bethke? Of course he and his supporters will never ever question the false doctrine of sex before marriage that has been pushed by the church for 100s of years, instead they will call me ” a devil” or ” a man carrying out Satan’s work”. I have written about this in my up and coming book, how your average institutional church beast member cannot think and reason for themselves, the pastor performs all of their thinking and reasoning functions for them, thus any information that is presented to them from a “foreign” or an “unapproved” source is immediately rejected, even if that information is true and accurate.

The other issue that I have with this video is that he is attempting to paint women as permanent victims. In 2015 the idea of women always being the sole victims of coarse sexual encounters is a fallacy. What about the large portion of women who have falsely claimed that they have been raped only to find out years down the line that the man had committed no such actions(Brian Banks), eh Bethke? Why didn’t you mention that in your video? What about the countless women who deliberately lead men into thinking that they are going to engage them in sex only to cease operations at the last minute, why didn’t you mention that eh Bethke? This guy would attempt to group all women together rather than choosing to represent the best caliber of women by themselves and at the same time eliminating the scum.

Funnily enough, one of Bethke’s mentors is an institutional church bank manager by the name of Tim Keller who runs a bank in New York City by the name of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Do you see how people who are following Bethke believing that they are breaking free from the shackles and the chains of religion are circling right back into the clutches of the institutional church beast system? The thing is men like Bethke will never debate the true meaning of the word fornication according to the bible and not according to his pastor. They will conclude that men such as myself are a distraction from them executing “God’s will”. This is a typical reaction from church beast infrastructure members, do not be surprised.

Look, the Most High is dealing with INDIVIDUALS, he is not dealing with groups, teams, churches, famous pastors, evangelists, historians, theologians, bishops, reverends etc, he is raising up INDIVIDUALS who are nobodies in this world to do his work. Do not be swooned in by fancy poetry and stirring speeches, this guy Bethke and his mentor Keller are disingenuous buzzards who are still forwarding the institutional church beast infrastructure agenda. Show me the works as these are what Christ told me to look out for, do not attempt to entice me with smooth words.

By the way Jefferson, let us just say for argument sake that fornication does indeed equate to sex before marriage, isn’t it easy for you to toot your own horn now that you are married, huh? What about the men and women who are not married and who have to deal with the urges of sex everyday, what is the solution for them? Of course the institutional church never hands you down a solution, they simply instruct you to “pray and trust in God”.

Of course another main issue here is that yet again these Gentiles still continue to walk proudly and behave as though they are the chosen people of the Most High and that somehow we the true Hebrews have been rejected and forgotten of him. The Most High has NOT forgotten us, it is scoundrels such as Bethke who continue to promote the same old ICBI(Institutional Church Beast Infrastructure) doctrines which for them continue to keep the real issues at bay.

One last thing that should be mentioned is you will notice with these characters that they are always appealing Christ to you through emotion. Making the decision to accept Christ must always been done from a logical and unemotional(sober) mindset. These puffed up fellows are no different to sellers in markets, Christ is the product to be pitched and to be sold to consumers.

See, if they were to carry out actions as the bible has instructed and let the works speak for themselves then the message of salvation would make much more sense to observers, however because these ICBI clowns have only words to show and no works, they look stupid, foolish and ridiculous and it is for this very reason that they have no other choice but to resort to pushing the product Christ at you through emotion ie music, poetry, stage plays etc. LAME.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless








Most Hebrews Still Not Getting It-We Are No Longer Under The Curses Of The Most High!



I was prompted to do this post because of a private email I received recently from a sister who told me that my analysis of western black women was too harsh and that I was also failing to take into consideration the curses that the Most High has put us under as a people. One of the main reasons why I have stopped watching the Hebrew groups on youtube for the longest while now is because despite the fact that they have brought to us the true knowledge of who we the so called Negro really is according to his true history, heritage and bloodline, these same groups are still teaching incredible amounts of errors, in fact some of the errors being taught are so outlandish and so ridiculous that absolutely no excuses can be made to justify the teaching of such janky doctrines. One of the major errors being taught by many of these groups is the claim that we are still under the curses bestowed upon us by the Most High because of our disobedience towards him in the past. As per usual these janky teachings always clash with the scriptures which paint quite a different account. I have always maintained the position that most of the woes that we are suffering today have been self inflicted. Let us now look at the scriptures and let us see if we are still under curses from the Highest.

Isaiah 40:1-2 reads:

40:1 Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith your God.

40:2 Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath received of the LORD’s hand double for all her sins.

So according to the second verse the Most High has pardoned our iniquity because we have received a double punishment for all of our sins. This is plain English, you cannot get any clearer than this but the scriptures that speak against our current plight being the fault of the Most High do not stop there. Isaiah 44:22 reads:

44:22 I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and, as a cloud, thy sins: return unto me; for I have redeemed thee.

Yet again, another scripture which clearly states that the Most High has forgiven us and erased our sins and transgressions. Yet according to the majority of these Hebrew groups, we are still under curses from the Highest. The Most High most certainly is not pleased when he is implicated in situations that he has absolutely nothing to do with. If I was him I would certainly be upset at being accused of things that I have no involvement in also. This comes down to the fact that most Negroes simply cannot read English. There is also another reason behind their willful ignorance which I will get into shortly. Isaiah 53:4-5 reads:

53:4 Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted.

53:5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

This is part of the well known prophecy pertaining to the coming of Christ and what he would do for his people. According to verse number 5, through the lashes that Christ received we are healed. Note that it does not state that we are going to be healed ie future tense, this scripture speaks in present tense. So we have a problem, on the one hand we have a load of Hebrews adamantly maintaining that we are still under the curses of the Most High, yet on the other side of the coin we have the Most High himself making the declaration that our sins have been forgiven and that through the suffering of Christ we are healed. Which do you choose to believe? Let us continue, Lamentations 4:22 reads:

4:22 The punishment of thine iniquity is accomplished, O daughter of Zion; he will no more carry thee away into captivity: he will visit thine iniquity, O daughter of Edom; he will discover thy sins.

Now we can see in 2015 that the sins of Edom are clearly being discovered and he is beginning to pay for his crimes. This very same system that we blacks have been complaining about since its conception is finally biting the creator of it in his own backside. This is exactly what happens when you found a whole system upon rape, robbery, murder, pillage and blood, the system will breed parasites who will climb their way to the top and turn upon their own people. This has always happened throughout history, why on earth would people think that anything would change in the 21st century? Continuing on, Ezekiel 35:5 reads:

35:5 Because thou hast had a perpetual hatred, and hast shed the blood of the children of Israel by the force of the sword in the time of their calamity, in the time that their iniquity had an end:

Its seems to me that this is a fundamental time to acknowledge the open persecution of the Hebrew by the hands of Edom. As we have already confirmed via the previous scriptures listed, in the eyes of the Most High we have already paid the price for our sins of the past. As I have stated before, the last curse for us was the ships, now what you have today are the other nations attempting to extend the curses in order for our suffering to continue, however it must be stated that since most Negroes have given up the fight to better themselves and have decided to take on the position of a permanent victim, the other nations need not do much in order to inflict misery and suffering upon us because it seems that we are very efficient at doing that to ourselves. The final scripture I shall mention which echoes Isaiah 53:4-5 is Galations 3:13 which reads:

3:13 Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:

Are you beginning to see for yourself how this “still under the Most High’s curses” doctrine does not hold water when placed in the balances with the scriptures? The fact is that these Hebrew groups just like the institutional church beast infrastructure are merchandising and taken advantage of ignorant blacks. Black folks are being used and merchandised at every turn, from these Hebrew groups to your so called pro black, clenched fist, back to Africa, red, black and green Negroes to white liberals to your minstrel sellout blacks such as Messy Jackson, Alice Sharlaton and so called black organisations. Let us also not forget minstrel pastors such as Jamal Bryant, TD Snakes, Create A Flow of Dollars (Creflo Dollar) and the side show bob bread and circus minstrel buffoons who have and are still taking part in shows such as the Preachers Of LA and the Preachers Of Detroit.

I see no difference between these Hebrew groups and everybody else who is using the so called Negro as their meal ticket as they too encourage black folks to hold onto the victimhood status role(the we are still cursed doctrine slots in perfectly with this position), they do not encourage black folks to think and to reason for themselves and they most certainly don’t encourage black folks to venture down the road of entrepreneurship and to build something for themselves. See Negroes, as long as you continue to wander in a drunken stupor continuously seeking acceptance and leadership, there will always be people lining up to take advantage of your weakened state. This is why I preach individuality and engaging the Most High personally without outside interference, as then you are no longer in a position to be merchandised, used and rinsed out. Am I wrong, your thoughts please………

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless