Black Men – A Quick Guide To Your Number One Enemy, The Modern Day Western Black Woman!



NOTE: When I use the term “black women”, I am NOT referring to all black women but the overwhelming majority or black women in general. It should be obvious to all that unless the term “all” is included with the words “black women”, I am only dealing with a certain demographic of black woman. Sadly though, this demographic has become the majority of western black women today, hence their rapid descent into decadence and oblivion. This post will also be referring to and includes other black women who are attempting to emulate the culture and the lifestyle of the west.

I have recently heard an increasing amount of black men say that if you want to have more of a successful relationship, if you want to get married and give the marriage more of a chance of survival, then the best thing that you can do for yourself is not deal with black women, by that statement they are specifically referring to the modern day black woman of western society. I did not want to believe that things had gotten so bad with the western black woman however after being involved in a discussion over the past week in relation to black women and their obsession with fake hair ie the weave, I am also slowly moving towards this conclusion. The biggest obstacle that I have experienced with the modern day black woman of the west is her lack of ability to be honest and straight forward with herself and frankly put, if she cannot be straight and honest with herself then what chance do you have of obtaining honest and straight forward answers from her?

My observations and my experiences have clearly shown me that western black women are a law unto themselves, they believe that they are always right, they do not believe that they should be corrected on anything when the correction is coming from the mouth of a black man however, she will readily accept with open arms and an open mind any recommendations handed down to her by her new lord, saviour, master and and father, the so called European man. Black men, I hope to give you a quick guide and understanding as to why black women have given us such a hard time and why you cannot reason with and connect with the vast majority of them.



How has the modern day western black woman become so self centered, evil, wicked and dishonest? What changes have taken place over time to bring her to this point of no return, in other words what on earth happened? Lets have a look at what took place. The western black woman has not always been like this, up until the 1960s, the black woman of the west was a pleasant companion who actually listened to her black man, was not struggling with him for power, knew her proper role and place within the black family structure well and cherished this position.

The first problems came in the 1960s-70s with the feminist movement which is really a movement that was founded by lesbians who wanted all women “free and liberated” from the oppression of “men”. Nothing has changed with feminism, it is still homosexual in it core but hides under the cloak of liberation. Black women were somehow persuaded to join this movement, they were convinced by white lesbians that their black men were oppressing them and holding them back from being “free”. When you examine this statement, it is clearly absolute rubbish as black men were not in any position to oppress and hold back anybody yet alone their own women. None the less black women bought into the lies and propaganda and began to kick black men out of the home.

In light of the fact that the majority of black women were not working, the state stepped in to replace the black men who had been ejected. Black women were then offered a deal, the state offered to pay them welfare money as long as they kept the black male out of the house. Black women accepted this offer hands down and so has been the pattern of things within the black community every since. When you hear black women state that they are independent, what they are really saying is that they are independent of black men and their assistance however, they are not independent when it comes to assistance from the state. They need the state and without the state they would be homeless and destitute.

The “state” has also aided the western black woman in terms of employment by erecting a numerous amount of middle point managerial positions, the majority of which have been offered to them only, the black male has been strategically kept away from the majority of these positions, normally being offered an “alternative” post of a lesser position. The state has also given black women preference when it comes down to children, choosing to give custody of the children to a ratchet black mother in place of a stable and level headed black father.

When we look at the entire picture, the aim of the state has been to place the black women over the black man and for the most part this has been a successful mission.



The modern day black woman has been trained by the best, the white man has indeed trained her well to take care of and do the job of oppressing the black male financially, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and sometimes even physically. The black woman is simply the white man’s new flunky to oppress and hold down the black male while masser is away from the house and the black woman has done a very fine job in her  white father’s absence. When I think about the most horrible things that have been done to me as a black man, they were not committed by a white man or a person of any other nationality, they were done to me by a black woman and I am sure that many other black men can attest to this also.

She has been trained to listen to her master only, hence why many of you black men wonder why you are having or have had great difficulty in communicating with black women. The black woman of today has been recruited and trained to torment and persecute the black male from birth unto death and nobody can tell me that this is not true. I challenge you black men to look at your own experiences or the experiences of your friends or family members. Black women actually hate black men, their desire is to step in place of the white women and become the new husband of the white man. Of course this is only a pipe dream and it will never happen however this hasn’t stopped the black woman from executing any and all methods trying to make it happen in reality. She will only ever be a side piece play thing for the white man to amuse himself with from time to time. This is not the desired outcome she wants but it is one that brings her satisfaction none the less.

The black women has been placed over the black man and has been given power and authority over him by her new lord and master the white male, for the most part she has enjoyed treading him under foot and smashing him down to the ground. In fact the black woman has joined ranks with and collaborated with other nationalities in mocking the black male and keeping him down on his knees in order to please her white father and gain his acceptance. Of course we black men know the true nature of the white male, he will never accept the black women and declare her to be his friend, NEVER.

The white male has persuaded his new flunky to carry out all kinds of reprobate actions and the black woman has bowed to his every instruction from branding herself like a cow with tattoos over nearly every part of her body to the donning the ultimate expression of self hatred, the weave. Black women today are mentally unstable creatures, they do not like themselves and every since they have turned against us they have tried anything and everything in their power to distance themselves from any and all things black, that includes you black man. This is why you cannot get any love from most black women anymore, they have changed into unrecognisable wild beasts who will savage a black male in a second yet on the flip side are easily soothed by the melody played by their master’s instrument when he graces her with his presence.

Black women are extremely selfish beings in that they want you as a black male to be miserable at their hands while they can be happy and go off to play. They also want to keep you in place as a last option to return to if their pipe dream does not manifest itself. Yes black men, today you are the last option and the fallback choice for black women if they are unable to obtain their “white” knight in shining armour. It has been this way for a very long time and it is about time we as black men have to stop accepting and welcoming back these traitorous black women when they have returned from their fun in the park, normally with a load of baggage included to boot.

This has also been the main reason why black women have gone out of their way to demonize white women and it is not because white women generally are no good. See black men, they know that you can cross the fence at anytime, date and marry a white women if you choose to do so, yet the options for them to do the same in relation to white men are very slim to almost none, the ratio is very different for them. Black women in general are extremely jealous of white women hence why they are always trying their hardest to look like and emulate them. Look at the jealousy that arises when white women begin to copy and do things that black women do, black women will immediately go out on a rampage attack on these women, why, because they are extremely insecure people who are desperately looking for validation from their lord and master, the white male. BLACK WOMEN DO NOT WANT YOU TO LOOK AT WHITE WOMEN AS AN OPTION, PERIOD. Validation from you black men is the equivalent to spit, nose mucus, flem and vomit in the eyes of a black women, your attempts to validate them is not what they seek after yet at the same time they will attack and savage you with no hesitation if you begin to look elsewhere. Damn hypocrites!



Black men in huge numbers are beginning to break out of a spellbound state and revolt against the tyranny that the black woman has railed against them for at least the last 40 years and as a result, the modern day western black woman is in panic mode. Enough is enough, as a black male I am standing up and taking back my power and authority. I refuse to be marginalised and trodden upon by black women any longer. I can speak from my own experiences in life and say that black women have really given me the hardest time in my life. It is obvious that you black women do not like us black men, I just wish that you would be honest about it but of course black women cannot be be honest with themselves so how can we expect them to be honest with us?

The title of “black queens” has been misappropriated towards today’s black women. Black monsters and wild beasts would be the more appropriate terms to describe the modern day black woman of the west.

What queen goes out of her way to resemble a different nationality of people and attempts to defend this insane behaviour when it is pointed out by others in plain view?

What queen brands herself with tattoos?

What queen slays her own offspring inside the womb at 4 times the rate than any other nationality of woman?

What queen terrorises and persecutes her own king and her own children in the home day after day relentlessly?

What queen opens her legs to “deadbeats” as black women like to refer to no good Negro males as, and then has the audacity to complain about very these same males in the same breath?

What queen wears fake eye lashes, construction site layers of make up, fake nails, off colour contact lenses etc?

What queens attempts to bleach her skin to look like a women whom she considers to be her inferior(the “white women do it too” excuse is a poor one)?

What queen searches for attention by shaking her backside and then posting it up on the internet for all to see?

What queen hates herself?

What queen is dishonest, prideful, arrogant and refuses to listen to her king?

What queen would sell her own males down the river for 30 mites of silver and some breadcrumbs?

What queen does not think before she executes certain actions?

What queen is mentally unstable and totally dysfunctional in the mind?

What queen goes out of her way to make herself the jester of the court and a laughingstock among other nations in order to be accepted?

I could carry on and on exposing the ridiculous and outlandish behaviours of the modern day black woman of the west but I feel that you are getting the point, these are NOT the behaviours that people calling themselves “queens” should be exhibiting. You see, black men have been continually bashed by black women for at least the last 40 years plus and we as black men for the most part have taken this bashing, being raised in homes by single mothers has not helped many of us as we have been taught to listen to female authority no matter how ridiculous and foolish and we have been equally taught to rebel against the authority of a man. Quite simply black women have enjoyed ruling over black men in terror and in fear. The modern day black women of the west is no better than a terrorist and a modern day violent hooligan.

As a result of this black women feel that they should be excused for their reprobate actions and that nobody has the right to tell them otherwise(except for their white father). The black woman will stand on the sidelines, cheer and clap her hands when the black male is reprimanded for outlandish behaviour however, as soon as the sights are turned upon her and she is equally requested to give an account of her outlandish actions, she immediately pulls out her encyclopedia of 10001 excuses and frantically begins to sift through the pages in panic and in anger, looking for anything to throw back at the questioner as if the person has no right to question what she does.

Sorry black women, your hyde is ripe for the roasting just like anybody else who carries out dumb and stupid actions and who lives day to day like a buffoon and a circus clown. You will be pulled up for your reprobate activities and your encyclopedia of excuses will not help you under my watch and if you think that you can throw names and pre-prepared slogans at me in an attempt to muster up a guilt trip or to derail my efforts to hold you accountable, think again black. I have been studying and watching you well plus I have a copy of your training manual so I already know what you are going to throw back at me in retaliation.

We as black males have failed in not bringing black women to task for their wild, outlandish, reprobate behaviour earlier on and now behold the mess that black women are in today, likened to wild animals who are totally unpredictable and who have gotten completely out of control. Many of us have defended their ratchet behaviour and stood behind black women through thick and thin, however the time has come for black women to catch the heat for THEIR ACTIONS BY THEMSELVES, whether for good or for bad.

The truth be told black men, the majority of black women enjoy sitting in your position of authority and they simply do not want to give the power and authority back up to you, the rightful owner. They simply love this Babylon system and enjoy its perks and the dainty treats, most of which have been given to the black women as a reward for the treachery that she has committed against the black man over the period that she has reigned over you. It is time to start exposing the corrupt exploits of black women. I understand that many of us have been afraid to check black women in fear of her white father and the repercussions thereof. Many of you can testify to being arrested and being thrown in jail, some thrown in prison, some wrecked financially and I’m sure you know somebody who has lost their life because of a ratchety black woman.

However, what is different now is that this system is beginning to crumble and thus the black woman’s power over you is also begin to slip. Black women know that we are coming out of the spell, they see us beginning to remove the shackles and they are trying everything within their power to place us back under the spell. They will even say to us that by holding them accountable, we are “self hating”. Utter rubbish. Self hatred is putting a lump of hair on your head that looks nothing like your own. How you weave wearers can even begin to talk about self hatred is bizarre within itself. Your weave is the ultimate declaration of self hatred black woman. Black women will pull anything out of the hat to keep you down in your current position black man, remember this woman really does not like you, you are no longer her heart’s desire therefore you shouldn’t be surprised at the lengths that she will go to, to rail against you.


crossroads sign

Black man, the possibilities for you are endless, unlike the black woman, you can go to any nationality of woman that you want and you have a greater chance of success simply for the facts that you won’t be dealing with a woman who hates you, is trying to make your life a misery and would possibly kill you if given the opportunity. Also women outnumber men in the world therefore men are in greater demand. First and foremost most western black women are a lost cause. I will admit that there are still some decent western black women out there however the numbers are very small in comparison with the trash that you are going to have to wade through first. You have to decide if it is worth the trouble searching for those gems. If you do decide to search then you are going to require alot of patience. If you have already been successful in linking up with a decent black woman who is truly honest, then hold on to her as she has become a rarity.

The next option is a far better one as far as I am concerned and the chances of yielding good results are much higher. I recommend looking for a black woman who comes from a different cultural background altogether, preferably one where family values and family traditions are still held to high order. The reason for this is that you will have more of a chance of finding a women who grew up with both parents in the home and thus the woman will more likely know how to relate to a man properly, pay the man reverence and know her place and her role in a family setting should the relationship develop further. This type of woman is least likely to give you any major problems. Again, you have to ensure that she has not been contaminated with the ways of the west or if she has, the contamination is in its early stages and can be purged out and eradicated with little difficulty.

Another option is to go for a woman from a totally different nationality altogether. This is a move that many black men have already opted for having been completely worn out by the western black woman and as a result preferring to take their chances with a completely different nationality. Again, the objective here is to look for a woman within a culture where family traditions and family values are upheld to the highest degree and yet again it is a better position for you if you can find a woman who grew up with both parents in the home. This factor makes such a difference when it comes down to the way the woman treats and interacts with the man. As I stated before, you want as little of the western influence present in the woman as possible, preferably no western influences present at all is the better option.

Obviously you would do well in either of the above 2 cases to learn something about the lady’s culture and if possible learn a little of the language too. This will at least show her that you are interested in more than just sex. Learning a new language can be exciting and bring about a completely different perspective and direction in your life. Who says that life has to be regimented? As is the case with all women, you already know to be on the lookout for dodgy characters and women exhibiting strange behaviour. Dodgy women are everywhere, they are not just confined to the western black women.



Many of us black men are quite frankly sick and tired of your crap. You are not above and beyond reproach and you certainly are not above correction. I personally am tired of the hypocrisy when it comes to you black women. You will stand in the corner with your pom poms and cheer on when black men are being fired upon regardless of who is doing the firing. This action really shows us with whom your loyalties lie. Nethertheless, when it is your turn to take some fire, you never fail to pull out the O Ye Faithful encyclopedia of excuses and start talking about how we need to join together and work through our problems as a team. If this strategy fails to work, you then resort to name calling and slogan throwing in an attempt to take the heat of your back. This is hypocrisy at its highest degree. How can I work through the fact that it is you black women who are slaying innocent children in the womb at 4 times the rate of other women? Abortion is your department not mine and so the heat for abortion must go on your head and your head alone. The same applies to wearing weaves, off colour contacts lenses, fake eye lashes, fake nails, truck loads of make up etc, these are your sins, this is your attempt at trying to distance yourself from who you are, men are not doing these things so again, the heat for these thing must fall upon your head and your head alone.

Secondly, you are not white, you will never be white, you will never be accepted by white people and you most certainly will never replace the white woman as the new wife of the white male. Nationalities of people on the whole prefer to settle down with somebody from the same background as themselves. Sorry black women, your pipe dream of being swept off your feet by a white knight in shining armour will for the vast majority of you remain just that, A DREAM. The sooner that you black women get this through your thick skulls and accept the facts above is the sooner that you can begin to genuinely move on, love yourselves again and stop trying to be somebody whom you are not.

Now, every time you black women do something outlandish and stupid or take on board a new “trend” handed down to you from your white father which is dumber than the last, Verbs is going to be there shining a bright torch into your black face like a police interrogation, exposing the stupidity for what it is. The “Your mother is black” excuse is not going to help you, my father is also black and he wasn’t doing half of the stupidity that you black women have picked up today. There is no end to the nonsense that you black women will try to pull out of the hat to excuse your ratchet behaviour. You want to talk about respect, you can learn to respect yourself by first removing that mop from your head and quit trying to look like somebody whom you are not.

You want to talk about love, you can first learn to love yourself and appreciate who you are. How can you expect love to flow in your direction when you hate yourself and anything that is associated with you? As I have stated before, that weave on your head is the ultimate sign of self hatred. You weave wearers cannot dare talk about self hate until you remove those contraptions from your heads. How can you even talk about love when you are going about getting tattoos all over your body, branding yourself like a farm animal being marked for ownership purposes?

You black women are like vampires when it comes to the truth, you scurry into the dark when the light exposes your crimes, snarling, nashing your teeth and foaming at the mouth in the shadows like a rabid dog. Well, if you don’t like being called out for your iniquities, stop doing stupid and dumb stuff, then logically you cannot be called out. Stop giving people the ammunition to call you out time and time again. You can call me what names you want, you have been running wild for the last 40 years and you have destroyed millions and millions of lives in the process of your wild excursions and if you think that I am going to ease up off your case, you’d better think again.

Everytime you pick up some dumb nonsense to run with, Verbs is going to be there holding a mirror to your black face so that you can look at the reprobate you have become again and again. Your reign of terror over black men is terminating and will soon be brought to a complete stop. I suggest that you start looking for alternative employment as your white father will not have very much use for you after the black male has fully liberated himself from your oppressive clutches. You made this bed black women and you are going to lie in it one way or the other.


African American woman screaming and pointing her finger

BLACK MEN, it is time for us to stand together and reclaim our rightful positions. The western black women’s behaviour against you is simple to explain, she is not your friend, she sees you as an enemy, a person to be persecuted, trodden upon and used, her heart is with her white father, not with you. She is a modern day rebel and a wild hooligan who has been reared by the European man’s hand. He has warped and twisted her mind with all kinds of dodgy doctrines. The black women of today  is a completely unstable and dysfunctional creature. She does not want to change, she wishes others around her to change while she remains the same in the hopes that things will improve for the better.

She will not relinquish the power that is rightfully yours, move on and find somebody else. Leave these black women alone to their own devices, they will soon know what time it is. Shahrazad Ali in the 80s and 90s tried to warn these black women about the road that they were and still are taking and how it would not end well for them, at least she was honest enough to acknowledge that black women needed to take the blame for their part in this whole fiasco but they didn’t listen to her and had no hesitation throwing their own sister under the bus.

Even black women who claim to “love the Lord” over time when the truth is shone in their faces will Jeckle and Hyde in front of your eyes. A black women who can admit and be honest about what black women have done to black men, to themselves and to their children without introducing a “but” or a “however” into the sentence, without becoming aggressive and swearing her mouth off is the only black women that you should ever have respect for. Anything other than this form of confession is quite frankly in my opinion dodgy and full of evil intentions. Black women simply cannot be honest with themselves and with other people, they can lie to themselves day after day and feel no way whatsoever, this is how diabolical, evil and wicked the modern day black woman of the west has become.

It is time to start burning black women with the light of truth. We black men have clearly seen that treating them with kid gloves has only worsened the problem and that men jumping to their defence regardless of the level of crimes that they have committed has not helped either. Black men, you need to allow black women to burn in their own truth, they have gotten you to automatically jump to their defence when they are held accountable for their foul actions, it is time to let them defend themselves and stop allowing yourselves to be used as human shields for a bunch of selfish creatures who by and large do not like you and who desire to sleep with and be the wife of your enemy, the so called European man. If that isn’t spitting in your face then what is? The western black women is your number one enemy of today, she has passed the white man in being the number one threat to the black male. She is just as evil as the so called white man and will not stop at anything until you are in the ground 6 feet deep. Black men, you need to put your emotions aside and begin to look at the black woman for what she truly is, a self hating merciless monster who is trying her best to kill off her own kind as per the instructions of her lord and saviour, the European male.

The gravy train of Babylon is over for the black woman, her usefulness to the European man is soon coming to an end. As I have commented before, the European man typically is a user, he will take what he wants from you and simply move on to newer pastures, this is the way he has always worked. Black women honestly thought that the “relationship” that they have with the European man would last for ever. This is the typical mentality of western black women, they lack the reasoning and critical thinking skills needed to think a situation through to its fullest outcome or the worst case scenario. They are so easily manipulated, charge them up emotionally and they are ready to go and will practically carry out any and all instructions given to them without using their brains at all. Then after the deed is done and you begin to talk about it, they never fail to call you “a hater” or somebody who must be bitter, any excuse other than the fact that they are the ones who are fault and should be looking at themselves in shame, not attempting to shame other people because your pride obstructs you from receiving correction. As I stated before black women, you behave in the exactly the same manner as and are no different to the circus clown at the local town fair or the jester of the king’s court.

For those of you black women who are offended by this, GOOD, you must be the ones who fit the profile of a ratchet western black woman. You are grown up, you are not children(though you wish to be treated like children perpetually) and you are in a leadership position so you should be able to take the flack for your irresponsible actions. Those of you who do not fit this profile but yet are also offended at the content, this only goes to prove my point that black women lack critical thinking and reasoning skills. If you want to lump yourself in with reprobate black women then go ahead and knock yourself out but do not step to me expecting me to water down my message. I do not preach for claps nor the choir, I declare the truth raw, undiluted and direct and I will continue to do so as a man ought to.

Sorry black women, you are now going to have to stew in your own urine and feces from this point forward and nobody is coming to clean out your dirty kennel, get used to it.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual

Most High Bless

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90 thoughts on “Black Men – A Quick Guide To Your Number One Enemy, The Modern Day Western Black Woman!

  1. Atricia says:


    I usually agree with the observations you make and I do with this post. However I am personally offended by you encouraging the black man to look for women, black or otherwise who have been raised in a home with two parents. I came from a single parent home, yet I am not rachet, I do not year weaves, I am in fact a natural haired black queen. I am self educated, I have a good job and I love my black brothers. Does me coming from a single parent home, make me undesirable?

    • Verbs2013 says:

      Of course not, however the fact remains that a relationship has a far better chance of survival if the woman has been raised in a two parent household, as she has the raw blueprint already in place on how to interact with, how to treat a man and where her proper place is within a family structure.

      This is not my opinion, this is a fact. With women raised in a single parent household normally under these circumstances this ability has to be self taught, many a time with the results not being as successful as the preferred above.

      I am going to recommend the best situation first to black men, this is standard procedure and a common sense thing to do with regards to their welfare, relationships especially.

      I am glad to hear that you do not fit the ratchet profile and that you do not wear a weave. Remember that me recommending that men should preferably search for women who have come from 2 parent households as first preference does not automatically mean that women from a single parent household are undesirable. That not what I have stated anywhere in this post. Again, I have to put forward the best scenario first based on the typical results, it is what any person would do.

      • Atricia says:

        Thanks for clearing that up Verbs. Keep telling the truth.

      • Verbs2013 says:

        Your welcome Atricia, I will continue to tell the truth as long as I have breath in me.

      • Brittany says:

        Ok so what about women who were brought in an UNHAPPY two parent house hold? Growing up with two parents does not automatically mean that a woman will know how to treat a man. Her mother may not have set the example. All married women aren’t role models to their daughters so there’s still fallacy to your logic. And btw, those “facts” that you stated come from statistics written by whites who intended to shed light on their own alleged superiority to blacks that come from both single parent homes and two parent homes.

      • Verbs2013 says:


        Nobody here stated that growing up in a two parent home was a guarantee that a woman would know how to treat a man, I don’t know where you read that in my post. I stated that typically the marriage that she enters into will have more of a chance of success. There are no absolutes that I am making here. It is common sense that this cannot be done.

        On the facts part, I need only peruse through my local streets, talk to my friends and other people who I know to collate the same evidence. You do not need to gather the information from the white man, black women are supplying the information freely via their belligerent and outlandish behaviours. It is not secret, these things are out in the open for all to see.

  2. ann says:

    single home or not atricia, you should not be offended at all. It seems like you are looking for a clap and hooray good job cause you are self taught. If it doesn’t fit, why be angry? When you meet the guy, aren’t your natural niceness will outshine your 1 parent background anyway? So it does not matter. I’m a black woman.

    • Atricia says:

      Ann, I never said I was angry, I said I was offended. Unfortunately for me I did not get to choose my parents or the situation i was born into. Not expecting a clap or any other accolades.

      • ann says:

        That’s true. I didn’t choose mine either. But someone who followed the bible and Most High to the T, told me this: Forget your past. This was the Most High’ will. No need to keep dwelling in it, and getting depressed over it”. Most high told her this to tell me. And so it it!

  3. Amarie says:

    This is a great post and I agree with you Verbs. There is a book that I have been reading by Shahrazad Ali called The Black Man’s Guide to Understanding the Black Woman and it describes Black Women and their behavior and solutions you can use to help deal with your woman. I was offended at times reading this book, but it made me see the errors in my behavior as a Black woman and I have been working hard to correct them. Sharahzad Ali says that the feminist movement was for the white woman and her man, but black women wanted to join and most have been in a downward spiral eversince. Black women have been taking a terrible hit but this too shall pass and I believe those who are taking better care of themselves and trying to be the best woman they can will be okay.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      I have been meaning to buy that book. She has been rattling the same message and warning to black women for years but most haven’t bothered to listen. Its not as though we can say that she was exaggerating, look at the crisis that black women face today, Shahrazad Ali was spot on in her analysis.

      I watched a short 4 minute clip on you tube of her on a talk show, I was completely disgusted at how the black women in the audience who spoke threw her under the bus with no hesitation.

      That feminist movement was and still is the anathema to the unity of black men and black women. I’m personally convinced that the state worked in collaboration with the feminist movement to remove black women from under the protection and the safety of the black male but at the same time, black women made that choice to join a cause that had nothing to do with them. Now black women are reaping the whirlwind.

      I agree, those black women who are truly reforming(not just in words but in actions also)will be spared from the horrible wrath that is to come to the majority of black women.

  4. J.R. says:

    Greetings Verbs, always great to see more inspired posts. Now I have a bone to pick with you…nah I’m joking you know I got love for you and be feeling your posts. I want to say that as a single black man, with no children and I’ve never been married, it saddens me that the honest reality is that black women, real honest down to earth black women, aren’t at all checking for me. I’m not morbidly obese but I can stand to lose weight and get in shape, which I plan to do. However, I wasn’t always a bigger guy; even when I was smaller and in better shape, black women were NOT checking for me. In college is we’re I dated my first white woman and I got soooo many hate comments from black women that I was just simply confused. Now here it is you don’t want me but then you don’t want anyone ELSE to have me either? Needless to say I was young and rejection from black women didnt hurt because I had gotten used to it.

    I dated a white woman again but this time it was in the beginning of my awakening and I realized that I don’t really want a white woman as my wife but before our break up, we had a lot of fun and it wasn’t at a bar or club, I didn’t have to spend my entire check on her all the time. Before i met her, i had just moved to a new state, had been living and working for 4 years and couldnt find a black woman’s interest. Most were concerned about building a career more than a family. In the 4th year I met a white woman and she was very kind and attentive to me and affectionate which is what I like. 1 time on a date, we went into Chili’s and two black women turned to look at us and started shaking their heads. Thoughts of college came rushing back but this time it made me laugh because I was yet again being judged by women who didn’t want me. When I began to wake up from the matrix, I realized that I would give the rest of my attention to either a black or brown woman and I feel as though my journey will be a long and arduous one because until I can search overseas for a mate to meet and marry; I will have to be content with being single here in the States.

    Sure not all women are like that, sure there are good girls out there somewhere in the STATES. But how is it that a buddy of mine from the same tore up ratchet city that I’m from can move to the same new state that I did and the first black woman he dates turns his current lifestyle into a single dad raising his daughter while she goes out and party and talks to other guys and contributes zero to the household and the raising of their child.

    It’s about 5 of us, friends who all left a crapfest city and moved way across country to a new state. Now two of the guys have dated black women, (take note that a lot of the black women in this new state/city claim they can’t find good black men and that all the black men want white women), and the black women they dated, might as well have come from the same horrid city we came from if they were going to be such terrible choices. My point is that, I don’t want white, I’m not interested in white, I’m interested in beautiful black and brown. But Verbs, I have to agree, they do stupid stuff and sound dumb as a box of rocks, really dumb rocks and get mad at me cause I don’t make 4-6 figures on a regular to pay for a lifestyle that THEY can’t even afford. Stop watching music videos and the show The Game if you can’t separate fiction from reality and truth.
    I am not looking forward to this journey but perhaps good will result in the long run payoff. When women say they are strong and Independent, what does that mean? Strong for who? Independent of what? My own mother has shown me that she has hatred for herself and my sister as well. I weep internally for them for they are my own blood and they don’t see that blonde hair and weave is a declaration of someone else’s crown being superior to your own. Whatevs, anyway Verbs, good job and I’m going to start calling them the way I see it too cause silence is violence just the same. Later bro.

    Your brother in the struggle


    • Verbs2013 says:

      Always good to hear from you brother Green. Yes sir, Im afraid that the prognosis is pretty bad when it comes to the modern day western black woman as a whole. Most of them wear weaves and thus hate themselves and all things associated, that would include black men. The whiteness is the new standard that they are trying to attain to and as a result they have become the number one enemy of the black male, so much so to the point that they are literally willing participants happy to take over and carry out the task of destroying their own nation for their white father.

      I hear many black people talking about working together with the black woman however how can you work together with a woman who refuses whole heartedly to be completely honest with herself first? How can you work together with a woman who hates herself and all things associated, better still, how can you work together with somebody who hates you? I am still waiting for an answer on that one. I keep seeing the same pattern with black women, even those that mean well, they want black men to take a portion of the blame for the iniquities that they have committed by themselves and I’m sorry, I will not do that. The black woman must stand alone and be held accountable alone for the reckless actions that she has carried out alone.

      Her behaviours are cut from the very same cloth as the so called European man, he is the one who trained her. As he dodges accountability when his feet are held to the fire, she in like manner does the same. If you want to understand the modern day black woman of the west, understand the European man as she is the opposite side of the same coin. It is a harsh truth to face that as a black man you are the last choice for the black woman of the west but hey, look at the lack of love that you get from them, does this not at least confirm that something isn’t right?

      The problem now is where good black men and women have failed to check these reprobates, they have swamped us out and as a result trying to find a good sister is like trying to locate the proverbial needle in the haystack. Black women of the west today typically hate children, they view children as a curse and a burden hence why it is the modern day western black woman carrying out 4 times as many assassinations of children in the womb than women from other nationality backgrounds. They really hate their daughters and are jealous of them because their daughters remind them of what they used to be like when they were young. Today’s modern day black woman on the whole is psychologically damaged and a totally dysfunctional creature who has become a menace to society.

      I have to call it out for what it is, too many blacks are simply navel gazing. This mentality of thinking that ignoring the major issues within our community is noble and honourable and that by doing so the issues will go away is insane. As is clearly evident, our problems are still here and will only disappear when we begin to face our problems directly, deal with our problems directly and not think that we have to be nice about everything or be nice to everyone.

      Yeap, this is the modern day black woman of the west generally, a selfish being who wants to venture off and play with her white father but if things do not work out, she always wants the option of returning back to you……but you cannot go off and do your own thing in the meantime, you must wait for her to return even if she manages to bring her pipedream to reality and marry her white idol.

      This message was a long time in the making and I held it off thinking that things might improve for us but I was mistaken. The black woman is going to have to get her hyde roasted from now on, she has played the fool for too long and gotten away with it. No longer on Verb’s watch, I have a responsibility to call out ratchetness regardless of the originator and black women are not exempt from scrutiny, rebuke and correction though because they have been placed over black men, they seem to think that they can do whatever they like without being questioned or pulled up about it. Not anymore.


    • Lynn says:

      I’m sorry you went through those things brother. You sound really nice. I love big guys. I would treat you like gold. I am a black women that is the total opposite if what this article speaks. But I get treated like I’m not worth anything. I don’t have my hand out or have an attitude so I’ve been told I’m not enough of a challenge. Even still I don’t give up on black men. And dont want nothjng to do with a white man. Keep searching for your black/brown love. You will find her because she is looking for you :)

  5. intheknow7 says:

    Well done. Fait accompli…

    • Verbs2013 says:

      In the know7, its been a long time. Glad to see that you are still wounding the NWO with the truth and knowledge. Keep up the good work.

  6. Braceyourself says:

    I’ve never seen such a titanic pile of bull shit. Every utterance in this river of LIES is the exact opposite of what is really going on with BW and Bm. And no, the capped w in BW is not meant to be a statement ( as one brother put it in another post elsewhere) it’s just the auto correct doing it.
    Anyway BW are not the enemy of Bm. It’s the other way around!!! Not once have I heard this weak link say anything about the decades where Bm have been haunting ww trying to be accepted by whites. Until very very very recently they wouldnt really even take care of the kids they had with bw only non bws kids. Nothing about the fathers of the aborted babies walking out after the pregnant teen or woman asks if they will help raise it. Nothing about the Bm that reject BW w/ natural hair in preference for those with straight hair. Not to mention ur rejection of dark BW. Nothing about Bm that keep their heads shaved bc they do t want to deal with nappy hair. Nothing about ww that get Botox, collagen inj. and tan constantly (which is far more dangerous than a weave) and btw BW do this to look good for you. But I suspect you want to attack BW s weaves bc they often make them look good and you don’t want BW to look good bc that limits who will want Bw bc u assume wm or other men won’t want them w natural hair either bc U don’t. Ur a really twisted bro and you really need to evaluate ur insane jealousy and hatred of BW. Sounds more like U want wm for yourself. Hmmmm…

    • Verbs2013 says:


      You have been expected and I see that you have brought along the typically ancient arguments that black women have been using to justify their sand drag, drag net ratchet behaviour. Let me just deal with your foolishness, this will serve as a witness to all who pass by here at just how illogical and irrational black women in general can be.

      The difference between black men trying to be accepted by white people vs black women doing the same is that these black men have always been and are still a minority in number. Secondly, you do not see black men walking around with European male hair wigs on their heads trying to fit in with the white man whereas the majority of black women have gone all out with that European mop of hair on their heads. I honestly do not see the difference between a circus clown at the local town fair and the majority of black women today, both wear building site layers of makeup, both wear outlandish clothing which is designed to stand out in a provocative manner and both wear ridiculous wigs. The difference between the clown and the black woman is at least the clown knows that he looks ridiculous, not for a second does he think that he looks normal wearing outlandish and ridiculous regalia.

      Black women in general typically use the children as a weapon, they without fail will always leverage the children against the black male, that is what the majority of black women are best at doing and by the way, the black male was looking after his children perfectly well until a large portion of black women decided that they would join a movement that had nothing to do with themselves and thus after boot the black male out of the home in exchange for filthy lucre from your father the government. I see that you do not want to mention the fact that a large number of cases involve the black mother deliberately obstructing the black father from seeing his children, this is another factoid that you have conveniently glossed over.

      This is how treacherous and deceitful black women can be, you obstruct the black male from seeing his children and lie thereafter calling the black father a deadbeat and false claiming that he doesn’t want to see his children and support them, you then report him to your father the state in order to rinse him dry for child support money(most of which you will use to buy that stupid weave, look after yourself first, feed your children the cruddiest GMO food and have them walking around like tramps and vagabonds) and on top of this you then tell the children that their father doesn’t care about them as to the reason why he doesn’t come to see them. This is how evil black women in general have become, most lie till they are blue in the face and they can still look at themselves in the mirror with pride and honour. You cannot phase me, I have your handbook handed down to you from the European man, again, I already know the tactics and the tricks that you are going to use against me.

      This brings us onto the assassination of the unborn child in the womb. A father walking away from a pregnant woman is not an excuse for you to attempt to wipe out the entire Negro race. Number 2, what is the problem with having the child and putting it up for adoption? Of course, most black women actually hate children hence the high assassination rate of the unborn. The other obvious point here is that it is the woman that goes through the assassination procedure, not the man. You cannot evade this fact and don’t you forget it. You would actually attempt to distribute the blame to others for you killing children in the womb with your own bloody hands? This again proves my point of how dumb, evil, wicked, diabolical, dishonest, illogical and irresponsible most black women have become. Kill the child because the father walks away????? Is this the dumb logic that you are bringing to the table eh reprobate????

      Do you know what makes me laugh, is how most of you black women will continually use the white woman as a barometer in an attempt to excuse your stupidity, yet you black women are supposed to be so called “queens” and you claim that the white woman is inferior to you. If this is the case, why would you continually compare yourself to somebody whom you claim is inferior??? Since when does a “queen” compare herself to “inferior” subjects?

      Here we go again with the stupidity, you trying to compare a black man getting a hair cut to wearing an artificial European mop top???? Head shaved or head nappy, the black male still looks like and can clearly still be identified as black. Also, since when are shaved heads unique to any particular nationality of males? When it comes down to black women and weaves however, the story is completely different as you are actually attempting to change your appearance to another nationality of people. Sorry black, that one is not going to fly here. Remember, I have your handbook, I am fully aware of what you will attempt to throw at me and the stupid reasoning and dumb logic you will attempt to engage in.

      You black women honestly think that you look good wearing somebody else’s hair on your head, are you for real??? You black women who wear weaves look absolutely ridiculous and stupid. If a white man was to wear a Afro wig and walk down the street he would be laughed to scorn immediately and ridiculed, yet you black women walk down the streets with these ridiculous contraptions on your head everyday and you are so deluded and dysfunctional in your minds, you actually believe that you look normal and that this behaviour is acceptable. No problem, continue to place those wigs on your heads and continue to be the laughingstock and the butt of jokes among other nations of men and women.

      Me jealous of black women?? Most black women have relegated themselves to a reprobate class, ratchet, uncontrollable, dysfunctional, wild beasts of burden with absolutely no direction and no hope for the betterment of themselves whatsoever. I still like the black female, I just despise the black female who looks like a circus clown and the king’s court jester. Comparing getting a tan to donning a weave??? Again, white women come in different shades and large lips and large butts are not exclusive to black women, sorry.

      Black men have simply clocked onto the game plan that you had forged in the past in secret together with your white father. Black men are simply standing up and exercising the other options that have always been available to them, yet were placed aside in the hope that black women would fix up their act. Clearly, this hasn’t happened with most black women and to be honest for the majority of black women things will remain the same.

      Moved on??? Exactly what nation of men wants you? Exactly who are you moving on to? Since the majority of you are now only seen as sex objects and you continually confirm this position by shaking your booties, taking pictures of yourselves from the side or behind in order to show off your booty and post it on the internet, exactly what other nationality of men is going to take you seriously and view you as quality girlfriend/wife material? Answers on a post card please. Remember, your transfer rate into successful interracial relationships leading to marriage is far lower than it is for a black male, much lower. Remember, over 70% of black women are single, the numbers speak for themselves.

      Black women are wearing weaves simply because you are trying to emulate your white so called “inferior” subjects yet in trying so hard to mimic the white female, you are actually exalting her and declaring her as the superior being and the standard to attain to. Black women, is there no end to your dumb stupidity and your warped senseless reasoning?

      • Braceyourself says:

        You’re the worst kind of blow heart. You never shut up long enough to breathe. Hopefully that’ll kill you soon. As for Bm who haunt ww being in the minority. I think it’s bs but Bm always roll that one out there with a flag. If so then as you put it BW are doing it far less than Bm so what’s the big deal? Why the war cry? Bm still walk around with stockings on their heads to keep there hair flat. Some of them even grow it long and straighten it. Who cares? What people do for their ideas of beauty have always been strange. I mentioned ww becuase U didn’t. When they engage in odd gimmicks for beauty they’re innocent but when BW do it they are dumb beasts? Was your mother a dumb beast? And you didn’t address my comment about u Bm rejecting dark BW w natural hair. As I said. They beautify for U. Men in general are fickle. In the 90s u wanted women to get fake boobs and once they got them you turned around and started demanding “naturals” You call women gold diggers but you do everything you can to adorn yourselves with bling to attract women. Whose illogical? And speaking of logic. Aren’t you the Neanderthal that still thinks there’s some spirit floating in the clouds watching everything and taking notes? We don’t have time machines so you’ll have to do this in your head but come visit the 21st century sometime.
        Most BW have no hope or direction? They graduate from college 3x more than Bm. Bm (often wrongly) go to jail at rates that are almost supernatural. So what are u talking about? BW and torking videos? Ww have sex w animals in porn no other woman does that. And again I bring this up because u attack BW for things ww are doing but they get a pass for some reason. They even get a pass for having sex with boys. And u have a problem w BW wearing wigs? Get ur priorities straight. And BW hate kids?! Now I know ur nuts. BW raised everybody’s kids in this country during the turn of the century and they are still the most sought after nannies around. People trust them not to molest the kids they keep. Sure some stressed out teens are not always great with kids but what do you expect? And i never said anyone aborted bc a man walked away. The point was if he gave a damn he could have stayed and taken the baby. Remember all those dumpster and prom night garbage can babies? They weren’t black. And again abortion is higher in ww than BW. Always has. There was a time when BW where most of the teen mothers out there. Then they got so much heat for that maybe they decided to start terminating instead. People are fallible what do you want?
        And 70% of BW are not married bc they don’t date out enough and bc brothas don’t like the responsibility of marriage much. Not BWs fault.
        Ur the single most warped clown on this thread.

      • Verbs2013 says:


        All you are doing now is simply just rambling on for the sake of it, you are simply trying to seek attention as per the forte of most black women today, as if I was truly talking “verbiage” and am really a clown as you put it, why would you even bother to still engage in a conversation with somebody whom you believe is an idiot and is talking a load of rubbish? Wouldn’t it be the best thing to just simply ignore me and move on? Lets just face the facts and leave the conjecture out of the conversation shall we. If you want some attention, go and seek your attention from your co-conspirator and father, the so called white man.

        The fact is that the majority of black women today have turned into violent street thugs, hooligans, child abusers and child murderers who cannot control their emotions, who are so desperate for attention and who normally go about getting that attention via 4 main platforms, twerking(booty shaking), fighting, loose sexual activity and posting provocative sexual images. Black women have even become so degenerate and sickly in the mind that you are now even teaching young children how to twerk. Teaching young girls some even still in nappies how to shake their booties for the camera??? The evidence is against you, you cannot deconstruct this. These are just some of the valid reasons why I can call the majority of western black women reprobate scum and dysfunctional wild beasts of burden with no hope and no future.

        As per usual, the common comparator used is always white women….which proves the point yet again that these are the women that black women are trying so desperately to emulate in all manners, even their ratchety behaviour. You never use Indian women, Chinese women, Latina women etc as a comparator, it is always the white woman who is utilised on your corrupted balances. By the way in case you didn’t notice, this post is dealing with reprobate black women, this is the reason why I have not mentioned white women and called them to account. It is your blackside that is to be roasted here, not them.

        I have to laugh at black women sometimes as all that you view as being successful is entirely based on economics and based on a system(of your white father) which is going down the toilet at a rapid rate. Again, this simply proves the point that black women have absolutely no scruples and will not hesitate in selling anybody down the river at the drop of a hat especially their own men for 30 shilling and some breadcrumbs from their master’s table.

        Its you black women who in turn have raised these ratchet black males whom you have then let loose onto the streets to terrorise the general public and to not take responsibility for their own actions. They are merely acting on the morality or the lack thereof you have installed in them. How can you be in a position to complain, these reprobates black males are the fruits of your hard labour, enjoy them. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, it always comes back to you black woman, it always comes back to you black. This business about assassination rates of the unborn being higher among white women than black women is a bare face lie and is typical of you scoundrels. There is no rusty barrel that you reprobate black women will not scrap the bottom of in order to take the heat away from your skull duggery, your crimes and your dumb ratchet behaviour.

        Black women commit the highest number of assassinations of unborn children, 4 times as many as white women. In fact because of your killer instinct and mindset, 51% of black babies that should have been born haven’t been and more children are murdered in the womb currently within the black community today than are born. This is why I can call black women assassins and murderers of children. Western black women are by far the worst mothers on the planet, how many black children even survive to grow up to adulthood being in the care of a black woman is a miracle within itself.

        You weave wearing violent thugs, hooligans, harlots, child abusers and assassins of the unborn will continue to attempt to dodge accountability and try to shift the blame for every foul action that you execute just in the same manner as your white father. Again, your usefulness to the white man is coming to an end, as I stated before you had better start looking for an alternative employer. Again, if you believe that I am nuts and am a clown then do not engage in a conversation with a nutty clown as continuing to converse with me would also make you a clown and a nut by definition.

  7. Braceyourself says:

    Verbs2013 wrote:

    “, a selfish being who wants to venture off and play with her white father but if things do not work out, she always wants the option of returning back to you……but you cannot go off and do your own thing in the meantime, you must wait for her to return even if she manages to bring her pipedream to reality and marry her white idol. ”

    Can everyone see the silly games these Bm play here?! This is he way it has been for Bm regarding their dalliances with ww. This is why their is such a backlash against BW. Bc they have JUST NOW begun to to do the very same thing above and Bm can’t handle it. They seem to be losing their composure over it and you have diseased creatures like the op erecting a carnival freak show to hiss like a cobra at BW bc they DARE to move on (if they want to) w/o a Bm!!

  8. Braceyourself says:

    You know verbiage you are a new kind of crazy. And you’re right, you’re not worth the time. BW beware.

  9. J.R. says:

    braceyourself: what do you think that caused the rift between black men and women? also, if black men have faults and need to own up to responsibility, then at what point do women do anything to step up to the plate and claim responsibilities for their actions? What do you think about the good black men that are out here? What do you have to say for the men who are constantly over looked because of what tv music and movies have told you are the weak lame ones and you need thugs, rough necks, pimps players and what not? Have any women boycotted videos and artists who call them bitches and hoes? have any women rallied together and said enough is enough, black man, whatever we did we are sorry but it’s time to come home, can we work it out can we talk…I need you and you need me…has anyone fought for the togetherness and not for the separation of genders?

    black women say all the time that there aren’t ANY good black men, and then go out and date all other races and treat them BETTER than they’d ever treat a black man. And yes, the same thing happens with black men and other races of women…it’s like, black women aren’t phased by our flavor of charm but other races are, yet, and I say this grudgingly, to get a black woman for a black man is to get default treatment, standard treatment, but give that black woman to a white man and she’s treating him as though he’s god, king, pharaoh, all that. I can only talk what i know and I’ve seen it before.

    Black women don’t want me and there is nothing wrong with me, I am handsome and smart, and a sense of humor and self awareness and I’m very kind and a gentleman and constantly being passed up by potential black women. The one’s that come after me or are mad at me for not being interested are usually single mothers. I don’t have children so it’s a preference i’d rather not date someone with children.

    I’m asking you these questions Braceyourself, because you are taking into offense the things that Verbs has said but if it doesn’t apply to you then why are you even upset about it? Is it cause he’s talking about black women in general and you feel as though you have to speak out on what he’s saying?

    I’m asking, can you show me when black men started beating, raping, killing, oppressing, the black woman?

    And the thing of it is, is that, we are all messed up, we come from a cursed people meaning we have to look to the hills which cometh our help, true enough. So, black men have their own faults and blames to accept. But black women do as well and if you were to be honest with the situation, you’d see that there are plenty of sisters out there that need to be told to stop the madness. stop processing your hair…what is the purpose, stop wearing someone else’s crown over your own natural born crown. Your crown is your birthright and you throw it aside for someone else’s style and then claim that you rock their hair better than they do…really, and can you rock their skin and their lifestyles better than them too? oh you can, well can you hate black people better than they can…oh, you do…well looks like you’re on your way. That is what it seems like when black women get all fashionista crazy and want to start looking and acting a hot mess.

    • Verbs2013 says:

      Brother Green,

      What you have witnessed here is exactly the kind of reprobate degenerate black woman that I am referring to, the unrepentant weave wearing decadent scoundrel who feels that she can do no wrong and certainly will not accept any correction from a black male who under her white father’s system has been placed beneath her. Black women in general refuse to acknowledge their responsibility for any part of their degradation and slide into decadence. As far as most of them are concerned, the black male should receive the blame for any and all woes wrought against them, after all we have been the black woman’s punching bag for the last 40 years plus. In her twisted eyes why shouldn’t this one sided beating and blaming continue on forever?

      As per usual black women who actually run into a black male with intelligence will always resort to name calling when they fail over and over at deconstructing the points and arguments put forward by this individual. This is what you witnessed here, from being labelled as “crazy”, “a clown”, “verbiage”(which I assume is referring to garbage) and any other slogan or phrase that she could throw in my direction in the hopes to making something stick. I am sure that she is used to dealing with men who do the same thing instead of debating out a matter intelligently. I suspect that she was thrown off and used the slogan and name calling as her final all out assault in the hopes of triggering the same behaviour from myself……..which didn’t happen.

      She obviously must fit the demographic of a weave wearing violent hooligan, child assassin and a degenerate decadent wild beast as she was blatantly offended at me simply stating my observations and conclusions on a certain segment of black women. Black women who do not fit the reprobate demographic will agree with what I am saying, not take offence and take in what is being said as knowledge to learn from in regards to their ratchet sisters and how they are behaving.

      I going to have to say it again, the modern day black woman of western society in general is not your friend in the slightest. It is a hard saying to swallow but one that the revelation will in fact show you to be true over time, in fact I believe that you are receiving confirmation of this position already.

      Most black women are hypocrites, as you pointed out they would cause a riot if you and I were to refer to them by degrading and derogatory names however if your name is Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane or any other one of these retarded so called “rappers”, you would immediately get a pass, in fact black women tend to know all of the lyrics to the songs that degrade them better than the men do. If this isn’t a form of mental illness then what is?

    • Adeen says:

      Honestly I prefer Black men like you over thugs and I am a Black woman. I can’t stand ignorant, little boy fools. And they are in every race and culture.

  10. Essential says:

    Hi. I hear what you are writing but you are a man not a black woman so you can have your opinion but not the experience and truth of being a black woman is our own and individual. I respect what you came up with though. When I was growing up and to this day I haven’t witnessed this woman you have described. I’ve seen them on welfare and fed the black man with those stamps while he still lived and slept there but lied to the government about it. I’ve seen her get on welfare at the request of the black man so they wouldn’t have to struggle so hard while they tried to get themselves together. I have seen her sell half of her food stamps to buy that black man cigarettes, weed, or whatever he was on that helped him get by. I have witnessed them get abortions per request of the black man over and over again. I have seen her change the way she dresses because the way she was dressing didn’t keep his attention because he was looking at another female who had her backside out. I’ve seetting en her do his school work while he hung out on the block slangin crack with his boys. I’ve seen her go to jail because he was on probation and they got pulled over with a pistol in the car so she said it was hers. I have seen her wanting to be a wife acting like a wife doing only things wives should do but never got proposed to. I’ve seen her plead with him to get out of the streets and then saw her have to bury him and raise their children alone. I’ve seen her stick by him doing 5-10 year bids sending him boxes putting money on his books and traveling back and forth out of town to see him. Some even got AIDS when he came home because he was in there getting it in. Not many black men I have came across strap up. I have seen a lil bit of this woman you decribe. But she’s a far cry from the truth.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      If only it was my opinion and my opinion alone however, this is who the western black woman of today on the whole is, who she serves, who she is trying to emulate and who she hates. I do not have to be a black woman to know the behaviours and experiences of black women. Black women are quite willing to put their ratchet behaviours on display for everybody to see so these ramblings are not merely my opinion, we can openly see black women manifesting these behaviours everyday, this is not hidden.

      You see, regardless of how you slice this, the blame will always by default return into the lap of the black woman as she is the one who begun this cycle which has resulted in the downhill spiral of the black community and the black nation as a whole.

      You talked about the black woman being on welfare and feeding the boyfriend. Yet again the black women is to blame here as she has chosen a bum of a man to begin with. This is the modern day western black woman as a whole, she doesn’t want the geek or the intelligent man, instead she readily reaches out to the thug and the gangster type men, and yet again we must never forget that these bums are being raised by single black mothers. They raise the bum black men, they hook up with bum black men and then they sleep with the same deadbeats that they have raised.

      Again, let us not forget how the black woman at the beginning readily accepted welfare from the state, in exchange she was instructed to keep the black male out of the home and away from his children. The black woman has executed this mission perfectly up to this day.

      You mentioned the request of the man to the woman to put herself on welfare aswell as selling her food stamps to buy the man various bits and pieces, however this simply goes back to the black woman again and her poor quality of choice in men. She doesn’t choose the geek or the educated brother, again she goes for the deadbeat bum, the thug and the gangster.

      On the assassination of the child in the womb front, the blame by default goes back to the black woman yet again. She yet again is choosing to open her legs to deadbeat brothers and at the end of the day it is the woman who carries out the abortion, not the man.

      In regards to the rest of the things that you have mentioned, yet again this all boils down to the black woman’s choice in black males. As I stated at the beginning, the blame by default will always return to the black woman. She cannot exempt herself from blame which is what black women on the whole have been doing for the longest while.

      I have clearly showed you how the fault always lies with and returns into the bosom of the black woman however most black women will refuse to accept this and sadly this refusal to accept their part in the degradation of the black nation will be the undoing and the demise for the majority of them.

      Most High Bless

  11. ShamoriYah says:

    Sadly, enough I find your observation “dead-on”. And quite frankly, I am somewhat embarrassed, to put it mildly, as a so-called black Hebrew woman myself. But, I can not deny the truth of history, past and present according to Scripture. On that note, I have spent the last 10 years of my life married to a so-called European man..which I stepped away from, for spiritual reasons which I choose to be obedient to in fear of Abbah Yah.

    Your words are harsh, but I don’t think I would have used any other means of describing Western black women today. I only petition to Abbah Yah, that their hearts be soften and they come into the truth as to who they are as daughters of Yah so they can aligned themselves (and be covered by) so-called black Hebrew men before its too late.

    humbled daughter of Yah temporarily residing in the West

    • Verbs2013 says:


      It is extremely refreshing for a so called black woman to come on here and openly admit that what is being spoken of in terms of the modern day western black woman on the whole is indeed the truth. There are not many Hebrew sisters who are willing to take the plunge, be honest and accept any criticism that may come their way, you are in a minority.

      With regards to marrying outside of your nationality, I personally do not see any problems with doing this so long as the person fully acknowledges and fully accepts who you truly are by bloodline, history and heritage and recognises that the so called Negroes are the true bloodline Hebrews which is the true gospel. However, anything short of this and a Hebrew man/woman may encounter some serious problems down the road when the persecution really begins to bite.

      It is because good black men and women have defended the ratchet reprobates for such a long time that things have gotten to this critical point and are so out of control. This is an emergency measure that needs to be executed exactly in this manner.

      I hear your petition to the Most high however sadly as it is written in Isaiah chapters 3 and 4, the black woman for the most part will be reduced to a broken vessel who will only be fit for the scrap heap of rejection. She will no longer be desired by any nationality of man again, indeed she will pay a heavy price for her treachery. The truth be told, most black women will perish and perish horribly.

      Most High Bless

  12. Adeen says:

    I am a young Black woman who doesn’t wear weave or fake nails. and sad to say but this article is the truth. I am of Jamaican background but I am an American citizen and I am very ashamed of the behavior of Black women in this country.

    • Verbs2013 says:

      Hi Adeen,

      Thanks for passing through and acknowledging the truth in honesty and integrity. Indeed, it is a shame to think about the current gutter state of most western black women today.

      The best thing that decent sisters such as yourself can do is separate yourselves from the ratchet scumbag wild beast hooligans in order that they now can be held accountable for their reprobate actions by themselves instead of using good black men and women as their shield of protection.


      • Adeen says:

        Sad to say but I thought more about your article and I am realizing that you are right. I know this article is tough love for Black women especially the ones who you speak about is ratchet and nasty.

      • Verbs2013 says:

        Regrettably though Adeen, you are in a minority. Most black women today purposely choose the thug/gangster types as they are easier to manipulate and keep under the thumb.

        This is indeed some tough love for black women however because most black women are literally goners in a mentally ill state, the message will only be accepted by the few who recognise that there is a problem, who are honest with themselves and who are willing to step forward and make a change.

  13. Solar says:

    Brace Yourself, J.R. and author of the post… I usually overlook these types of situations when I stumble upon them via google search, haha, and hope that they work themselves out… Usually if they don’t, they don’t, and I just go on about my humble way. But, I must say, that this type of “forsake the black woman as she is the one to blame/she is the true enemy of the black man” is just as poisonous and counter productive as the programing that OUR people encounter on the daily basis; that is instilled by “white” supremacy.

    In my humble opinion, it seems as if you, the author, are fed up ((I understand that. There have been many a time where I’ve been fed up with “typical” brothers and sisters.)) and have generated solutions based on fed up emotions. This type of thinking is as counter productive, to the African diaspora’s progress, as the “black” woman’s behavior you are condemning. Not to fail to mention that this is one-sided.

    There is a reason why “black” women AND men act like this.. It is called programing and conditioning. Your solutions are based off of hasty generalizations and your own self inflicted ((or maybe not, I don’t know you personally)) conditioning. The original African philosophy understood that it took a village to raise a child; it was that way for a reason. It is in our ancestry ((I honestly don’t know if you’re “black”. xD Just assuming.. which I probably shouldn’t do)) to have a strong foundation among our villages, aka our neighborhoods. It was the European’s societal view that only a “household” consisting of the mother and father was necessary to raise a child.

    When we were segregated, there was a sense of that community coming back. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty sure there were still exceptions to this lifestyle/code of ethics and values, as this is a generally spoken view when we look at our history shortly after the abolishment ((rather the appearance of abolishment)) of slavery. There’s a bad apple or two in every “race”. Let’s get that straight. xD With that said, finding a woman who has both her parents, doesn’t really matter.

    I mean it could possibly help, but that’s a maybe. There are many more factors that I don’t think your are taking into consideration. To say that a woman who was raised with both her parents should be a more preferred choice over a woman who was only raised by one, is a hasty generalization. This is just too general. When you look at a household with problems, you need to not only look at the household, but look at the parents of that child; whether they are in the household or not. Then look at the grandparents, and then the great grandparents; and if you can, beyond that. Don’t just look at the household itself. That’s not thinking outside the box. And, when you can’t look at the great parents, and so forth, look at the historical context of that time. You seem to have to managed to do that with the 60s and 70s as trying to prove that the “black” woman is the true enemy of the “black” man. I encourage you to go back further and deeper than that movement and ask who is the enemy of “black” people. Then come to the present; I will hope that you understand that the answer will still be the same; “white” supremacists.

    I’ve seen too many households where the parents were still together and “black” children STILL ended up being messed up. Our people have been a target ever since we came to america or ((Amexem)) as so-called moors, and helped build up this country before we were enslaved.

    To blame everything that is being done to the “black” man on the “black” woman, is fucking ridiculous ((sorry for the cussing, I usually cuss like a sailor cause that’s just my sense of humor. I’m in no way or fashion angry. haha )) It goes deeper than some feminist movement. That was just one of the many attacks the supremacist came at “black” people with. Yes we as a people need to shut off that bullshit that they display on the T.V. and play on the radio. We need to put down these damn magazines and stop trying to put on the latest face, hair, and fashion. Men AND women need to just stop it. But in order to stop, we need to be exposed to the truth. We as “black” males and females need to be taught self-love. I can’t really say that if we truly except our features we wouldn’t still do the things to ourselves that we do, because I don’t really know for sure… I’m not gonna lie though, I am leaning more towards the belief that we wouldn’t do the shit. But, it needs to be taught.

    We are dealing with centuries of conditioning, not just some damn feminist movement attack. We had cracks in our foundations waaaay before that. The media that we are subjected to today, only conditions young “black” minds to be ignorant well into later ages, when they are more prone to getting stuck in their ways. It teaches our people of all ages that material wealth is that shit, and to not have that wealth is to be less than shit. Mass incarceration, welfare ((for both men and women)), “war on drugs”, the corruption of gangs ((cause they didn’t start out bad)), miseducation, religion, and many other different schemes can be rooted at the source of our people’s ruin. Hell, I’ll even go as far to say that we need to study the origins of EVERYTHING; especially the true origin of religion. We need to get back in touch with our African philosophies and belief/value systems before principles that were personified became deified, in the corrupt sense of the word, into symbols of later civilizations. Hit up Professor James Smalls’ lectures on youtube about african origins on religion. Look up as many of his lectures as you can, if you haven’t already.

    We need to go back to a matriarchal society and ditch this more recent patriarchal society; clearly shit has been spiraling downward ever since for ALL “races”. Or hell, if we are evolved enough, find a way to create a hybrid of both these societies; if even necessary. We need to stop being on this dumb ass typical divide of black men and black women. In my opinion good and bad can only be placed on a being after they’ve become conscious of what the fuck’s really going on. These black women and black men are still sleeping; they’re still being programmed; and conditioned by European standards. They look up to polished turds that are supposed to be “our black representatives” without even know that they are appointed by, no one other than, the “white” supremacy groups. The “western black” woman is not a “good black” man’s enemy. It is “white” supremacy, and the “black” puppets that are willingly controlled through different mediums of media, to confuse the masses, that is the enemy. The very fact that our education comes from people who have always taught us to hate ourselves and never know our true history, and parents continue to send their kids to this shit, is ruining us.

    Saying that the “black” woman is a beast and speaking about her in the most disrespectful manner is a reflection of something that may be disturbingly wrong with you. Like I previously stated, I don’t know you like that so I’m not about to just assume and personally attack you. Honestly what you have posted almost makes me wish that I could know you on a personal level, just to see what has happened to make you share such a view. Either way, disrespecting unconscious “black” women AND men is not productive. If anything, we, as more -seemingly- conscious people, need to strive to wake them up. Even if it takes a life time. Don’t get into a relationship with them; especially if that’s not your type of person to be with. Sometimes people mistake the love of helping each other out for a damn relationship. Probably because we as a people have been deprived of genuine nourishment and have been depriving each other of that. This bashing shit is ridiculous and outright disrespectful. “You can’t respect a woman who doesn’t respect herself”… that’s bullshit. xD You can but you won’t. And the same thing goes for the statement, “you can’t respect a man who doesn’t respect himself”.

    With consciousness came a new found respect for self; not saying that we didn’t have any respect for ourselves when we were sleeping on some subjects. If you are capable of respecting yourself you should be able to respect someone no matter how disrespectful they are to themselves. That is ultimate respect. You need to understand that there is something psychologically fucked up going on. Treat others how you wish to be treated. This view and these “solutions” that you have listed are premature. The thought that it is the “black” woman’s fault that “black” men are wearing skirts is premature. Our men weren’t stripped away from our households or driven out just by the “western black” women alone. “They forced us in the ghettos and then they took our dad’s”- Lupe Fiasco. “They” being the supremacists.

    They disrupted our communities then gave us the sense of what is necessary to raise a child. That nonsense that you only need a mother and father to properly raise a child was instilled in us as far back as slavery by the European. There have been deep psychological affects on both our men and women. We as a people are going through what, Professor James Smalls, and many others, would call Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome. You should look that video up, if you haven’t already. I highly encourage you to. As more consciously aware people, it is not right to forsake those who aren’t aware. This “western black” woman that you are bashing is still someone’s sister, she is still someone’s mother, she is still someones daughter and she did not get to this point on her own; Homie, she had plenty o’ help. xD By all means don’t be in a relationship with her; by all means, women, don’t be with the “ignorant black” males. xD Quite frankly, in my opinion, I believe these people should be in relationships with someone who will open their eyes, and build them up. Two mentally fucked people might not be progressive.

    Just because you can’t be with them doesn’t mean that you are to forsake them, and blame them. There are definitely causes and effects, and the Feminist Movement way back when was just a fraction of what the fuck has been done to our “black” people. Too one-sided, too many hasty generalizations, and no need to forsake her and speak about her in a disrespectful tone. Also, being on this “well they need to change first” type of ish is premature. xD The most conscious just need to fucking respect people, regardless on how ignorant they are. The “ratchet black” woman and male can raise up simultaneously once ridden of their poor conditioning. They’ll probably respect our older conscious people first, since that’s more of a mother and father figure. Mentors <– that's a solution. BUT enty who, I just felt the need to say something, cause clearly, you have a strong influence on people and "with great power comes great responsibility"… yanno that old cliche. I just honestly think that you are going about this the wrong way. "Black" men and women, whether they are the most conscious or the most asleep ((or ratchet as you would call it)), are all responsible for not recognizing or keeping in mind who the true enemy is. xD They like to shout "white power" and drink english tea. lmao. jk jk.. just "white" supremacy will do. xD

    Keep on writing for the people; but please stop blaming "black" women for the demise of our people. It is more complex than that.
    Here's the link to the Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome lecture. I wanted to touch on your -"black" woman wants to be like the white slave master- view, but I honestly said my fill for a comment post. Check it out.


    • Verbs2013 says:


      Not at all, the modern western day black woman has been personally trained up to the standard that she is at today by the so called European man. In fact it is the modern day western black woman today who is openly practicing the “white supremacy” agenda against the black male. The so called white man no longer needs to oppress the black male and hold him back from his goals, he has employed the western black woman to carry out this task and she has performed an excellent job for him to date.

      The biggest joke here is the claim that black people have actually progressed and moved forward from the days of slavery. The actual facts compile a completely different account and show a completely different picture. The black race up until the civil rights movement was making some serious progress even in the face of oppression and persecution. It was when black women decided to abandon their men in place of a cause that had absolutely nothing to do with them at all(Women’s Liberation Movement), it was at this point that the black race as a whole began to trundle backwards and has been trundling backwards at an alarming rate every since. This is exactly why black women can be blamed by themselves alone for the woes that have befallen the black nation, they were the ones who initiated the whole process that has begun the destruction of the black race.

      This is one sided, what does this comment mean? I write the blogs therefore I have the right to choose what I decide to post about and what angles to execute. Besides, unlike black men who have always been held to account for their actions, black women never have. However now this is all changing, black women are going to be forced to give an account for their actions and playing the victim and name calling will not save them in their hour of accountability. So sorry on the contrary, holding black women to account for their reprobate and foul actions(something that has never been done before) is now finally bringing about some sort of balance, a form of equilibrium.

      Indeed there are reasons why black men and women are acting in this manner however it is not for the reasons that you suspect. Black women have been given free reign in a system that has been set up for them to succeed at a higher landmark than black men plus this system has given black women a lengthy rope to behave how they please with no repercussions or accountability taken. In turn these ratchet scum bucket reprobate wild black hooligans have raised up their sons to behave in like manner. This is the fundamental reason why most black men today behave in an irresponsible and wreckless way, this behaviour has been instilled into them by their non accountable mothers.

      The view that a mother and a father are the minimum requirements to raise children in a good standard is not of European origin, all the nations of the world hold to this view and it is clearly evidence that this hypothesis must be true as the results around the world speak for themselves. Black women by themselves have performed an absolutely terrible job in raising children by themselves even though they were deceptively informed by their father the white man(with deliberate intent)that it could be done. I am not dealing with every race, I am dealing with black people here as they are my first and foremost concern, therefore the bad apples among my own people I will deal with, not amongst other races. I believe the saying “clean up your own house first” would fit in here perfectly.

      In relation to finding a women who has been raised in a 2 parent household, I can categorically state from my own experiences that typically the way you will be treated by women raised by 2 parents is far different to women who were raised by a single parent. I’m not saying all women in both categories behave in the ways explained however this is the typical outcome most of the time. Sorry, we do not need to go back further than the 60s as the problems that black people are suffering from today were NOT prevalent before this period. This is the problem with black people on the whole and especially with most black women, we are always trying to find somebody else to blame but eventually there comes a time where the evidence begins to point back at you as the main culprit behind your own degradation.

      The statement that the modern day black woman is indeed the main source of the majority of woes within the black community is indeed true as she is now the new weapon being used against the black male. The examples are endless, the evidence from observation cannot be deconstructed or argued against. Yes, you may have a point in relation to centuries of programming and indoctrination however the indoctrination and programming failed to take effect…………………………until black women decided to join the women’s liberation movement. As long as we were unified we had no problems, it was only when the black woman decided to single handedly walk away from her man and break the unity we had, only then did the problems begin to actually take hold on the black community.

      All of these problems that you have listed that are major issues within the black community have all come about as the result of a disenfranchised nation. Again, you cannot point to anytime before the womens liberation movement where blacks were behaving in such a dysfunctional manner as they are today and I challenge you to do so. Again, if these issues are all down to the post traumatic stress of slavery then why have they only manifested themselves with the last 50 years? The generations closest to the slavery period were not behaving like degenerates nor those generations thereafter, this is why I can no longer blame post slavery trauma as the cause of our current conditions, the slavery trauma model proposed simply doesn’t conform to the standard pattern outcome.

      Remember it the black woman who has brought about the divide between us and them. When she decided to walk away from the black male in order to “liberate herself” and then on top of this accept filthy lucre from the state in reward for keeping that black male out of the home, this was the beginning of the end for the black race. Since the modern day black woman is the one that walked away in the beginning, it is her that need to return. Again, all I see here is an attempt to unify black men and women without black women being held to account for their actions, sorry……………………….UNIFICATION IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN THAT WAY. The western black women is the number 1 enemy of every black male on the planet whether old or young and she has been and still is a willing servant of the white man maintaining this position of combat against her brother. Again, black women openly practicing the same white supremacy that they claim they are opposed to, oppression of the black male.

      Me simply pointing out the wild and reprobate antics of the modern day western black woman is not disrespecting her, she is disrespecting herself by carrying out these reprobate actions. Black women twerking and posting the videos on the internet but there is something wrong with me??? Black women wearing hair that looks nothing like their own but there is something wrong with me for pointing this out???? Black women tattooing their bodies, faces and having piercing all over their bodies like farm yard animals yet there is something wrong with me?????? Black women commit the highest number of assassinations of unborn children in the womb but there is something wrong with me for pointing out this travesty?????? This is the problem with most black women today, they are simply mentally ill, they would rather shoot the messenger for pointing out the shortfalls rather than actually deal with the shortfalls and issues themselves. This is a sign of mental illness and this today is the degenerate state of the western modern day black woman.

      This term used called “bashing” is utter nonsense, it is simply a term handed down from the mainspin media that is used to attempt to throw somebody off from their path, especially when it involves exposing somebody else’s wrong actions. If somebody is behaving in an inappropriate manner, how is it “bashing” for another person to simply point out what they are doing??? This saying is utterly ridiculous however most black women have taken up this stupidity in an attempt to derail folks and prevent them from pointing out their errors and holding them to account for them. What, are parents who correct their children’s wrong behaviour now “bashing” their children??? What, are judges now bashers of criminals??? See, most black women lack critical reasoning skills and they will subscribe to utter stupidity thinking that they are wise in doing so because they feel that something sounds good instead of it actually making sense.

      The solution is simple in terms of respect, if black women in general want respect then they must start behaving in a manner that commands respect. The solutions here for black women are not rocket science however, they do involve the black woman finally taking an account for her actions and being honest with herself and I am sorry to say that most black women cannot and refuse to do that. This is the number one reason why I recommend black men begin to look for women outside of their own nation, this dishonest and destructive nature among most black women today is at epidemic proportions.

      All I see today is black people in general making up excuses for their downtrodden state. Yes, white oppression does exist however if the white man today isn’t cutting you a break then cut your own break, if the white man doesn’t want to give you a job then create your own job. We have an opportunity more than ever to begin to rise and be successful seeing as this Babylon system is beginning to crumble and fall. Black people shoot black people more than whites shoot and kill blacks, yes white people make the guns but who says that black people have to pick up and use the guns to shoot up their fellow brother? Black people have to begin to start thinking smart, regrettably most never will.

      I simply cannot buy into this post traumatic slavery syndrome, as I pointed out before the problems within the black nation are recent occurrences and also it doesn’t make any sense as to why these decadent behaviours that have now manifested themselves within the black community would skip over countless generations before us and decide to only land in our time, how does that work please???? Until I receive a valid explanation(which nobody has been able to provide so far), I simply cannot buy into the slavery trauma hypothesis.

      I am not joining myself together with reprobate scum buckets and wild uncontrollable ratchet hooligans. In every other nation they oust scum bags and people who commit decadent acts almost immediately if they refuse to change their ways in order to keep ORDER and stability within the group……………except when it comes down to black people. Most of us believe that we have some sort of obligation to shield scumbags and monsters from being held accountable, if this is not a sign of mental illness among the black community then what is? So until they decide to change they must be forsaken as an appropriate measure in order to prevent the contamination of others.

      Indeed, there is a great responsibility on my shoulders now, this is all the more reason why I am advising black men to walk away from black women and to choose somebody outside of their own race or to at least have this as an option ready at hand. Until good black women begin to stand up, separate themselves from and call out the ratchet scumbag black hooligans for who they are and at the same time represent themselves as good individuals, they will continually be lumped in with the scum and the world will continue to see good black women and scum black women as one and the same. The group think mentality cannot work here, it is all about bettering yourself as an individual first and then joining together with like minded people.


  14. Obeserva says:

    Damn bro, you are about as nutty as a fruitcake – but entertaining as a mutha! “Anger disfigures the mind, heart & soul.” You are living proof of that.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      On the contrary, you are the one looking extremely retarded at the moment because all you have done is call me crazy but you have failed to deconstruct the position that has been put forward.

      You reprobate wild ratchet black hooligans are all the same and so predictable.

      • Observa says:

        Aww Damn! We just had to come back to see if you replied. Blogs like these are such a guilty pleasure, heeheehee. Your ranting are hysterical. These posts keep us in tears!! Seriously though, I wouldn’t even dream to take the time to – what did you say? –
        “deconstruct” the bullshit you spew. It’s insane nonsense. You sound like one of those black guys on the street corner in costumes foaming at the mouth about how they hate everyone in the world but like 5 percent of people just as odd as they are. Hey, Are you a 5 percenter?? Anyway, we like reading your blog cuz you paint such a hilarious portrait of self-righteous fury & hatred. And it don’t stop at white folks cuz you hate your ‘sistas’ too, lmao!! _ oh wait, AND black dudes in skirts! I mean, you go on and on like a mad man behind bars. By the way, I never said you sounded retarded… Interesting you chose to go there, hmmm….
        Btw – That reprobate negro thang is classic, seeing as though I’m not black (you know what they say about ASSuming things bro).

      • Verbs2013 says:


        More fool on yourself than on me for commenting and defending something that has nothing to do with you. If you are not black then why jump in with both feet hardcore to defend ratchet black women? What business is it of yours and are ratchet black women so desperate that they now need women from other nationalities to defend them?

        Oh errrrrr, this is my blog site so what did you expect me to do, keep silent? See, you reprobates are very predictable in your responses. In light of the fact that you cannot(not will not)refute the arguments put forward, you have to resort to making jokes and slamming the messenger.

        “You’re just angry”, do you think that this slogan of distraction is original? Do you think I haven’t heard that one before along with many others?

        This message will continue to be preached, I am going to continue to hold a mirror to the face of weave wearing hooligans and ratchet black women to bring them to account. Your spewings of ignorance and foolish are not going to change a thing here so you might as well keep it moving.

        The reality is that nobody here is laughing or thinks that the information here is funny apart from you. Intelligent black men and women frequent this site, chicken necked hoodrats such as yourself thankfully do not pass through that often.

  15. Adeen says:


    I recently watched a video on Youtube of a self hating Black porn star, she’s a Black woman, disses Black men and uplift the White man. Shaking my head, she is one self hating, brainwashed Black woman! She will need her own Black men one day when White men spit her out when they are done using her self hating ass. It makes me sad to hear about Black women and Black men bashing each other.

    For me, as a Black woman, I wouldn’t date a White guy. I don’t ever want to sell my race out short as that stupid brainwashed loser in the video did.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      Indeed, I have seen that clip also, I believe her name is Meghan Vaughan. This is the problem with many black women, they actually believe that they are scoring brownie points with white men by dissing their own people and trying their hardest to separate themselves from any and all things black. Meghan Vaughan is a classic example of a coon in cooning mode for the white man. Indeed, her end will be a grim one indeed.

      There is no profit in brown nosing the so called European man as he has clearly proven from his history that he has a fork tongue, is deeply deceptive and can in no wise be trusted on any level whatsoever.

      • Adeen says:

        Exactly, White men, when they are done using this sellout coon, will spit her out and she will need Brothas by then. But Brothas wouldn’t be there for sellout coon Negro women like her. She makes me look bad and I don’t think like her at all!

  16. Pam says:

    Honestly, as a Black woman l don’t care who Black men dates nor marry. Marry a dog it doesnt really matter. To demonize Black women is absolutely ridiculous on your part.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      Black women have simply been demonising themselves with their own ratchet, out of line, reprobate behaviour under the guise of “being strong” for the longest while now.

      The difference now is that folks especially black men are now finally accepting this appalling behaviour for what it really is, are now beginning to talk about it and expose it for the farcical rubbish that it actually represents, Ghetto Hoodratism at its finest.

      Black women do not have a problem with their outlandish behaviour, they instead take issue with people talking about their outlandish behaviour, no longer accepting it nor the excuses of poor quality given by black women to support it.

      The crux of the issue here is that like the European man black women do not like being held to account for their foul actions and in the same manner as their new father and trainer, they will attempt to escape from the rod of accountability by pulling any and every trick out of the hat to complete the task.

  17. TrojanPam says:

    What a not so surprising blog

    The diabolically clever white supremacists have created so much anti-blackness and black scapegoating that even the VICTIMS get confused.

    When I see this kind of anti-black-female RANTING, I’m reminded of something Mr. Neely Fuller, Jr said,

    that white supremacy creates two kinds of people: MONSTERS (the white supremacists) and MONSTROSITIES (black people)

    The anti-black-female black male is so FULL OF FEAR of the white supremacists (racist white male AND racist white female) that he is desperate to please and appease them by making someone else (the Black Female) the target in the hopes that he will be spared from the wrath of white people.

    Just like the appeaser who hopes the alligator will eat him last, of course, it won’t work.

    The black male is the BIGGEST TARGET in the white supremacists’ genocidal sights and the only way to avoid total annihilation is to GET UP OFF HIS KNEES and EXTEND A HAND to and JOIN FORCES with the Black Female — which of course, the SELF-HATING BLACK MALE IS UNABLE and UNWILLING TO DO.

    Unfortunately, this kind of attack on the women who represent his mother, daughter, and sister is the SINGLE BIGGEST ACT OF COWARDICE that any male can commit, tantamount to holding up a baby as a shield against a barrage of bullets.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if many anti-black-female black males are in the grips of some STRONG homosexual compulsions–which they are projecting onto black females as LOATHING for the female sex.

    Not trying to play PSYCHO-ANALYST but I believe that any black male who professes such a strong dislike for black females definitely has some SEXUAL ISSUES going on. No doubt about it.

    • J.R. says:

      @trojanpam: allow me to take a stab at setting the record str8 although I’m sure the moderator of this blog will mos def come in after me and anyone else who may feel inclined.
      So, black men are now monstrosities that spew nothing but hatred for and towards the black woman eh? Ok well lets look at the reality of it and not just emotions and the blame game. First of all, this isn’t hatred of “black women” this is hatred for the black woman’s behavior. Yes, the loud, ghetto acting, lack of respect for ANYONE other than themselves, behavior that shows nothing but disdain for her counter part by believing a lie that this society will herald them as the strong, independent black woman they so claim to be. If we look at the femenist movement in which black women were tricked into joining(and hey, it’s ok, it happened; the goal now is to wake up) at what point(pre-femenist) did black men step away from the black woman and began to feel as though they were ratchet women who’s behavior suggest borderline lesbian sexual identity as in anything a man can do a woman can do…but better? now post femenist movement the black woman has attempted on all counts to prove to white and black society that she can do it all by herself and sure enough that’s exactly what she’s been granted. Doing it by herself. This leads to insanity and pure deprevity of motherhood traits and skills as well as social behavior and intimacy issues(lack of romance and seduction)

      At this time, the black woman is more concerned of what can be done for her as opposed to what she can do for her man; however, enter the white man and now the game has changed and the rules are anew. White men get the better looking, child free, not yet married black women while the very well deserving black men are left with the dregs of the the remaining black women. And oh, boo hoo, black men aren’t worth this and aren’t worth that…right? Well regardless of if you believe in the bible or not the bible says that life and death are in the tongue. So as we continue to say black men ain’t ish…more and more are viewed as such.

      But let me quit ranting and close here as I’m sure I’ve been all over the place. The issue is that black men still very much love and desire black women…we just don’t like nor desire ratchet horrid vile behavior and lifestyle in our women. Ironicly, drag queens from reality shows know how to immulate and portray a woman’s behavior better than, which reverse’s the ole “anything you can do…”mantra. Hoever, look at Most of the black women today; It’s as if there is blatant rebellion of persona and behavior. “I ain’t cookin for no man, he should cook for himself, he’ll be should cook for me” or “why I gotta wear this or talk like this or walk like this for a man to want me? If he don’t like me the way I am then he ain’t worth my time” or “I’d rather be single than to settle for less, if he can’t meet me or beat me then don’t greet me”. These thoughts are careless and selfish and not at all conducive to black love. What’s wrong with behaving feminine and like a woman? What’s wrong with cooking and liking to cook and knowing HOW to cook?

      All we are saying is for the black women, who are behaving out of control, to STOP IT! And for black people(that’s you AND me) to start blasting these people who are behaving this way. If you see brothers acting a shameful way, call them out as well but understand that the blame has to stand for each gender separately as well as a unit.

      Do not get upset becuse you are being held accountable for your behaviors.
      The moment you accept blame and responsibility and repent for such decadent behavior; the sooner healing can begin for the black woman.

      And as always…if the shoe fits then walk it out. Quit being offended if you aren’t the offender we are speaking of. You should be offended by what you see and not look at this as a gender war.

      I am currently seeking a black woman to be my life partner and that journey looks bleak; but I will continue the search in hopes that I’ll find one that likes being a woman and likes being with a man. From most of the actions I’ve seen, it looks like I might be single forever, forever ever,forever ever ever.

      That’s all for now, as if it wasn’t enough.
      J.R. Green

      • Verbs2013 says:


        I am soon to do a blog explaining as to why I have taken such a hard line stance all of a sudden. Things have suddenly come together as to why we are going backwards as a people and I will shortly be dealing with this issue.



    • Verbs2013 says:

      Trojan Pam,

      In order for real change to take place honesty must first be implemented. However, I see that the majority of black women today absolutely refuse to be honest with themselves first, the weave wearing is one of the major manifestations of the lies and dishonesty that most black women have decided to remain within.

      Neely Fuller has mistakenly like many others place all black women on a high throne when the case today is that most black women have voluntarily relegated themselves to the form of peasants and a people who are desperate to appease the white man, after all it is the majority of black women who are wearing hair on their heads that looks nothing like their own. Who exactly is trying to appease the white man here?

      I refuse to join forces and extend any hands with black females who cannot be honest with themselves and face the truth about what they have become first.

      Yet again you error in your statement about me being a self hater as I am not walking around the streets with a European man’s style wig on my head 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I represent myself as an individual first and foremost, thus I love myself. I am not you, I do not have to represent you. You are individual to me so you speak for yourself, do not speak for me as to who I choose to represent me. How can I choose a black woman of today to represent me when the majority of black women are simply trying to look like white women? Where is the representation? I have not seen any black women around since the late 80s. Black women trying their darnedest to look like white women, this is all that we have now in the black community.

      Again, as I stated on Negress’s blog, I do not have to accept the reprobate trash females within the black community as these are the very hoodlums and scoundrels along side the thugs and reprobate lowlife black males who keep putting us back ever time progress is made within the black nation. Regrettably most black folks cannot see this yet and so they continue to shield the scum buckets to their own detriment.

      This has nothing to do with sexual orientation, this is simply an honest and logical perspective in relation to what is going on with us a people and the honest and upfront reasons as to why we have been at a standstill since the 1960′s.

      • Mocha says:

        Serious say weave wearing is a major manifestation of dishonesty. So what do you do when the majority of the Black men you meet think your natural hair is ugly? I had a few men tell me i shouldn’t loc my hair because it’s unattractive. Also when my daughter was just four years old, he asked me what was up with his babies’ hair because all of his family had good hair.

      • Verbs2013 says:


        The act of wearing a weave is a overt attempt to distance yourself from who you really are and a blatant attempt to look like a completely different kind of person, namely a person of European descent. This is why I say the majority of black women are suffering from some sort of mental illness as most now believe that wearing somebody else hair on their head 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is normal.

        I am the complete opposite, I do not and completely refuse to deal with any black woman who wears a weave. I simply cannot accept black women wearing weave trying to represent something that they are not.

        The question is are these men saying that you would be better off wearing a weave or are they just saying that your particular chosen style is not their preference?

        The issue here is that regardless of what men are saying about black women’s hair, it was the mainstream media who persuaded black women to take the weave route to begin with, not black men. Besides since many black women are claiming great “strength”, the opinions of others in relation to their natural hair shouldn’t matter………………however obviously this has not been the case.

      • Mocha says:

        I no longer wear weaves…grew tired of it. I used a sew in to grow out my relaxer. My hair is 100 percent natural now and it is almost to the middle of my back. My daughter who is now seven has natural hair as well and I plan on keeping it that. The opinion of my god given mate does matter. You think I’m cute with a weave but ugly if I loc my natural hair. I’m sure I’m not the only Black woman who has encountered this attitude. I truly am confused by this.

      • Verbs2013 says:


        There are black men out there who have also been sucked in and bamboozled to a degree by the constant European bombardment of imagery into wanting to see more European features on black women per say, this cannot be disputed. However black women who are rolling naturally like yourself as they ought to be must stand strong in their position and by every right you have the leverage to blast any black male who tells you that you would look better by adopting more of a European style.

  18. Adeen says:

    And the more I think about this post, the more you are correct. The Westernized Black women are horrible and I am saying this as a Black American of Jamaican descent and I encountered a ratchet Black American woman who wore weaves and was nasty. She was very nasty to me because of a misunderstanding I had with a teacher.

    I barely have Black female friends at all. Most of the ones I encountered were horrible and only meant the worst for me. I feel like I can’t culturally relate to them with my family being Jamaican and all although I am American born. Sometimes I feel like there is something wrong with me for not having Black female friends.

    I love your blog and I hope I wasn’t a bother to you.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      Here is more confirmation of your suspicions in relation to the westernised modern day black woman. She has fallen so far and this type of behaviour and attitude is the norm for her today:

      Your comments are always welcome.

      Most High Bless

      • Adeen says:

        OMG, it was so terrible, These girls were so ratchet and lack self respect and all. It makes me sad how denigrate MANY Black women act so badly. The state of Black youth is terrible too.

  19. Dee says:

    Enjoy your blog. I am a black woman born in the United States and am incensed about the state of the black community. I was raised in a single parent household. Your insight about black mothers, how they deal with their daughters, and why their black sons are the way they are rings so true to me. Like you, I’m appalled and disillusioned with the state of the black woman today. And like JR, I’m also having problems finding an ideal soul mate. I came to this blog after the #solidarityisforwhitewoman and #blackpowerisforblackmen Twitter hashtags had caused such a stir. You were on point about the feminism movement. Us black woman were played into joining the white feminist movement and it has utlimately destroyed the black community. Ive read some of your points that counteract #blackpowerisforblackmen but apparently there is a list of things to support that theory. What is our thoughts about these issues brought forth? It would be nice to see you break down that list.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      Hi Dee, glad to have you on board, glad you like the blog. You’ll have to bring me up to speed on the contents of these hashtags and the list that you talked about as I am not on twitter.

      Was a link to my blogsite or one of my posts posted there? Is that how you found me?


  20. Dee says:

    Hello Verbs,

    Jamilah Lemieux, Ebony’s Digital News and Life Editor, is the lady sho started the hashtag #blackpowerisforblackmen. I read a long list of peeves from black women on the topic on a gossip site (yea, I know) but can’t seem to find that list. It actually was a better and longer list than the one found at this link

    I found your site on Google. I was just researching the topics the hashtags were speaking on and your site came up.

    BTW, in the early 90s, my boyfriend brought the books by Sharazad Ali, “The Black Woman’s Guide to Underdstanding the Black Man”. I found it to be brutally honest. I also thought the same about “The Black Man’s Guide to Understanding the Black Woman”. I was raised in the area Sharazad Ali came out of (Philly) and I remember black women being up in arms when she appeared on the Phil Donahue Show.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      Before I deal with the list of tweets, let me first deal with the introduction as there were some things stated within it that need to be addressed. The article talked about how women of colour are often forgotten or intentionally ignored in the world of feminism. The feminist movement was never for and still isn’t for women of colour, it will never benefit them. Its only purpose among women of colour especially black women was to use them to fragment their own family structures, thus helping to destabilise the particular nation as a whole. It is a pity that many black women are still too prideful to admit that they have been bamboozled on this project.

      This business about the black male oppressing the black female is such a joke within itself, for a reward for her treachery against the black male in the 60s and 70s, the black female has been given power and authority over the black male by the so called European man, a kickback for her continued pursuance of the dainty treats of this Babylon system.

      Violence: The modern western black woman has turned into the most violent female on the planet, in fact I would even go so far as to say that she has way passed the black male in terms of street brawling and confrontations. She is more likely to encourage a fight rather than stop one, my evidence, just youtube “black women fighting” or check out World Star Hiphop. I have yet to see one of these wild beast reprobate black females attempt to stop a fight or prevent one from taking place.

      Rape, Murder, Assault: There is no difference between the way the modern day western black woman dresses today and your local prostitute. She advertises herself as a sex pot on heat who is ready for action and then she has the audacity to complain when she receives the fruits of her calling. Also, has the modern day western harridan forgotten that she is the number one assassin of the unborn child in the womb? How can she possibly rail an accusation of murder against the black male when she is the number one killer of them herself? A street brawler, a sex pot on heat and a murderer of children, this is what the black woman in general has turned into today.

      Discussing Issues: The problem with the modern day western black woman is honesty, she is a liar and she wallows in the lies with glee and happiness. This is part of the training she has received from the so called white man and this is the main reason why nothing can be discussed with her from the start. How can you begin to deal with somebody who cannot even be honest with themselves first? Nobody is calling for black women to dismiss their problems, we are calling for them to BE HONEST ABOUT THEIR PROBLEMS FIRST.

      Loyalty To The Race: The issue I personally have here is that the black nation as a whole has adopted a philosophy of stupidity, ignorance and foolishness. I am not down with any of this nonsense and if it comes down to walking away from and refusing to embrace the stupidity vs rolling along with a destructive program just to “be down” or “keep it real” with my people, I will take the first option any day of the week. On another note, a person’s spouse being of a different nationality does not determine whether a person holds loyalty towards their nation, it is how they present themselves that shows where their loyalties lie. This is the main reason why black women who wear weaves get hot under the collar when the subject of their head rugs is brought up, as THIS IS a clear indication of loyalties that lie elsewhere.

      Trayvon: I never really got involved in the Trayvon Martin issue and I do not know who Rachel J is however the issue for me here is that black folks need to start cleaning up their own house as a top priority and the first port of call is to call out and oust the reprobates and the scum bags instead of continuously shielding them from being held accountable for their transgressions.

      Beauty And Financial Standard: The modern day western black woman through much repeated propaganda has brought into the idea that she looks inappropriate HERSELF. Nobody forced her to put on a head rug, she made the decision to wear the weave ON HER OWN. I have a serious problem with weaves as it is the black women’s attempt to look like somebody else plus why would I want to date somebody who is trying to look like another nationality of woman? Why deal with the copy when I can simply go for the original that the copy is attempting to imitate? I desire to see a woman in her natural state, if black women feel that they have to put on fakery in order to be accepted(which they never have been and never will be) then the liability of the consequences lies with them, this is not my burden as a black male.

      Black men are not held to a European financial standard because in general we do not hold ourselves to a European financial standard. This Demetria Lucas missed to whole point, black men unlike most black women today are not trying to physically change their appearance to resemble another nation of people and how she tied finances into the equation is a perplexity within itself. The modern day western black woman has changed her look not because of an minor number of simpleton Negro males gunning down dark skinned women with kinky hair, but she as acted under instruction of the so called white man as to what is acceptable and looks pleasing to HIS eyes within his system.

      This accusation of misogyny as far as I can see is yet another distraction and another attempt at the modern day western black women trying to look for an outside source to blame for her woes today. It is a pity that she doesn’t desire to delve into the history in relation to where and how this downward spiral started for her because that would mean that she would have to start being honest with herself and for most western black women of today, honesty and truth is anathema to their soul.

  21. Dee says:

    Hello again. Thank you for that break down. I agree with all of your points. I do believe that the problems in the black community stems from the black woman.

    “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

    I shall continue reading your blog with an open mind and encourage all black woman to do the same and take heed.

    Good day.

  22. PlanaOne says:

    You f*cking evil racist misogynist! Quit your coonng and buffonig – hating black women won’t put you in any better position or change the fact that you are Black yourself, demon. You are a shame to the Black race. Your website needs to be shut down – if you’re so big and bad, quit encouraging your Ku Klux Klan-like contempt of Black women and go to war with the white racists who are the ones who were your true enemies since setting foot in America. you are a horror story for the Black race and should be ashamed for trying to encourage Black men into thinking like your white supremacist notions. You are the true enemy – an en enemy to all Black women everywhere – the black-racist-white-man-wannabe. go back to the Hell you came from!

    • Dee says:


      No intelligent rebuttal? Just a bunch of cursing and bad spelling?


      Frustrated Black Woman

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ PlanaOne

      That takes COURAGE, to confront his real enemies, the one who has had his FOOT up his butt for the last 500+ years, the one who lynched him and castrated him, the one who called him a “boy” and made him step off the sidewalk with his eyes down whenever a white person passed him, the one who made him shuffle his feet and tap dance on command, and the one who is expelling black boys from school, purging black males from the workplace, and filling up the prisons with black males who will be sexually compromised, raped, medically experiemented on, and murdered during the prime of his life.

      No, he and his ILK are TERRIFIED of talking that smack in the face of racist man and racist woman

      so like a pack of cowardly bullies, they pick on the one person they think they can, the same one who looks like their mothers, and grandmothers, and sisters (and God forbid) their daughters.

      I would be terrified to have a father who posted such poison, even if he said, “Aw baby, ain’t talking ’bout chu.”

      because that would be a father, husband and son who WAS TOO MENTALLY ILL TO BE TRUSTED with anything as precious as a black female life

      I’m sure my post won’t stay up long enough for you to read it but maybe, you’ll see it in time.

      Don’t sweat this type of male, they will have their hands full running from white people with NO ALLIES in sight, once the real (white) deal goes down..

      • Verbs2013 says:

        Trojan Pam,

        No, you rattled off this nonsense before about the possibility of your comments being deleted however as you can clearly see, the comments that you posted from before STILL REMAIN. I do not need to delete your comments, that would be the move of a coward, plus I have the ability to counter answer you in a sensible, logical and coherent manner, something which the majority of black folks today lack. I can take the heat, I do not get offended because I roll with the truth and have decided to be honest with myself a long time ago in general and recently face upto the honest music in relation to the current state of the black community and who are the main culprits responsible for its mess in 2013.

        Sorry Pam, courage first starts with being honest with one’s self, this is an element that most black women today lack, which is why they will forever making up excuses for their beastly, out of line, belligerent behaviour rather than face the music and admit that something has to change from within themselves first. The racist white man and woman is not the premier problem facing the black community today, black people with ignorant thought patterns and backwards logic are the reason why the black nation as a whole is trundling backwards at a rapid pace.

        I said this before but yet again it seems that these things need to be repeated, nobody here is negating racism and how black folks were treated in the past however, you don’t have to remove yourself from a sidewalk today and look down at the floor when passing a white person, you have not been lynched, you are not in prison, you have not been forced to tap dance when instructed to, so why are you attempting to use excuses which are not pertinent to you today to try to justify the slack jawed, chicken necked, lazy stance that most black people today have decided hands down to embrace?

        The fact of the matter is the black woman is the number one assassin of the black male in 2013 but yet somehow I am still supposed to accept these assassins with open arms and embrace murderers with a smiling face???? Why don’t you want to talk about this eh Pam, is the heat on this particular topic too much for you eh Pam? This is a true cowardly stance. I don’t see black folks hunting down George Zimmerman however they have no problem attacking one of their own for telling the truth like it is. Hypocrite to the core eh black!

    • Verbs2013 says:


      You lost the debate within the first sentence that you posted. I’ve said this before, anytime that a person has to resort to name calling, slogan slinging and fails to deal with the points raised, they have automatically lost the argument. Again, I never stated that I hated all black women, in case you haven’t noticed, I have been appealing to good black women to stand up and separate themselves from the scum.

      I know that I am black and unlike the weave wearing wild beast reprobate black hooligans who have the cheek to call themselves queens, I fully accept the fact that I am black, It doesn’t bother me. I walk around with my own natural hair exposed, I do not attempt to cover up my own hair with a European male type wig, so who are the real coons and the real sellouts here? This is the problem, black men have been raised and taught to excuse any and all wacky actions of black women, not Verbs, not anymore, I am calling out that cadre of black women who fit the reprobate scumbag bill. Calling me names does not deal with or negate the points raised, in fact because you cannot deal with the points mentioned, you have simply added even more credence and more of a foundation to my position.

      In 2013 the KKK is not the main issue for the so called Negro, it is other Negroes. The Klan doesn’t need to raise its hands against black people today when you have blacks killing other blacks at a rate of 94% whereas black deaths caused by non blacks account for only 6%. This also excludes the assassinations black women carry out on unborn children in the womb, 4 times the rate of any other nationality of woman. where is the KKK involvement in that? Black women are rolling into these assassination clinics voluntarily of their own free will, the KKK is not forcing black women to carry out abortions.

      I do not have an obligation to forge an alliance with scum bags and reprobate trash black women, if that is something that you feel compelled to do then enjoy yourself however, do not try and push your burden of “total acceptance” on me, I point blank refuse to join together with black women who act in a detrimental manner towards the black nation in general, if this means walking away from black people as a whole, rolling independently and joining forces with other independent blacks(male and female)who have not and who also refuse to subscribe to the current black philosophy of ignorance, stupidity and foolishness, then so be it.

      Thats ok, those very same reprobate scumbag ratchets whom you want to defend will take you down to the lowest parts of hell and the abyss faster than they would me as at least I recognise that just because a person may be black, it doesn’t automatically mean that they can be trusted. Enjoy being somebody’s meal ticket.

  23. TrojanPam says:

    @ Dee

    I seriously doubt you’re a black female; otherwise, you wouldn’t have signed it “Frustrated Black female”

    • Dee says:


      I am a black female… mistakenly clumped into the “angry black female” category because of the likes of you.

      If you took the time to read you would see why I’m frustrated.

      Verbs, it totally get where you’re coming from. TOTALLY.

      • TrojanPam says:

        @ Dee

        nah…ain’t buying it.

        I won’t clutter up your mentally ill diatribes and multiple personalities with posting here.

        carry on, do your thing.

  24. Dee says:


    “This accusation of misogyny as far as I can see is yet another distraction and another attempt at the modern day western black women trying to look for an outside source to blame for her woes today. It is a pity that she doesn’t desire to delve into the history in relation to where and how this downward spiral started for her because that would mean that she would have to start being honest with herself and for most western black women of today, honesty and truth is anathema to their soul.”


    I understand that there are plenty black males on the internet bashing black women (*cough* TJSotommayor), but this guy is not bashing us. He speaks truth. And you know how the saying goes… “the truth hurts”…especially if you’re one of the modern day western black women he speaks of.

    • TrojanPam says:

      @ Dee

      More evidence that you’re NOT a black female

      “… blame for HER woes today. It is a pity that SHE doesn’t desire to delve into the history in relation to where and how this downward spiral started for HER because that would mean that SHE would have to start being honest with HERSELF

      Don’t misunderstand, I only posted here to respond to another poster who was angry over your posting VERBS, to let her know none of this nonsense on this blogpost will mean anything when the white people come for YOU, as well as ME

      Throwing me to the “alligators” won’t appease the white supremacist carnivores

      but if you think you can score some brownie points with your white masters and mistresses (who you are obviously too terrified to take on, which is why you — as a MALE — are tackling females)

      I wish you all the luck in the world

      • Dee says:

        Not interested in proving myself to you, Detective Watson. LOL

        BUT if the blog owner wishes to know if I’m a fraud then I’m sure he has my email address. He can post my e-mail into Facebook and he will see that I am a black female. Dark skin, real hair (longer than it is in the pic), and no tattoos…a Black Queen.

        I’m just not afraid of the truth.

        Now, I know you said you’re done but we all know…

      • Dee says:

        “Don’t misunderstand, I only posted here to respond to another poster who was angry over your posting VERBS, to let her know none of this nonsense on this blogpost will mean anything when the white people come for YOU, as well as ME”

        FYI, Verbs, I suspect these new posters are from the site I posted a link to.

        Good luck with that! LOL

      • Verbs2013 says:


        Now you have seen this for yourself firsthand, now you are beginning to understand what I am talking about. What you have experienced here live for yourself is the direct result of good black men and women failing to hold these reprobate, belligerent, rebellious black harridans to account for their stupidity and shielding them from attack to the point where they now feel that they have the right to behave like irresponsible hooligans and nobody has the right to question them or pull them up on their slack behaviour.

        Again, I have to reiterate the point that truly honest black women such as yourself are in the lowest minority whereas black women such as Trojan Pam represent the majority of black females today. See how the issue of cleaning up our own house cannot even be brought up, everything must be blamed on past events and outside forces, this is exactly what I talked about before when I mentioned the fact that most black folks have been persuaded to adopt the permanent mentality of a victim, they defecate in their own front yard and somebody else must be blamed for their own foul acts against themselves. This is mental illness at its finest.

        At the end of the day Dee you will see that the patterns are always the same when it comes down to dealing with the topic of the modern day belligerent western black woman, they can never say that I am lying, folks who disapprove will always resort to name calling and slogan slinging in the hopes that something will stick and maybe change the facts. No, the facts do not change, black people in general do not like being told the truth, they love being lied to and they love their emotions being appeased.

        Pam talked about white people come for all of us however apparently they don’t need to take us out at the moment because we are performing quite an efficient job at exterminating ourselves. My main concern for myself as it stands today is not white people, it is from my own people and what has taken place here is more than enough evidence why.

        Now you can see the reason why we must separate ourselves from the reprobate scum. Keeping silent and not getting involved in the conversation has done us no favours whatsoever and the dire situation of the black nation has sunk into deeper turmoil.

  25. Dee says:

    “Now you have seen this for yourself firsthand, now you are beginning to understand what I am talking about.”

    Trust me, I’ve already seen it in my family. I hardly get along with any of the females. I used to think that I was the problem. I watched how my mother, her sisters, and my grandmother raised their sons and I’m here to tell you that none of them amounted to a hill of beans.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      Don’t worry, I know exactly from where these cohorts came from but they won’t dare come on here from there en mass because they know that I will have answers ready for their comments. The few that brave it and attempt to “have a go” usually crumble very quickly and revert back to their default position of name calling, slogan slinging and cursing.

      I find that it is much easier to accept the truth rather than to fight against it. I have also heard from other black women who have indeed also complained of how most black women can be very deceptive, full of up the sleeve tricks and trifling.

      I stand by the statement I made in my post called Divided We Stand, United We Fall, that as soon as you begin to walk away from the majority of black folks and the foolish philosophies that they embrace, what follows you is success, prosperity and a broadening of your intellectual faculties.

      Maintaining you safety and sanity are also other reasons to avoid the majority of black people. It is a sad and true statement that in 2013, the best place for a black person to be is away from the majority of other blacks. This is not being a sellout or an Uncle Ruckus, this is simply an action of necessity in order to preserve one’s self.

      • Dee says:

        “I have also heard from other black women who have indeed also complained of how most black women can be very deceptive, full of up the sleeve tricks and trifling.”

        The secrets kept from me (by my mother and grandmother) regarding my birth would make any person shake their head in disbelief. It took me well into my 30s to learn the truth.

        I just read “Divided We Stand”. This is my favorite blog now. Whenever I get the free time I will read from beginning to end.

        May I just say that I simply adore you!

      • Verbs2013 says:


        Your kind words are much appreciated and warmly received. I will continue to do my part to spread the truth and put the knowledge out there. There are around 89 posts on the site, feel free to peruse through them at your leisure.

  26. Yaz says:

    Here goes that University of YouTube knowledge again. Black women are obsessed with being White and being a White man’s wife? Whaa? Ninety-five percent of married Black women are married to Black men. Where are these sellout numbers coming from? The same source that you say taints the Black woman is the same source you use to defend your stereotypes against them. Hypocrisy, or maybe irony, no? And the Black women who come to the defense of this persecution, is it that you seek a pat on the back, a reaffirmation that you’re not in the “majority”?

    Are Black women not women, or even human? Of course not. Cattiness, accessorizing, secretive, self-centeredness, lying, cheating, stealing, money mismanagement, all of these character flaws are limited to Black women. Or is it that because Black women are at the bottom of the proverbial totem pole, that they have to be stellar to even be considered decent? I quit. I honestly do. If Black women are this horrible, stop having children with them. Black men, procreate with non-Black women. Replace Black people (as in having two Black parents) with Black biracials (Black father, and non-Black mother) so that I don’t have to exist anymore. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get your generation of “Black” women, who don’t give you as much of a headache, since Black women can’t do anything right, especially raising children.

    But see, that’s where it gets tricky. Because those Black biracial girls will still be “Black” (or something close to) and those Black biracial boys are going to view them as such, right? Will they procreate with those Black biracial women, or will they continue to mix and mingle their genes with anything that’s non-Black? I’m so tired of this tired diatribe, this recycled pseudoscience knowledge. How morally abhorrent of you, any of you, to treat someone as if they aren’t a human being. Instead of humility, self-examination, or an examination of the socioeconomic histories that influence your current place in time, that illusioned tea of finger-pointing becomes sweeter and sweeter. Yikes.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      Black women in general today treat themselves like non humans, tattoos, weaves, factory piles of make up, fake eye lashes and the rest of the prostitute regalia that they are addicted to and enjoy using. Socioeconomic histories????? This degradation is a recent trend and it is getting worse. 30-40 years ago the black woman carried herself with integrity, pride and she accepted and loved who she was. Today she has simply reduced herself to the level of a self hating circus clown and a town prostitute, trying her upmost to distance herself from anything black and going way out of her path to look white.

      This is the typical mentality of ratchet black women and their advocates, attempt to discredit the message by pretending as if the points are played out and ancient. As long as black women continue to make fools out of themselves, refuse to hold themselves accountable for their out of line, animalistic, reprobate behaviours among themselves and towards their own children and continue to be skull duggerish and evil hearted towards black men, the message will ALWAYS remain relevant WITHOUT an expiry date.

      Yes, today the majority of modern day western black women cannot do anything right and raising children in an upright and appropriate manner is certainly one aspect of life that most modern day western black women are complete failures at accomplishing.

      This is personal experience knowledge, this is observational knowledge, this is talking to other people knowledge, this is correlation knowledge, this is confirmation knowledge. YouTube is not a requirement to witness the current decadent state of the modern day western black woman, looking out of one’s window, perusing through one’s local streets and conversing with one’s local friends is sufficient enough to gather the necessary and relevant data required to draw the above conclusions without fault or error.

      Married black women in total however only account for 24% period and this number is dwindling rapidly as each day passes. However most black women will not look at these stats and start asking questions, no they will continue to do what they have always done, and that is blame an outside source(normally black men) for the woes and troubles that they have brought upon themselves.

      I personally believe that black men should walk away from western black women and focus on black women from other cultures as a first alternative as they generally have more respect for black men and understand where their place is supposed to be within a relationship. If western black women want the guns to stop firing at them, then they need to cease supplying the guns with ammunition.

  27. laughingatblackmales says:

    This article is hilarious. Another black man doing what they do best, blame all their problems on everyone else. White feminism! Really? You black coons say black women drank the white woman’s feminism kool-aid, but then you date and marry the same women who started feminism…. You are the reason why I cannot stand black american males. It has nothing to do with white men. Black women are tired of your shit. Black women have graduated from college 3x the rate of black males, generation y (my generation) outearn black males, and the rise of interracial marriages with black women is on the rise.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      This comment is laughable in itself if not comical. This is the typical mentality of the majority of western black women today. Even though everyone around them can see your rapid degradation and increasingly gradual destruction and even in the face of defeat the modern day western black woman in general still chooses to remain in denial mode and act as if everything is progressing well.

      Actually, black males go for white women who appreciate them, show them love and who do not bring drama and warfare into the home unlike the majority of western black women today.

      Indeed, this is yet another pivotal reason as to why the majority of black women are falling by the wayside, you believe that success is determined by how far you can climb up the academic, employment and financial ladder. No reference to wanting a good man who in turn would be a good father to any children that you may have, no reference to wanting to get married, no reference to wanting to build a strong family and to do your part to break the cycle of the typical single black mother parenthood. Indeed, by your own statement you are still drinking the feminist kool aid and you seem to be enjoying every drop.

      Enjoy yourself as everybody can and is witnessing the demise of the western black woman. If you are not out killing children then you are stealing weaves from corner stores, if not that then you are opening your legs like floodgates to no good Negro thugs in the hopes of getting pregnant so that you can get yourself a free house/flat and some government benefits.

      Interracial relationships are indeed on the rise however the stats show that it is black men who are increasingly dating outside of their nationality successfully and that the choice of his woman is across the board, not just white women. Black women on the other hand are being abandoned on the shelves, black women are the last choice for a mate among all nationalities of men whereas black men are the second choice behind white men when it comes down to any woman’s choice. This claim of black women increasingly dating outside of their own nationality is a straight fallacy.

      Your own men increasingly do not want you because of your rebellious, reprobate, belligerent behaviour and attitude and other nationalities make fun of you daily because of it. Men of other nationalities are not lining up to date black women, many simply have a sexual curiosity that they wish to satisfy, they try you out in the bedroom and simply move on. This is the reality of the modern day western black woman in 2013, a mockery, a laughingstock and a sexual gratification tool(and black women have made it this way themselves).

  28. awekining queen says:

    Im beyond confused… I stumbled upon these blogs (mainly diary of a negress) in my search to learn why there is racism, why the african man is hated soo much. a little about me:

    I am a South African woman from the Batswana tribe and I am 20. I have to admit; I too was number one supporter of black women and white men, however, there was something amiss, which I did not know what. I did not have a father figure while growing up, he is alive, however he remarried and his new wife prohibited any contact with us I guess, because for a fact my mother encourages contact between him and us, but there is no response from him, his mother (our grandmother) has not hid that she hates my mother and what was his son doing with such an ‘ugly’ and backwards woman, so she too encourages him not to have contact with her(mom) and anything that has to do with her(us the children). It is a mission to be my father’s daughter, last attempts to communicate with him were not recieved, I left with a message that when he wants to talk, I am always here. Anyway, regarding black women and black men, I am soooooooooooo confused, why are we the only ones hating each other so much, the other is blaming the other, why. As I said I was all for interracial relations(even for black men), it is just that I was a bit uncomfortable with producing who which does not ‘look’ like me, which is another thing will not racial mixing contaminate the Hebrew race, Is interracial relation acceptable?

    As a black women who keeps her natural hair (started a year ago, (in my defense nobody ever told me about natural hair, even after ‘discovering’ it, many to this day do not support it) which before that I relaxed and braided ONLY ) and braids only, height of 1.56m, A size 8 (32) and 60kg ( i am TRYING TO LOSE MORE WEIGHT THE JOURNEY IS NOT EASY, LUCKY THOSE WHO HAVE NATURALLY SLIM BODIES) I get apporoached by all men, but I avoid all of them because I feel that I have nothing to offer, and I dont know what it is that I want from them. So to not hurt anybody keep away lol.

    I also hate that black women keep having these babies when they are clearly under circumstances that do not permit, selfish and abusive of them!

    All that weave, relaxer, contact lenses, make-up, fake everythig, is it only me or does those who are thus look like prostitutes no matter how ‘well’ together they look, and so very unnatural they look. Black women PLEASE ALSO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH, SHED THE EXTRA WEIGHT PLEASE, IT IS NOT A CRIME.

    I think I have made it clear that I hate the weave, I have made it one of my missions to see black women loosed from it.

    To black men from my side ( I can only speak for myself) I AM DEEPLY sorry, I am only waking up now ( it has been a month) I am not blaming you, nor me nor the european, however, I will accept whatever responsibility I need to.

    Black women I am so DEEPLY sorry too, in whatever ways I have contributed to our troubles, I will work forever to change that.

    I hope for the reconciliation of the black women and man.

    *sorry that my comment was all over the place, I was offloading, lol.
    *You may have noticed that I did not refer to God in the post because I do not know how to relate to him now with this learning, that everything that I was taught was a lie, to me now He is ‘new’ and it scary I must admit. But everything is starting to make sense now and the yoke is much lighter.

    Let me stop now.
    BLESSINGS and take care.

  29. awekining queen says:

    Im beyond confused… I stumbled upon these blogs (mainly diary of a negress) in my search to learn why there is racism, why the african man is hated soo much. a little about me:

    I am a South African woman from the Batswana tribe and I am 20. I have to admit; I too was number one supporter of black women and white men, however, there was something amiss, which I did not know what. I did not have a father figure while growing up, he is alive, however he remarried and his new wife prohibited any contact with us I guess, because for a fact my mother encourages contact between him and us, but there is no response from him, his mother (our grandmother) has not hid that she hates my mother and what was his son doing with such an ‘ugly’ and backwards woman, so she too encourages him not to have contact with her(mom) and anything that has to do with her(us the children). It is a mission to be my father’s daughter, last attempts to communicate with him were not recieved, I left with a message that when he wants to talk, I am always here. Anyway, regarding black women and black men, I am soooooooooooo confused, why are we the only ones hating each other so much, the other is blaming the other, why. As I said I was all for interracial relations(even for black men), it is just that I was a bit uncomfortable with producing who which does not ‘look’ like me, which is another thing will not racial mixing contaminate the Hebrew race, Is interracial relation acceptable?

    As a black women who keeps her natural hair (started a year ago, (in my defense nobody ever told me about natural hair, even after ‘discovering’ it, many to this day do not support it) which before that I relaxed and braided ONLY ) and braids only, height of 1.56m, A size 8 (32) and 60kg ( i am TRYING TO LOSE MORE WEIGHT THE JOURNEY IS NOT EASY, LUCKY THOSE WHO HAVE NATURALLY SLIM BODIES) I get apporoached by all men, but I avoid all of them because I feel that I have nothing to offer, and I dont know what it is that I want from them. So to not hurt anybody keep away lol.

    I also hate that black women keep having these babies when they are clearly under circumstances that do not permit, selfish and abusive of them!

    All that weave, relaxer, contact lenses, make-up, fake everythig, is it only me or does those who are thus look like prostitutes no matter how ‘well’ together they look, and so very unnatural they look. Black women PLEASE ALSO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH, SHED THE EXTRA WEIGHT PLEASE, IT IS NOT A CRIME.

    I think I have made it clear that I hate the weave, I have made it one of my missions to see black women loosed from it.

    To black men from my side ( I can only speak for myself) I AM DEEPLY sorry, I am only waking up now ( it has been a month) I am not blaming you, nor me nor the european, however, I will accept whatever responsibility I need to.

    Black women I am so DEEPLY sorry too, in whatever ways I have contributed to our troubles, I will work forever to change that.

    I hope for the reconciliation of the black women and man.

    *sorry that my comment was all over the place, I was offloading, lol.
    *You may have noticed that I did not refer to God in the post because I do not know how to relate to him now with this learning, that everything that I was taught was a lie, to me now He is ‘new’ and it scary I must admit. But everything is starting to make sense now and the yoke is much lighter.

    Let me stop now.
    BLESSINGS and take care..

    • Verbs2013 says:

      Awekining Queen,

      If only more black women humbled themselves and took responsibility for their actions like yourself. As I have said to a few other black women commenting here who are also like yourself ie humble and recognise that the trip down the road of feminism has not benefited black women in the slightest, black women have been shafted big time by this movement, however most have adopted the wrong and strong position and refuse to admit that they are in dire straits.

      Black women change as soon as they get with a white man, the attitude, the anger and the bitterness disappears almost over night and they actually begin to behave as a woman ought to. However, when it comes down to black men, for some reason they feel that we are supposed to accept the belligerence, the violence and the rebellious attitude. This is the number one reason why I recommended that black men look for none western black women first and non black women second.

      On the issue of your father, I wouldn’t stress about it too much, you have done all that you can do, the ball is now in his court.

      Further on black men and black women, the problem honestly for the most part is black women as the majority of them refuse to accept responsibility for their actions as they have been given the ability and the power to do as they wish from the so called European man. Black men however do not have that liberty, we have always been held accountable for our actions and we have readily accepted our shortcomings.

      Also the issue of the weave is a huge reflection on the heavy insecurities and ultra low self confidence that black women in general have. In short, most western black women in 2013 hate being black and they hate the way they look. The weave wearing, the tattoos, the blue/green contacts, the construction site/circus clown layers of make up, the fake eye lashes, the butt implants and the rest of the regalia/gimmickry, black women use these things to attempt to escape what they view as a cursed existence.

      I do not hate black women, I simply hate what the majority of black women have become, foul, bitter, evil creatures inside and out. Like Eve in the garden and her acceptance of the forbidden fruit, the black woman sealed her demise by accepting the dainty benefits and slow kill poisonous treats from her white father.

      At the end of the day all you can do is do right by yourself and look to link and associate with like minded black women who have also have had enough of the foolish and who want genuine change. You are not responsible for black women, you simply do a good job of representing yourself and showing the world that you are not a rebellious, violent, bitter, angry scoundrel of a black woman like the vast majority of black women today.

      Most High Bless

  30. tina says:

    I agree with your article but I would like to add, none of us our safe. Bm and bw will be destroyed together. Even if bm marry others you will still be massas prey. Think about he put you in a spineless position since slavery. The feminist movement was just the icing on the cake. He kept our brothas jobless and hopeless in the sixties. That is why feminism worked. The war on our people has been going on way longer than slavery and feminist movement. Those deplorable acts just was the finishing off on us.

    • Verbs2013 says:


      I agree with everything that you have said. The main issue is the modern day western black woman, black women from other cultures for the most part at the moment do not have these same issues, this is my reasoning behind recommending them first for dating before deciding to date outside of the race. However, either way the black nation for the most part is doomed, only those who trust in the Most High through Christ will survive.

      Most High Bless

  31. question772000 says:

    Well done, ahch. Well done.You covered a lot of ground on this page.

  32. question772000 says:

    Straight truth. I could have typed this myself. Check out my Youtube video “Black Women Are Against the True Kingdom of the Lord”.

  33. question772000 says:

    Can you imagine if the white woman did to us (or currently does to us) what the white man has done (and does)? Can you imagine if we sat back and watched the white woman on TV (and movies) all day long with such a wicked, genocidal, hateful history as that? Black women can’t even stand for us to look at white women. No joke. But they’ll watch both of our open enemy all day long, fraternize with them at work and at the store, etc. But get hot when a white woman comes around. And even try to run a guilt trip on you. But I think the most important part is black womens negative, argument and drama starting attitudes. Every black ass woman I know is a whore in tight pants that will try to walk up on you talking shit until you check her. Every one. This shit is like something out of a nightmare. And every passing day these dragons are getting worse. Sorry for my rant.

    • Verbs2013 says:

      Question 772000,

      The modern day western black woman in general has simply turned into a belligerent, rebellious, violent hooligan and scoundrel and as such those who exhibit such mannerisms must be dealt with in a similar fashion. The modern day western black woman is an incredibly insecure creature who has been taught to hate herself and in turn she attempts to push her self hatred and her miserable state onto others, the first victim normally being the black male.

      She is the gatekeeper for this Anglo European Babylon system and her job of priority is to oppress the black male and to dissuade him from looking in other directions for happiness. The majority of shaftings I have received so far in my life have come from the hands of black women, not white women. This is why I can attest from my own personal experiences and openly declare that in 2014, the number one enemy of the black male is the modern day western black woman.

      Black women in general are simply enemy combatants who have been reared and trained by their new Lord, master, saviour and father the Anglo European male, to war against black men on every front. Violent black women and violent women in general need to physically poundcaked into the ground in order for them to learn to give black males and males in general some respect. You cannot deal with violent women effectively in any other fashion other than pounding them into a pulp, and I stand by my statement 100%. We must begin to reassert our authority once again as leaders and not be apologetic for being men.

      A man is supposed to be assertive, authoritative and he is most definitely supposed to lead and I for one will not be dethroned from my rightful position bestowed upon me by the Most High simply because of the cancerous, dangerous, violent and unnatural ideologies of feminism.

      I hear and fully understand your frustrations brother, it is time to start turning the tide and dismantling this monument of failure called feminism.

      Most High Bless

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